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 Anyone ever have a lad do this?

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 26, 2010 1:48 am Reply with quoteBack to top

At the beginning of Oct., I sent out several replies to some lads. I sent a "sounds great, tell me more about you" to one lad, and never sent another e-mail after, having picked 2 others that I've been running ragged for a while now Twisted Evil .
The one that I have ignored has apparently decided my responses aren't needed to carry on....

The lad's initial response (which i ignored)

How are you?!
> > I will write you later!!!
> > I was mistaken when I filled my profile. Actually I live in Russia,
> > hope you don't afraid Russian girl...

A few weeks later another comes in (again no response from me)...

Hi, darling what a wonderful feeling I have every time I see your letter.
I realized just now that I was smiling while opening your letter. However, poor those people who were in the cafe, too.
Probably my reaction was strange to them.
Well, I will explain what an internet cafe is here, because you may have not this thing in your country.
So here it is a place where different people, strangers to each other, come to use an internet access, because all of them have no their personal computers at home.
Some people come to find necessary information, other people- to write a letter to someone. This is my case.
You have a special payment  some sum of money per hour and you can use the line as long as you want.
You know, I understood today, that I have absolutely no problems with writing to you, it is like I have known you for ages.
It is like I can tell you everything openly, without being scared of being judged or scolded
I can speak freely and honestly. Probably, that is because I cant see you.
But in general I hate the people who lie; I think it is a disadvantage, because even the world could be better if there were less of these people.
By the word, what do you think about the betrayal? Would you forgive it?
I think I wouldnt cos it is awful.
Because of this I am sure I will never do this to anyone, it is better to say the truth, to stop the things happen, to finish up, but not to betray.
Are you interested in my city?
It is very beautiful, green and cozy. There are lots of parks and flowers blossoming all around in the spring.
I find it very romantic to walk there when there is a night the stars are shining all above my head.
By the way, are you a romantic person?
Do you like animals? I adore cats. They are sensitive and faithful. They love their owners just because they are made like this.
So here I will finish my letter. I will just write one more thing  I am always looking forward to your replies.
Have a good day!

P.S. What do you think about my new pics? I will upload some new pics in next few days.
Hope you liked my small present to you...
This pics was made by my best girlfriend at the Saint-Petersburg - second capital of Russia this summer.

And, today, this arrives

Hi, my precious I hope that nothing happened and you are in a good mood. Please, be careful, and take care of yourself. Reply me as soon as you can.
I will be waiting for you, I promise. I would very much like to ask you to send me some more photos of yours. Chose those best that you have.
I am planning to print them and set them in a framework. Than I will put the framework on my desk and will watch you from time to time.
It will make me feel closer to you.
Some mornings, when I wake up I just try to figure out if everything is real; I mean if you are real or was it just a dream.
These moments I just need something to prove that you exist. So your photo will help me.
You are the sun that shines and lets me see the way in a dark and dump world. Have no other words to describe my feelings.
I have a smile on my face when I wake up, because my first thought is about you!!!
Can I ask you for something?
Could you please send me some your best photo, so I could hang it on my wall and every morning before waking up see you again and again?
You know, I had an amazing dream last night. We both were on some unknown island; it was beautiful, isolated from all the rest of the world.
There were just two of us. You were holding my hands and you were silent. No words were needed. That was great. We were so close to each other.
I felt to be the happiest woman in the word because I knew you were so close. It was something special, the feeling, the passion I had and love.
Do you dream about me? Can you tell me of them if it is not too private for you?
You know, probably, it is too silly to say, but I feel like I could have created a strong family with you. Do you like children?
Would you like to have them? I think they should be given birth only after the decision of both father and mother, and then the family will be happy.
My husband will always be on the first place for me. If in case he will not want to have children, well than, I will do whatever he says me to do.
Take care, my dear, I am waiting fro your reply.

P.S. Happy Thanksgiving to you, to your friends and your family!!!

P.P.S. check my new pics from black sea

Anybody else have a lad continue with his scripts, even though you've never replied?

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