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 The Soji Files

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 19, 2011 9:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Rick Shaw and I have been co-baiting a lad named Soji, working under the name “Roger Ghers0n”. The bait began on Oct 6 and ran until the end of February. The bait was primarily the work of Rick Shaw and I hopped on in the latter stages as the plot kept changing. Together we played a wide cast of characters to accommodate an ever-expanding plot. The bait included a total of 14 doller-chops and a likely safari, but because the lad wrote from his Blackberry we were unable to confirm the change in location.

The following file includes the entire story.

But beware that this was a very long bait with many parts, so the file is an extensive read. 100 pages, even after editing out the boring and repetitive parts. So here is a brief summery of some of the highlights.

Rick began by playing four different victims. Each had their own personality and offered different frustrations to the WU payments. “Roger” tried to work with each of them to deal with a variety of delays until a newspaper article about the famous UK Barrister “Roger Ghers0n” exposed his drunken and irresponsible behavior. “Roger” played this down. After some comical appeasing and assuring and working out the various WU issues, the individual victims were ready to pay. By this time, all the victims had received a change to the payout instructions sent by one Mr. Gomer. Realizing that Mr. Gomer had intercepted four different payments, Soji panicked and began to work on getting the payments re-sent to him. But he was distracted from the legal inquires of one of the victim’s lawyers. Unable to satisfy the lawyer’s questions, the lawyer got a note from Mr. Gomer suggesting that “Roger Ghers0n” might not be the real “Roger Ghersh0n” . Soji was able to convince his victims to ignore any contact from Mr. Gomer, and try WU again. They did, but again Mr. Gomer was able to intercept all the payments. Lather, rinse, repeat. Several times. By the time this thread of the story was winding down, Soji had been repeatedly chopped several times.

Around the end of November, Gomer has been impressed with his persistence and finally wrote “Roger Ghersh0n”, discovering that his real name is Soji. He offers him a spot on his team. Soji believes the website is real and completes the Gomer Boyz Application (with some interesting answers. Pages 51-54 of the pdf). It just so happens that the Third Annual International Hacking Conference is a few weeks away, and Soji is welcomed with many incentives if he is accepted as a Gomer Boy. For security issues, the Conference will be held in a very secure and central location, the Simba Safari Camp in Benin. Due to the preparations for the conference, Gomer passes Soji over to one of his boyz, Seth Pitt. Seth processes his application and does all the necessary preparations, gradually growing antagonistic towards Soji, which Seth and Gomer develop into a bit of a good cop/bad cop approach. Gomer is developing a major hack in America, and so Soji is introduced to “Gomer contact” in America. While all this preparation is underway, Soji is still juggling his original victims who are still tying to send the money by WU. Because Gomer has promised his protection, Soji is eager to try them yet again, but poor luck and confusion abound. But when the date of the conference arrives, Soji travels to Benin but cannot seem to track down the conference. (Because he does all his e-mails through his Blackberry, we were unable to get an IP address and thus could not confirm his safari for a pith helmet, but we reading the letters in context, we believe he took it.) For five days he wandered around the small towns of Benin, asking locals for directions. Turns out this was his fault because he did not register properly so missed the pick-up bus. To make up for it, Gomer plans to meet with Soji personally. Seth finds discrepancies in his story and asks for evidence before he can to mail him the necessary laptop with the necessary hacking software. And Tom, the American Gomer Boy, tells him he needs to get a visa if he’s going to work on the American Hack. Gradually it becomes apparent that Soji is not very interested in doing any of this or even working for the Gomer Boyz, but is instead pretending interest to assure that he won’t get chopped again. Seeing this, after a period of silence, just as some of the victims 9including a new one) are about to re-send payment, Seth goes renegade and chops Soji. This brings Soji crying back to Gomer. Soji claims he was involved in a car crash. A frustrated Gomer won’t move on until he sees results, and Soji again soon disappears for a long while. But he is still in contact with the few remaining victims. Fortunately, he soon receives two new victims, ready to pay. Seth sees this and decides to make his point with another chop. After which Soji gives his final “fuck you” and disappears into the sunset. Any further attempts at contact are fruitless.

That is only a brief outline of the story. There are many other details to be found in the story itself.

Rick Shaw and I had a great deal of fun on this one and were sad to see him go. Especially with a number of plot lines still open. But we were very pleased with what we did and the places we could take this.

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Absolutely fantastic!

Thank you for sharing.
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wow! that is an epic bait. congrats for playing it soo nice and long Shocked

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