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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 1:48 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I decided that some good old honesty was called for...

It didn't last long, but it was fun while it did.

The Scammer
Mrs. , Payment Coordinator, HSBC Bank London

The Baiter
(in italics)

Salutations have been removed.

31 March 2011
Subject: HSBC Corporate Visa Card Payment Information.
Be advised that your account normalization and payment exercise has been concluded and the final payment of your USD $10 million was been delayed by the Financial Services Authority (FSA) and International Monetary Fund (IMF) London United Kingdom.
This has made it necessary for our governing council to apply for part payment policy to all foreign creditors / awardees, and your payment to be programmed into the HSBC Bank London Corporate Visa Card.
In this regard, the authority has instructed us today being the 30th Day Of March 2011 to pay you a part payment of USD $5 Million (Five Million United States Dollars Only), and it will be programmed into the HSBC Bank London Corporate Visa Card, and it will be sent to you as the first part payment for the first quarter of the year 2011 while the subsequent payment is schedule to take effect immediately the release of the last part payment list is scheduled.
Therefore we are working with the directives and mandate of the World Bank Geneva Switzerland to issue you a HSBC BANK LONDON CORPORATE VISA CARD in your favor where your payment will be programmed for your daily withdrawals and this will enable you to have access to your cash within the 24 hours of 7 working days of the week.
Kindly reconfirm to us immediately your contact details as stated below:
In conclusion to this payment arrangement you only have USD $5, 000.00 to withdraw per day worldwide.
Your Quick response to this message will enable us swing into action by loading your card without further delay.

My funds are in UN custody - I don't know how you could have custody of them.

31 March 2011
Subject: Acknowledgement receipt of your mail message.
This is to acknowledge the receipt of your mail response dated today 31st, March 2011 over our message to you concerning your funds payment through the HSBC Corporate Visa Card and for your
information you should understand that your funds payment is now directly on my desk
Kindly be informed that you’re HSBC Corporate Visa Card is under Processing and will be ready before the end of banking duties tomorrow been 1st, March 2011.
It is also important to let you know that as soon as the Visa Card is ready a spacemen copy of your card will be send to you via email attachment and the original copy of your Visa Card will be sent to you through our bank Special Speed Courier Services for safety purposes.
Considering the high financial Scam globally we will only allow you to make a transaction of USD $5,000.00 withdrawals per day for we will monitor all the activities done in your Visa Card for security
protections and reasons.
Finally we need your maximum cooperation at this point to enable us serve you better for the HSBC Bank will not be held responsible for any lost funds or wrong Visa card programming caused by any client negligence or mistake.
Thanks for using our services.

You shouldn't have my money at all. Please return them to UN custody immediately as it is slated for refugee relief and a Visa card would be useless in any case.
Contact Mr on...

31 March 2011
Subject: Read Carefully !!!
Thanks for your response,
As you rightly know the HSBC Bank London UK we don’t know you as a person rather we are working under the directives of the International Monetary Trust Fund (IMTF) therefore our duty is to serve you better.
For your information the issuance of the HSBC Visa Card to you is to compensate you from your past experiences therefore you should disregard what ever failures you may have had in the past and follow our instructions and you will bounce back financially at the end for the end result maters a lot in what ever you do in life, sincerely victory will be your success at last.
You have no other means of having your funds to your Conner than through this means therefore try to be focus so that we will serve you diligently and you should forget the so called UN and work with us
This is the specimen copy of your card and the original copy will be sent to you as we progresses and you will withdraw the sun of USD $5,000.00 per day only.
Thanks for your understanding

You've confused me. I haven't suffered any failures that have any bearing on this matter and I don't understand about compensation.

1 April 2011
Subject: Your Attention !!!
Thanks for your wonderful and intelligent reply to our last message to you and we honestly recommend for that and we also asked you to keep it up while we will serve you 100% better.
As I told you previously there is no need for you to be confused for any reason therefore you really have the opportunity of having our already programmed Visa Card in your favor.
A lot of people like you in the resent time have grabbed the golden chances that hovers around them by calmly claimed our good services to them therefore your HSBC Visa Card can not be reversed back as fiscal cash any more for you are highly needed to indicate your full interest to have your card delivered to you as indicated.
Thanking you for your understanding,

You seem to be urging me to claim money to which I'm not entitled. This is rather surprising and I don't think that would an honest thing to do.

1 April 2011
Subject: Very Important,.
I thinks this is the end of this transaction but you will remember this opportunity any time any day.
Remember that God wants to bless you but you really wants to run away from this glorious previllage given to you.
Your HSBC is from God, therefore you should cliam the card and work in Gods vin yard.with it.

I don't think that an invitation to steal could be called a glorious privilege.

1 April 2011
Subject: Final message.
I am not confortable with your sentiments therefore you should please stop communicating me if you dont need your card.
Have a nice day.

If you're not comfortable with honesty, then you're in the wrong job.

1 April 2011
Subject: Explanation
Please I have been a staff of this bank the HSBC Bank London UK for well over 12 years and have been discharging my duties deligently and I am here to serve you better.
It is right to let you know that what I am doing here is I was asked to do by this bank authorities, therefore you should please be careful of what you say or the way you project me as an individual.
I have 100% respect you so I will want you to accord the same to me.
Finally the HSBC Visa Card is yours and has been programmed in your name that is the message I have for you.

If HSBC is encouraging you to be dishonest, then you should quit right now.

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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PostPosted: Tue Apr 12, 2011 10:55 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Shame Yastreb, and you were just being a honest.

Love the way their spelling goes to hell with frustrated emotion. It is as if they really have to believe their own rubbish to stay sane. Let that be a lesson, honesty is the best policy and a will help you avoid a funny farm (with goats)

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