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Saint Pesmo
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PostPosted: Mon Dec 20, 2010 6:53 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

FROM CHARITY AMARU ( Her remarks will be in red)

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From: charity amaru <[email protected]>
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Subject: Hello
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Kind regard, I am charity Amaru, please, kindly permit my contacting you through this medium I am compelled to contact you via this medium for obvious reasons which you will understand when we discuss details of my proposition. Please i will like you to reply to me through my mail address so that we will know each other very well, i am looking forward to your positive confirmation to enable us have an important discussion the we will start from there which will include my introduction, i will send my photos later.
thank you and God bless,
Miss Charity

........... Her follow up
Hello dear,

Thanks for your mail response, i hope you won't betray the kind of trust i want to repose on you over this claim of my inheritance. I want you to know that my whole lies on this money and i have no one to trust but you, i know that it takes one to know someone but my situation did not permit me to search further.

Above all, i trust in God and i know that i will not be disappointed. Here is the contact of the direct bank in charge and the name of my late father's account officer, please use this information to communicate with him, he is aware of you and i have informed them about you as my foreign partner.
Bank of Africa Senegal.
BP 1992, 4 Ave.Leopold Sedar Seghor,
Dakar, Senegal.
(Tel)221 77 368 1543, 221 221 892 4845 fax.
Direct e-mail: [email protected]
AName of my Father Patrick Amaru
Next of kin: Ms Charity Amaru
Amount 6.7M USDollars
Account Number: 3321813008
Country of origin Sudan
Rib Du Count: 13

I look forward to hear from you after contacting the bank through e-mail or phone.
Yours lovely
Charityccount officer: Momodu Ndiaye

And more from charity


How was your day over there in
your country,i believe you had a nice day and that the atmosphere over
there in your country ? Mine is not the best in Dakar Senegal,but i give
glory to God. My name is miss Charity Amaru,i am (25yrs) old single and
never married,but age doesn't matter in a real friendship wish might
lead to more in future.

I think you are a type of person that
can give a consideration to once situation,I will be so happy if you
will aspect me in all sincerity.I have face alot of difficulties
recently so all i need is a very serious and committed individual.Here
is just so uncomfortable at this moment , as a result i am making all
effort to leave here.

Presently i am like one staying in the
prison and i hope by Gods grace i will come out
from here soon.I don't have any trusted relatives,all i have is the Rev
father (Man of god), he has been very nice to everyone of us here.I was
depride from my rightful belonging because of my refugee statue.As a
refugee here i don't have any right or privilege to any thing be it
money or whatever.this is the law Senegal.

Please i would like
to let you know that i have got with me here, my late father's
statement of account and death certificate here with me which i will
like to send to you soon, because when he was alive he deposited some
amount of money in the Bank, which he used my name as the next of kin,
the amount in question is $6.7M (Six Million Seven Hundred Thousand US
Dollars).deposit this money,and he used my name as the next of kin to
the money.I am unable take the money because of my refugee statues over
here in Senegal.

I will like you to assist me get back this
money, when the transferred is done
into your account,you will take out little out of the total money and
send to me,this will be used for my traveling documents and ticket to
come to your country.I kept this secret because i don't want to be hurt
in anyway,the only person that knows about it is one of the Reverend
Sister here who is just like a mother to me.

Please keep it to
yourself and don't tell it to anyone for i am afraid of loosing my life
and the money if people gets to know about it.My favorite language is
English. I will like you to call me through this number

the Rev Father number number,when you call please
ask of Charity Amaru,i will be called to respond your call.Have a nice day
and think about my request.Note that you can call from 10am to 6pm
,London GMT time , every week days excluding Sundays.

I will be
waiting to hear from you soonest.

Yours Forever,
Miss charity

And now a Bank fellow in Senegal He will be in blue

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To: [email protected]
Subject: Confirm receipt
Date: Wed, 01 Dec 2010 03:38:37 -0500
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Bank of Africa Senegal,
39,Av.Leopold Sedar Senghor,
Dakar Senegal.West Africa.
Direct Tel: 00 221 77 368 1543
Direct Fax: 00 221 892 4845

Attn:Mr Anthony Frances.

Thanks for your prompt response, you should be able to contact your partner Ms Charity, ask her to assist you locate a reliable lawyer practicing at the high court of Senegal so that the lawyer can procure the rest of the documents on your behalf. Your present is not needed in Senegal because a lawyer in Senegal can handle it for you without your present, you can forward your driver`s license or your working place identity card, just anything can identify that you are the one, that`s all.
On Thu, 02 Dec 2010 08:53 -0500, [email protected] wrote:

Be informed that the cost of hiring a lawyer in Senegal will not be the responsibility of our bank, we cannot take part in any financial matter concerning the documentation process until those required documents are provided and confirmed by the appropriate offices at the high court in Dakar. Then we shall perform our duties by approving and transferring the said funds into your nominated bank account within 3 working days maximum.

