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 My first scammer!

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A louest
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 11:03 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Following a profile put onto AFF during an evening with the lads I got a proposition from a lady just dying to meet me Shocked No photo, nothing and there "she" is wanting to meet and have sex. Unfortunately I got rid of the first two messages as I did cotton on that there might be foul play going on. A quick googling led to this site which enabled suspiscions to be confirmed Cool . Now I would be interested to know how to play this one out to the max as on the web I have found the entire scheme. And he/she is good, with a fake facebook page and business page.

Latest mail today:Hi Sweetie.

Sorry it took me long getting back to you, How are you doing today? I hope your day went well? I am looking for good friendship with passion, affections and then sex can come in. I am a responsible lady looking for love, affections and sex. I am not in contact with other men I am a one man woman. I don't mind the age different, to me age is not a problem. I hope we will be able to build a good friendship, based on honesty, respect and fun. I am new to online dating and I joined the site because I was hurt by my previous boyfriend about 2 months ago. He cheated on me, well I have forgotten about him and am ready to move on with my life. I know i do have beauty, talent and youth, but most men around me that moved to me or that i moved to, just want to get into my pants, i don't want it to be all about my pants, thats why i decided to try something new. I was wondering why most men on the internet would mostly go for a one night stand. It shouldn't be all about sex right? Even though i want a man that will satisfy me sexually, that still doesn't mean everything is all about sex, just saying. Why have sex with a total stranger? I am sure we will get to know each other more when we meet in person but would be better to know the basic about each other before meeting.

I appreciate your answers to my questions, its really nice learning more about you. You sound like a very interesting and nice person I would like to know more about, meet in person and have fun times together. Can i trust and confide in you? I have been hurt before, I already know what it feels like and i don't want to go through such pain again. I am not asking for commitment, i am only asking that we be nice to each other as friends. I have what you're looking for in a woman, I am looking for same in a man also, I hope we get along well. Its nice knowing that you are not after hardcore sex, I would like a long term friendship also, that would be something nice, having a friend for a long time and not just a short term. Yes you fit what am looking for and i hope i fit also.

Let me tell you more about me. I love camping, traveling, swimming, tennis, writing, painting, sculpting and lots more. I am the only child of my parents. My parents live together in Canada. I am an Artist, I am into Oil Paintings, Drawings and Sculptures, I started drawing when i was a kid. I studied Creative Arts in college. I have a great passion for Arts, I love what I do, I enjoy doing what I do and I am talented. About the business trip I was going to tell you about. I'm in England working on a big Sculpture and Paintings contract I received from my clients in USA. When i finish the contract and receive my pay check i will leave England, hopefully next week or this week i will be back then we can meet and spend time together. Wouldn’t that be great? I am looking for a man who loves holding hands, cuddling, hugging, kissing, and must be good in love making, I like sex as in pure and passionate sex, I love to give my partner quality time when we are in bed together. I have attached pictures of myself, I hope you like them. If you don't mind send me yours too. I will be looking forward to read from you again and I will be looking forward to meet you soon. Hope to hear from you shortly.


She is going to run into trouble with English customs which will require money from me to sort out. Laughing I will keep you posted; all ideas welcomed to play this one out!
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PostPosted: Wed Mar 02, 2011 3:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

It sounds like you initiated contact using your real life details. Drop this scammer at once, if so.

Grab a mentor, read the stickies and Eater U, create safe baiting accounts, and maybe you can bait this scammer.

We advise people to bait safely, because you are after all dealing with criminals. They may seem like idiots, but they can be dangerous idiots with accomplices.

Stick around, and you'll have plenty of chances to torment a similar lad and hopefully help people like yourself who didn't catch on. Our biggest goal is not just to have fun, but to distract the lads to the point where they can't scam victims effectively.

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