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 Caught in a trap...

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 11:50 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Twice in recent chats I've been in a position where a Lad made a claim about how he came to know about me... in both cases, a claim that he'd have done better to avoid making!

Exhibit 1 is S3ly 4dams, who from the start had expressed great confidence in Mal:

Mal (9:19 PM): For all you know I could be younger than you!
SL (9:19 PM): Sir. i don't think so...
Mal (9:20 PM): Oh, why is that?
SL (9:21 PM): from whom i have your contact from i know you are not a little boy
Mal (9:21 PM): Ah, progress! Who's your contact?
SL (9:22 PM): do u mean how i get ur contact?
Mal (9:23 PM): Of course.
SL (9:24 PM): Ok is a friend form Unuted State who i met on chat
Mal (9:24 PM): Oh?
SL (9:24 PM): Yes i met her on chat here and also told her about my stoty
SL (9:25 PM): and she gives me ur Email to contact you if u can help me...and she said she have chated with u before
Mal (9:27 PM): She must have been playing with you, honey.
SL (9:27 PM): No sir. i don't think so
SL (9:27 PM): i know how she feel when i told her about my story
SL (9:29 PM): so please i really need your help to contact the custom officer as my late father business partner so that they can release my consignment box to me
SL (9:29 PM): then i can come over to u
Mal (9:30 PM): Was your contact named Kayl33 Fry3?
SL (9:30 PM): No
SL (9:30 PM): it's [email protected]
Mal (9:31 PM): Holy shit on a shingle - not your gorram email! I meant the woman who told you about me!
SL (9:31 PM): oh no
SL (9:32 PM): she is a little girl of 18 years also
SL (9:32 PM): her name is Stell4 M4rris.
Mal (9:32 PM): I don't chat with jailbait!
SL (9:33 PM): she told me it's long time she met u on chat
Mal (9:33 PM): And I don't know anyone named Stell4 M4rris.
Mal (9:33 PM): That’s my gorram point!
SL (9:33 PM): i think you have lost her contact then
Mal (9:35 PM): How can I lost what I never had?
SL (9:36 PM): I don't really know how that happens
SL (9:36 PM): but the main point is that i really need ur help me help me

I suggested a name, but instead the Lad chose to suggest another. Weird or what?

Exhibit 2; meet "4nita Sexy".

Mal (8:27 PM): How did you find me, by the way?
AS (8:28 PM): hahhahahahaha
Mal (8:29 PM): That was a serious question.
Mal (8:29 PM): Don't laugh.
AS (8:29 PM): okay
AS (8:30 PM): i fand you from a site call
Mal (8:30 PM): O RLY?
Mal (8:31 PM): I never posted there.
AS (8:31 PM): is true that is where i find you
Mal (8:32 PM): I don't know how.
AS (8:32 PM): so you don,t believe me right?
Mal (8:33 PM): How can I? I never posted there.
AS (8:33 PM): but that is where i find your email
Mal (8:34 PM): Is that weird or what?
AS (8:34 PM): i should be asking you?
Mal (8:35 PM): I don't understand.
AS (8:35 PM): so what going on now?
Mal (8:37 PM): I don't know. You said in your email about a dating site and I've never posted to one.
AS (8:38 PM): i have no reason why i should lie to you that is the true
Mal (8:39 PM): That's what puzzles me.
AS (8:39 PM): please lets talk of some thing else

The other odd thing about that exchange was that in a previous chat the Lad had expressed surprise at Mal being a single parent... yet he should have known otherwise...

Lads lie, but they can be very bad at it.

Oh, and this is my 10,000th post...

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 12:54 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Yeah that's odd specially the first one what an idiot....

Congrats on 10k!


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PostPosted: Wed Jan 12, 2011 6:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

These clowns get these pics & Info from social sites which use that info there to scam others > So sometimes they come across other scammers not knowing they are scammers also .
Just recently some one used a Soldier whom had passed , for their advantage . But Thank God some one spotted the Move .
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