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 My Trans-gendered Hilad -- Part One

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Lehigh Guy
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PostPosted: Mon Mar 21, 2011 8:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This hitlad contacted my catcher email in early September. It has been the most fun that I have had with a straight bait.

Hitlad -- "Devil Killer"
Hitlad's Boss -- "Ivanna Getcheroksov" (invented by me Laughing )

devil killer to me

You are really gonna need life insurance, you better enjoy these next few days, because I will kill you and i will enjoy it i am been paid heavily to do this by your very close friend. "I will harm you or your Family, If you do not listen to me very very carefully
You have been marked for death, you can try to ignore this mail but i know were you stay:3354 W Tootly Stnd McAlester, OK 74501. i am watching your every move, what do you have to lose? Your life? i am a well trained assasin.

So don't try to be smart because i am around you. Say your last words. See you at the other side. don't even try to report my email because i will not contact you with just one, I will like to know what you did that your friend would want you dead, that is the only mail i want to get from you.

Pat DuTuschie to devil

Yeah? Well good luck DK. You people missed me by more than a week in Miami and you got the wrong guy in Tulsa. I was wondering how long it would take Ivanna to realize that. Well, you missed me again. I don't know how you got this gmail address, but it will do you no good since gmail cannot be traced.
Go jump into a deep, cold lake and tell Ivanna that she is NEVER EVER going to get me and she will never see any of the gold as long as I am alive.

devil killer to me

You cannot run forever and when i am paid to do a job, i do it and do it well. no matter the time i will execute you, When you hurt someone it comes back to you. Only this time you are dealing with a professional assassin.
See you when i see you. Enjoy your life while it last cuz when we meet face 2 face it is going to be your last

Pat DuTuschie to devil

Who is behind this?
I did not do anything to you. You should not be doing this. Who is paying you? It is Ivanna Getcheroksov isn't it? If you are working for her, you should know that she will not pay you. Do not be fooled.

Pat DuTuschie to devil
Ivanna will not pay you. She will double-cross you. I have seen it before.

devil killer to me

let's forget about the name for now i will let you know on your dying day. you can save your self if you do what i ask you. killing you is easy in fact maybe one of the easiest job i will ever do. this maybe your grace pay up all your debt i would love to give you the names of the people you are owing so you can send them their money but i can't. listen carefully mind how you move, because i am watching

Pat DuTuschie to devil

I know you are working for Ivanna. You cannot trust those old Russian mobsters. You will waste your time and resources trying to find me. I do not owe money to anyone. Ivanna is angry because I got to the gold before her people did. That was almost 20 years ago. She should give it up. She has enough money now and so do I. There is no reason for her to be like this. You should ask her why she has become angry again. I thought this was settled after the Miami thing.

Regardless, you will not benefit. Why risk detection and prison or execution yourself for a job that will not pay you? Ivanna is a Russian mobster. She has many underlings and she has powerful friends. If she intended to pay for my assassination, she would use one of her own people like she did in Florida. Ah, but did she tell you what happened to her assassin? No? Well, he was lucky to escape with only a flesh wound. I am old, but I still know how to defend a location. Ivanna hired you so you can take all the risk and she will not need to pay you.

Believe me, I know how she works. Go back to your home and find a better opportunity. This will do you no good. If you continue, the best you can hope to do is take a life and gain nothing as a result. But you could do much worse because I am never in a location that allows a long shot from a sniper. You will need to get close to me and that is difficult. You already know this or you would not be sending me these messages. You would have done your job by now instead of talking with me.

[DK is slow to reply, so I prod him:]

Pat DuTuschie to devil
Aha! Your silence tells me that I am correct.
[That prompts him, but he misses the point—still trying to stay on script]

devil killer to me

I don't care what your silence tells you. will you payback the money you collected if you are given the chance? Cuz that is the only way i can leave you alone

[Mr. DuTuschie is not buying it.]

Pat DuTuschie to devil

Tell Ivanna that she is an idiot if she thinks I am just going to hand her over a half-million dollars. No way that is going to happen. I got to the gold first. I was lucky. She was not. She needs to move on and get over it. Why is she doing this? She is as wealthy as I am. She should be satisfied.

[No answer that day. I prompt him again]

Pat DuTuschie to devil

Well? Did you give her my message?

[He is still trying to keep my made-up antagonist, “Ivanna” out of this, but I have a feeling that I can get him off script if I (ironically) stick to my guns and if I bring money into the conversation.]

devil killer to me

i was told that you would say no and you did. you luckyly escaped yesterday how long can you run i will kill you

Pat DuTuschie to devil

Tell Ivanna that I will send her $20,000.00 and not one penny more. I am being most generous. She is very lucky that I am not ruthless like she is. Does she think she is the only person who can hire a hitman? But I am not a criminal and I am not a murderer, like her and her friends, so she is lucky.

That's my final offer. Tell her $20,000.00--take it or leave it. And she must promise to leave me alone forever. I want her to provide me a Russian Mob assurance contract to keep it that way. No contract. No money.

And tell Ivanna that if I get no answer soon the offer is withdrawn. I do not like the idea of dealing with criminals, let alone being coerced by threats of violence.

[Oddly, he replies with a renewed death threat. Why? I dunno.]

devil killer to me

nobody trust you any more death is the only way.

Pat DuTuschie to devil

Well then tell her to go kill herself. I made an offer. $20,000.00 and no more. She gets nothing if I am dead. What sort of fool is she?

[Ah-ha. The “Ca-ching” finally registers with him, but he is suspicious. I do not act like a typical victim.]

devil killer to me
send the money to a certain name in another country and don't try to be smart cuz it will only get you killed. send the money to London her boy will receive it send it via western union money transfer to Mark James. once again do not try to be smart you can loose not just your life but also you families.

[I set up a payment through Security Shield and sent him notice via another email account. My nervous hitlad did not like this.]

devil killer to me 9/25/10
security sounds like a trick, don't like it send the money like that or loose your family

[I just send him another SS notification.]
He logs in a few times over the next day or so, but always gives up after a couple of dozen questions or so. He replies with a flurry of frustrated emails.]

devil killer to me 9/27/10
Are you trying to be smart what is this you have sent, if you expect me to fill it you must be stupid. it is from you so i dont trust that you will not trace the person who will collect it. so what i want you to do is split the money $3000 each. and send it no sercurity i dont trust you

Pat DuTuschie to devil 9/27/10
Are you on drugs or are you just stupid? What is wrong with you?
$3000 plus $3000 equals $6000.

I offered her $20,000. Do you understand how much money that is? This is to keep her off of my back forever. I know as well as anyone that she will not settle for $6000. What do you think she would say if you bring her 6000 when i offered 20000? Do you think she will not care about the missing fourteen thousand dollars? I don't give a damn whether or not you trust me. You are the criminals here--not me.

I have to protect myself from you, and I will, so it is a secure untraceable transfer or none at all. This is the way this business will be conducted. If you do not do it this way YOU can answer to Ivanna and explain why you turned down Twenty Thousand dollars and instead tried to get only Six Thousand.

If you do not understand this, then you must also be too stupid to be an effective assasin. In either case, this is my offer. The money is waiting. If you are too lazy or stupid to get it for her, then you can face the music. I know how this woman works. You will not have long to live yourself once she realizes how stupid you are being about this.

I am running out of patience. I am willing to pay her off, but I will not tolerate stupidity from underlings like you. Now get your act together and do what your mistress is paying you to do

[More Following in the REPLY]

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