Thanks for your co-operation.

Yours faithfully,
Mr Momodu Ndiaye.
Foreign operations & International Remittance Dept.
(Bank of Africa Senegal, Dakar-Senegal
And my reponses in Black

am eager to help but have some concerns below..please respond as soon as you can. I am impressed with this professionalism
XXX [email protected]>COM
We have been contacted by Ms Charity Amaru, in respect to her late father's deposited US$6.7M, in view of your request for claims, closure and transfer of late Mr Patrick Amaru's deposited funds. I am directed to inform you that several inquiries had been conducted by our management and your information corresponded with all we in our record.
We require the following information from you through the high court of Senegal to legally empower you to represent Ms Charity Amaru in the claim.
(1) A scanned copy of your identity, should be forwarded to our management via e-mail attachment.
I am very concerned about ID Theft so i will delay until we can obtain a secured area to post
(2A sworn affidavit from the high court of Dakar and must be secured in your name by a Senegal practicing lawyer.
Am I to come to Senegal to do this. I have some holiday time and could fly from england
(3) In the absence of late Mr Patrick Amaru's written '"WILL'"" A letter of administration can be accepted from the Probate registry in Senegal.
Again I can do this in Senegal
At this point I of course offer to do all this in no avail...why ? J

I find this interesting as she is in a compromised position. can you not do this and save us all time.
[email protected]>COM
On Fri, 03 Dec 2010 10:34 -0500, [email protected] wrote:
Bank of Africa Senegal,
39,Av.Leopold Sedar Senghor,
Dakar Senegal.West Africa.
Direct Tel: 00 221 77 368 1543
Direct Fax: 00 221 892 4845


Sir, please this is not our duty, i have advised to tell your partner Ms Charity to go to her Rev father for assistance, so that he can assist her to select a reliable lawyer over here.


Yours faithfully,
Mr Momodu Ndiaye.
Foreign operations & International Remittance Dept.
(Bank of Africa Senegal, Dakar-Senegal)
Now they can help with a lawyer...BUT.....

Bank of Africa Senegal,
39,Av.Leopold Sedar Senghor,
Dakar Senegal.West Africa.
Direct Tel: 00 221 77 368 1543
Direct Fax: 00 221 892 4845


Sir, if you insist, i can introduce you a reliable lawyer over here who can help you procure those documents legally and fast enough but you will be the one to pay the lawyer because lawyers over here does not accept cases without being paid upfront and this case will cost you nothing less than US$2000 equivalent because the Letter of Administration is being charged according to the value of funds/assets in question, in as much as the person is not a citizen of Senegal. Therefore respond to me if you are sure you can provide such funds for a lawyer to commence because it is not the duty of our management to part take in such matter until those documents are produced. This is the rule over here.


Yours faithfully,
Mr Momodu Ndiaye.
Foreign operations & International Remittance Dept.
(Bank of Africa Senegal, Dakar-Senegal

NOW A NEW MAN ON THE SCENE ( Surely not a split personality taking on all personas ??? He will be in , lets go with Green....

On Mon, 13 Dec 2010 02:00 +0000, "Mme Adama Gueye" <[email protected]> wrote:
Business Law, Company Law,
Consultancy and Assistance
107-109 Rue Amadou Assane Ndoye x Mousse Diop
Bp 11443,Dakar- Senegal
Phone: + 221 7741 91172
Direct e-mail: [email protected]
('Motto: justice for all)


At first, kindly use my personal secretary's name, exactly as listed below to send the US$2,700 equivalent to me through western union.

Name of receiver: Ms. Mercy Faye
Address: 107-109 Rue Amadou Assane Ndoye x Mousse Diop, Dakar- Senegal
Phone: + 221 7741 91172

Please remember to forward me your western union transaction secret codes and details of the sender so that my secretary can cash the money immediately. Lastly, i apologize for the inconvenience.

Mame Adama Gueye.
(Manager lawyer)
Dakar Senegal.

This is to confirm receipt of your mail request, i have forwarded an inquiry/request to the Bank of Africa Senegal to reconfirm to me about your transaction so that i can be sure of what you are claiming to avoid fraudulent activity. I shall respond to you with the detailed cost as soon as the Bank of Africa Senegal respond to my request/inquiry. I want you to forward me your direct / mobile phone contact, contact address and possibly a copy of your identity via mail.

