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 How to keep this bait going..

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PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

First off, this is a refugee love bait. Apparently they don't last very long. This one will be going on 2 months soon which is apparently unusual.

1) I sent an email from my lawyer, to 'her' lawyer accusing them of being a scammer, because the lawyer asked for money before providing services. (Which is why the lad has said "Please do not let any body to deceive you " numerous times lately. And 'her' lawyer hasn't responded.)

2) the lad is on the 3rd round of failed WU and MG transfer attempts. Patience is fading.

Darling I want to know that i did not see any western union detail ,
Let me remain you that if you did not want to help me please you better forget about me,
i open the attach files which you send for me, i did not even see anything there,
I have Not Still Received the Money till now and I am Really Suffering so much here,

Please stop praying with me because am not a fool,
If You want to help me, you better do than using me for game,
one thing that plains me is that i have already told the Bank about you,

I really love you with all my heart .Please do not let any body to deceive you of helping an orphan like me.I promise to respect you with all my life.

waiting to hear from you soon

I have yet to send the WU receipt, however one of the MTCN #'s is smudged and blurred to look like a 5 or 6 or 8 or something ;]

I have a feeling when i send that it may be the final straw, as these refugee lads are apparently on a short fuse to begin with.

Any ideas? I would like to call him, but Skype wants me to put $10 on my account, and it expires likely before i use it all. :/

FYI, here is the message i sent just before this.

I offered to kill the reverend Razz

Hello My darling,

I am so sorry I have not replied. Please do not cry at missing me. I was a very busy man today! The hollidays dying down and lot of work to get done at the office. But i DID go the money gram bank and asked what happened. They said that different forms are used in overseas branches and that the person you talked to probably did not know what they were doing. But i got a refond of the money and went to the western union bank. Now if this does not work this time, How about i come to Senegal and fly you back myself? :^) You can show me around Africa, I think it would be fun!

Darling! Today I was in the news! Because my business has grown 300% and is now worth around 120m USD. Is that exciting!? They say that this is amazing because of the failing economy that I am able to turn a profit. They just don't realise
who i am and what i'm capable of >:^)

I love you most!

How are you eating? Have you found food? I am serious when I say I can fly there and meet you. Just hope I do not see the reverend when I get there. If you need the reverend killed, just say it. I know a lot of people. And I know some people I can send to Senegal and your reverend will be no more. You just say the word if you want this done. I love you darling and i will do anything.

If you'd notice, i'm trying to incinuate a bigger profit, while working in a airplane visit twist to the bait :]
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PostPosted: Tue Nov 30, 2010 7:47 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Lots of ways to make it last, your evil twin uses your laptop and finds out about it, you visit there or your friend who is going there will bring the money to her in a few days/weeks, you get sick/fired and need time to regroup/heal. Anything that pleases you, apparently that WU isn't working so you offer to drop it in a bank account and have it closed.
You want her in your country and she needs to fill out a few forms.
1 for the credit card
2 for the Visa she'll be needing
3 for the work permit
4 etc etc
For the trip you have to buy her a warm coat, so have her look at Sears or what ever is available to make her pick. To make sure it fits nice you need all body measurements.

No clue what you think is fun, but there's no end to it yet

I don't do bling, I just do lads Evil or Very Mad
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