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 Scammers seize on Japan disasters with 'record speed'

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PostPosted: Thu Mar 24, 2011 6:23 am Reply with quoteBack to top

psychicbait wrote:
^^^what you said.

And speaking of useless trash,

ADDRESS.NO A14 Tokyo. northeastern coast japan
My Honest Regard,
Jamaine Lecott

Geography, not much.

This one's starting out as a beggar rather than a 419er, but shows promise. Twisted Evil

That actually made me laugh. So many flaws. Tokyo was not damaged by the earthquake... Why not? Well, it's not in northeastern Japan. So his address is basically just "No. A14, Tokyo" The biggest city in the entire world and no postal code, ward, city, town (Tokyo is considered a "city" in English, but actually the Japanese term for Tokyo is above "city" and there are "cities" within Tokyo), building name, or... Laughing And his story doesn't sound even remotely believable. He's got a European name, yet somehow he lost "everything" in the earthquake/tsunami and is asking for money to leave the country (if he really lost "everything," leaving the country is the last thing he would want to do).

These people disgust me and I would normally hope that the deluge of mistakes in their messages would alert people, but there are so many Americans and Europeans with no knowledge of geography who obviously don't read the news reports...

I'm too close to this to deal with these people, but I hope you guys tear 'em all apart.

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