Meanwhile, attached is my photograph for identification, respond to this message as soon as possible, my phone contact is as follows: + 221 774191172

Barrister. Adam Gueye Esq.
(Principal partner)
Dakar Senegal.
And here is his handsome self[/color]...


And I reply

My address is 121 Prince Charles Private, Exeter UK.
My secretary takes all my calls as I am often on technical contract and away from available phone lines. I am a technical contractor
call 01392 680 033 and ask for my Secretary Oscar Wild. Tell him who you are and he will either take the message or see to it that I can call back immediately. This arrangement avoids my wasting time on nuisance calls..I hope to hear from you soon.


Attn:Mr Anthony Francis.


I am pleased to inform you that the Bank of Africa Senegal has confirmed your request as genuine. To procure a Letter of Administration where there is no written WILL from late Patrick Amaru. The law of the Republic of Senegal required me as your lawyer to first obtain a Probate letter in favor of Ms Charity Amaru the next of kin, then with this letter of probate, Ms Charity can be eligible to apply for the Letter of Administration proving that her father did not leave a written WILL else where before he died. I need to observe this procedure before i can secure a Letter of administration for her as the bank required. The Letter of administration is the basic document that the bank needs before they can release deposited funds to the next of kin, for other documents like sworn affidavit and etc, they are easy to obtain.

However, the ministry of justice in republic of Senegal charges for the total value of any asset or funds that are involved before a Letter of administration can be issued, the deposited fund is US$6,700,000.00 meaning that it's court charges for the letter of administration will be approximately US$2,700 (Two thousand seven hundred united states dollar) according to the ratio given at the high court and this amount must be paid direct to the treasury of the Republic of Senegal, an official payment receipt of payment shall be given at the point of payment and i shall scan and forward to you a copy of this payment receipt as evidence that the money does not belong to anyone but to the government of Senegal because Ms Charity Amaru is not a citizen of this country. This charges are only applicable to none citizen.

My legal fee/service charge is US$400 equivalent and it shall be paid to me as soon as i procure all the documents for approval of your US$6.7M. The whole documents shall be ready within three to four working days maximum but i will not commence until you send the compulsory US$2,700 equivalent to enable me pay at the various offices. You should respond to this message as soon as you are ready to make the payment as explained above, so that i can forward you the names which you shall use to send the money through western union. I look for to serve you better.

Barrister. Adam Gueye Esq.
And after I chided him about his name of Mme which is French for Madama


That was a mistake from my computer keyboard, you should have known that it was a simple typing error because no one would like to work for someone that does not trust him / her. Why do you always look for an error to point out? Do you really need my service? Please if you are serious, then you should do it as i have requested from you, any other option won't be convenient for me. I do not want to argue further on this issue, if if were you, i would have given this transaction a chance, at least to see how i am going to do it. I have handled several cases of this nature and all have been successful.

Assuming i am not a good lawyer, i do not think that the person who recommended me to you would have chosen me at the first place. The person knows that i can do it very well, that is why he directed you to me. Therefore i will do everything possible to prove my integrity to you and not to disgrace myself before the person that recommended me. I have my reputation to protect and i would rather go blind than to see myself disappointing those that trusted in me. I won't say much for now but at least i have made my state of mind known you.

Mame Adama Gueye.
(Manager lawyer)
Dakar Senegal.
Opps now Charity is getting worried..seems my WU receipt is having problems And she is such a romantic.

Hello My Love,

My love, our Rev father called the lawyer this afternoon, the lawyer said that he is having little problem of funds at western union because you did not transfer money to Senegal. the lawyer also said that the western union here does not pay customers in Usdollar, i think you should quickly sort out the error and get back to our lawyer because he will need to receive the money in cfa francs and usdollar

Lot's of Love from,

Pas Possible, I gave them a reliable number..what can it all mean ?

IThat's alright, there is no need arguing further, please go back to the western union office and tell them that you want to send an equivalent of 2,000 GBP to Dakar Senegal in the west Africa, Tell your western union officer that you want to send out £2000 equivalent to Senegal so that the person you are sending this money to in Senegal, can receive it's equivalent to their local currency.

Our local currency is called CFA Francs, BCEAO (XOF), if the western union officer does not understand you, please change the center and go to anothe[color=green] have tried calling your phone numbers +441392 680 033 but the line does not function, please can you forward me your direct mobile phone contact where i can directly reach you.

Barrister. Mame Adam Gueye.
(Manager lawyer)Dakar Senegal.
r western union office because they are several western union in England and i can't believe that a genuine western union officer cannot transact money from England to Senegal? At the same time, i do not want to doubt if you are really visiting western union office because this is not my first time of receiving money from England, i have clients, friends and relatives that lives there.

