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 "You're dead. Deal with it."

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Captain Mal has been conversing with one G00dy Jac0bs for about a fortnight now, and it happened that with things not moving so well, I found that G00dy Jac0bs was one of the Witches of Salem.

Mal (11:38 PM): No point in sending money to a dead man anyway.
goody (11:38 PM): we do not have any problem but painfull
Mal (11:38 PM): Dead people don't, as a general rule.
goody (11:39 PM): ok
goody (11:39 PM): thanks
Mal (11:40 PM): You were hanged. At least they didn't burn you at the stake.
goody (11:41 PM): jus some little time
goody (11:41 PM): it will be alright
Mal (11:41 PM): It didn't take that long.
goody (11:42 PM): for sure they are lots of scammers here
Mal (11:43 PM): So Kaylee said.
goody (11:43 PM): as we are also advise to be carefull
Mal (11:43 PM): So you don't get caught. Wise move. But who'd arrest someone who's dead?
goody (11:43 PM): we were told at the airport
goody (11:44 PM): whos dead
Mal (11:44 PM): You are, long time back.
goody (11:45 PM): how
Mal (11:45 PM): Hanged for witchcraft.
goody (11:45 PM): what
Mal (11:46 PM): Hanged for witchcraft.
goody (11:46 PM): dont get you
Mal (11:46 PM): The dead don't usually think so good.
goody (11:47 PM): so i dont think so good
Mal (11:47 PM): Nope.
goody (11:47 PM): you mean me and samira
Mal (11:47 PM): Yep.
goody (11:47 PM): how
Mal (11:48 PM): You were hanged for witchcraft.
Mal (11:48 PM): Like, duh.
goody (11:49 PM): am surprise at what u are saying
goody (11:50 PM): what do you really mean
Mal (11:50 PM): What I'm saying. It's not so difficult.
goody (9:55 PM): every body must dye one day
Mal (9:56 PM): You just got there first.
goody (9:56 PM): hope u are now getting beter
Mal (9:57 PM): I'm fine, but don't get any ideas.
goody (9:58 PM): good
goody (9:58 PM): i dont wish people bad
goody (10:00 PM): am not what u think
goody (10:01 PM): i prayed for u to get well and you are well
Mal (10:02 PM): Of course I'm getting better. Fractured ribs mend.
goody (10:03 PM): it is well with you receive it
goody (10:03 PM): money is not every thing in life
goody (10:04 PM): i was born inside money
Mal (10:05 PM): Makes cents.
Mal (10:05 PM): LOL
goody (10:05 PM): sure
goody (10:09 PM): dont imagine how coconut was made
goody (10:09 PM): dont u?
goody (10:09 PM): who put water inside it
Mal (10:11 PM): I never thought about the coconut. It doesn't prove anything.
goody (10:12 PM): same god who made it put water inside it
goody (10:13 PM): yes iam made and for that i will live
Mal (10:17 PM): You're dead. Deal with it.
goody (10:18 PM): who kill me
Mal (10:18 PM): You were hanged for witchcraft.

Next day…

goody (9:35 PM): G.Day
goody (9:35 PM): how are you today
Mal (9:35 PM): Fine.
Mal (9:35 PM): How's the afterlife?
goody (9:36 PM): God is in control
goody (9:36 PM): jus have to change plan
goody (9:36 PM): find another means
Mal (9:37 PM): From Hell? Good luck with that!
goody (9:37 PM): thanks
goody (9:37 PM): we dont need any money from you again
goody (9:37 PM): jus friends is okay with us
Mal (9:38 PM): Kewl.
goody (9:52 PM): painful that u dont trust us
Mal (9:53 PM): The dead don't feel pain.
goody (9:54 PM): lol
Mal (9:54 PM): I didn't know they had a sense of humor either. Live and learn.
goody (9:54 PM): well
goody (9:55 PM): life goes on
Mal (9:55 PM): Not when you're dead.
Mal (9:55 PM): You should know that.
goody (10:19 PM): who told u that
goody (10:19 PM): and did you know it
Mal (10:19 PM): Arthur Miller.
goody (10:20 PM): witchcraft are power less
goody (10:20 PM): u read his book or what
Mal (10:20 PM): Of course. How else could they hang you? LOL
goody (10:21 PM): maybe u that hang us as u refuse what u promised
Mal (10:22 PM): No, it was your fault.
goody (10:22 PM): how
Mal (10:24 PM): You should know. You were there.
goody (10:24 PM): nothing was my fault
goody (10:24 PM): you think we wanted to scamm you
goody (10:25 PM): but nothing of such
Mal (10:25 PM): Too late now. You're dead and that's that.
goody (10:27 PM): i understand what you mean
Mal (10:27 PM): So go away and don't come back.
goody (10:28 PM): if you want to be sure then send direct to our name
Mal (10:28 PM): What the Sam Frick are you on about now, Dead Man?
goody (10:29 PM): am jus trying to prove u wrong
Mal (10:30 PM): Wrong? How could that be?
goody (10:31 PM): well if you dont believe it then leave it
Mal (10:31 PM): Ok.
Mal (10:31 PM): Suits me.
Mal (10:32 PM): Bye now, Dead Man.
goody (10:32 PM): but you are still our pal
goody (10:32 PM): byeeeeee

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 12:58 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Can't decide if it is entertaining or confusing Yastreb. How do you follow the conversation without going mad? Obviously the lad does by being brainless (and dead).

I suppose the lads have a db of names they use. Pity they can't Google.

Looks like the original lad got a friend with better English to help the next day. It almost made sense.


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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

LOL He sounds like an interesting person to have on.

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PostPosted: Fri Apr 01, 2011 1:58 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

do you smoke something before talking to him?

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