Therefore i can't believe what you are saying presently, you do not need to teach me how to dial and get someone in England because i have been calling people in England from here frequently. Don't forget that i am presently a Senior advocate and i have international recognition, friends and relatives that also live in abroad. The final truth is that the phone number you gave me does not exist or the number is out of service. Please go back to western union and do something serious because i cannot believe what you are saying, the easiest transaction in England is to send money out through western union and i cannot believe that a staff at western union does not know how to transact or transfer money from GBP to Francs BCEAO currencies? [/color]

Our Lad sent this 4 times ..must be an auto sent Mugu

And I reply, shocked of course

I again went to my agent and he just shook his head and asked if I am dealing with amateurs. here is his number remember the UK code of 44 then 0800 833833 . What he told me was to send the money in US D of UKP , then at your end receive a cheque for local currency and deposit it in your bank...period...then you sue the money to help Miss charity.
I am amazed at how you do not seem to know what to do.
As to my number I am also surprised you cannot reach it.....time to get things straight. I have spent a lot trying to help only to be met by amateur responses...If this does not proceed as I planned I am going to stop


--Oh No Miss Charity is involve, Ihad hoped this would not transpire,...”_”

Hello My Love,

My love, i am confused, i do not understand what is going on? The lawyer invited our Rev father to his office this morning and from what our Rev father found in the message you sent to the lawyer, he returned to camp very angry and sad, Please my love, can you tell me exactly what you did that is making even our Rev father to look sad and unhappy? If the western union office you are using is not genuine, i will suggest you should go to another one so that we won't end up pointing fingers wrongly at each other, i do not appreciate what is going on now because i am not feeling too well. Please i go down on my kneels asking for your assistance, do not disappoint me, remember that i have confidence in you.

Lot's of Love from,


I have not heard from your lawyer for some time. He is either taking a day off or this is way beyond his capabilites. I would suggest you might want the reverand to seeka new lawyer for you. I know from what I have read that such cases can go very bad if you use the wrong methods. I have spent a lot on the transaction and he seems bewildered by it all."OH NO POUNDS OR DOLLARS " gad is he not aware of banking methods. Take the money at Wu, go to the bank with cash and deposit it.
Please consider a new agent or have him get back to me. I will cancel this WU receipt as I fear he might just take this money and run

Hello My Love,

My love, i went to the lawyer's office and i saw what you went to him as the western union, i must be honest to you that what i saw there were not from the legal western union, it's fake and i wonder how you got the western union receipt? It was a fake western union information and please do not try such thing with someone next time.

If you know that you are willing to assist someone, please kindly tell the person than to play such games, it's too risky and i advise you should please stop it and change your approach because it's not fair. They showed me another western union receipt from UK which somebody cash the money at that very moment, they were totally different, so i wonder where and how you get the papers that you sent to the lawyer?

How do you expect the lawyer to respond further to such nonsense? You are not making any sense and he sees you as a mocker, please that is not the way, you know that you did not get those transaction numbers rightfully from a western union, they were all forged by you and it has been confirmed fake by the whole banks over here.

Please you should stop the game now that it is not too late for you to stop, i know that you are not genuine and i would appreciate if you will apologize and return to the western union to send real money because you can also track the money through western union website and you will realize that the transaction codes are wrong and does not exist on the western union system in Senegal.

To prove further to you that you are the one playing yourself, you can log into the western union website given to us by the western union official over here, , you will confirm that you did not make any transfer and that you have been an idiot since all this while. Please you better be serious or you stop writing because you are not serious and i can't rely on a liar like you.

Here is the western union web page, you can log your transaction codes to track the money you said that you sent, with those information you quoted on the receipts so that you can see the result and how you have been a fool to the western union staff.

Respond to me after checking your information, track your transaction right now using this web page and you will see how you have been fooled for long.

Lot's of Love from,

And my reply to the above

I had the Western Union people tell me that perhaps the Senegal office has some administrative problems. I am not going to spend more again. I was told to have your people send me their banking information, account number ,name of bank address, location branch number etc. I will send money to my bank and have them transfer it.
Your lawyer should have done this long ago. This is the first time I have transferred such an amount and he tells you he is experienced.
Get a new lawyer and we can get this done properly


I verified the MCTN and it shows that the problem is in Senegal where the WU office got confused about GBP. But it said it probably ahs been cashed
Sigh...I am ready to sign off on all this. And how are you out of Prison to talk about are taking me for a ride.
If you do not send Bank information so I can transfer I will leave this.
You have a poor lawyer who may have taken your rightful money...I would have the rev investigate him as he is likely a fraud






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