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 tried for a piggy,didn't work

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jack hemoff
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 20, 2010 7:29 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

recieved this in my inbox.
from mr. alan deng
johannesburg s. africa
dear sir/madam
permit me to introduce this business proposal assistance to you.My name is Alan Deng,the eldest son late Lt.Gen
Dominic Deng.My father died in a sabotaged plane crash along side with my mother and other senior military officials
you can read the story at:
I got your contact information from South Africa Online Business & Investment Solution during the process of searching
for a reliable business partner to assist my family to transfer and invest the sum of US$24Million,into your company or private
account in your country,hence i decided to write you.Originally,this moneywas mapped out to purchase arms for the
Sudan People's Liberation Movement[SPLM] military wing,As a result of decades of war in my country.As the news of the
peace agreement reaches my father while he was in South Africa for the arms procurement,he took advantage of the
opportunity and deposit the money as family valuable in a security company in South Africa.
After depositing the money,he came back to notify me about the money before his death.due to several threats from the
incumbent president,Omar Al Bashir,who has denied involment in master minding the death of my father and other
officials,i and my family have no choice but to escape from our country to South Africa as POLITICAL ASYLUM SEEKERS
Upon our arrival in South Africa,we realize that the financial policy of this country does not permit us certain financial
rights to access such huge sums of money.this is why i seek your assistance to transfer this money out of South Africa
If you accept to assist us in this transaction,please indicate your interest by contacting me via this email [deng [email protected]] or you can call me on this number +27 73 9295995 for more details.also send your full name and private telephone
number,and we can take it from there.we are willing to offer you 30% of the total money for your assistance in this venture
10% for any expenditure while the remainingwill be for my family investment in your country.this offer is open for negotiation
Do remember that this transaction requires the utmost trust and secrecy

ME: remember the peace deal was signed in 2005 between n.sudan & s. sudan
also gen deng was killed in plane crash along with others on may 2 2008

jack hemoff
to: alan deng
Heard you,how can i help?

alan deng to jack
dear sir:
thanks for your mail and i also thank you for your kindest sympathy and willingness to assist me in this transaction,but
before we proceed further,i want you to know that this transaction is genuine and demands secrecy for the safety of my family
and this fund
Moreover,i had a meeting this morning with our family attorney after i recieved your mail. We have decided to do this business
with you,with hope that you will not DOUBLE CROSS me as soon as this fund is transfered into any of your nominated bank
account in your country.To accomplish this transaction with trust and transparency as adviced by our attorney,i will be
glad to invite you to South Africa for you to witness everything yourself. [MAYBE TO BE KIDNAPPED AND HELD FOR
RANSOM]. Dur your visit you will have the opportunity to meet with my family in person and sign a change of ownership
in your name,as well as a binding partnership agreement that will state the terms and conditions for the shearing of this
fund and investment in your country for the security interest of both parties.
Besides you will open a non resident bank account with a local bank here in your name with the help of our attorney
where this money will be deposited as soon as it is released from the security company upon your arrival.for onward
transfer to your account in your country.According to our arrangement your duration of stay here will not be more than
2 to 3 working days.I want to assure you that all the necessary documents to back up this transaction legally will
be provided as they are intact.This is to make this money free from any illegal activities both here and in your country
policy.Iwant you to guarantee me of your secrecy towards this transaction,then we shall proceed.
please ,try your best to consider this as an option for us to erase every atom of dought and suspicion.
nevertheless,please bear in mind that we do pay charges for safe-keeping of the consignment every month and
your urgent arrival will release us from furthe payment to the security company.Kindly let us know when you will be
able to make the trip to South Africa for this transaction.please send us your flight schedule so as to enable us
book a hotel reservation prior to your arrival. The airport is called O.R. Tambo international airport,Johannesburg
kindly send me your full names and private telephone for easy communication
Once again i thank you for your cooperation on this transaction.Ilook forward to hear from you
alan deng

ME: jack hemoff
to alan
Hello alan
how are your family? fine i hope.recieved your message and you are moving to fast for me.I would like to get to
know you better before i make the trip to South Africa. do you have your family's consent to further this transaction?
How many brothers and sisters? are you married? children? the reason i'm asking,is there could be a problem
from them if not in agreement.
thanks jack will give you a phone number later.

alan to me
dear sir:
Iacknowledge the reciept of your mail and content well understood
Like i mentioned in my first mail,i am the first son in my family,me and my mother are the next of kin as stated in
the deed of lodge.since my parents died in the plane crash,this authomatically give me the right to take charge
and oversee a hitch free process of this transaction.moreover we are four in the family,one junior brother and two
younger sisters.we are presently residing at the South Africa refugee camp.i assure you that there will be no
cause for any problem that is the reason why i invited you.i have attatched a copy of my refugee assylum permit
for your perusal.I await your urgent reply.for further enquiry,you can call +27 73 9295995
me to alan:
are you married? do you have children? you said you have one brother,two sisters,are they in agreement?
I would hate to get to Africa and find my self in a family fight over this.Iwould need a certified letter from
them,before I come to Africa,stating they will not contest this transfer.the money is not a problem to pay for
the transfer.After i feel comfortable with you,i will tell you about myself OK?
as of now i would like to know more about you. how old?
jack hemoff to
alan deng
hello alan,hope your family is fine
As i said in previous mail the more we know about each other the more trust we have in each other.that is why
i ask questions.I don't like to rush things. In your last mail you said "deed of lodge" what is that? in my
country the laws state that everyone involved in legal papers have to be in agreement I could end up with nothing
if your brothers and sisters dispute the transfer in court.As i own a construction company,i deal in contracts all
the time,that is why i'm cautious,however money is not a problem,with money is only a means to get more money
alan to me
dear sir:
Iwas with our attorney today.He gave me a copy of proof of deposit and deed of lodge from security company
for your perusal.He assured me that every arrangement has been perfected for smooth and succesful transfer of this
fund.HE also told me that during his visit and enquiry to the security company,he was informed that the fund is still
unclaimed.he further stated that,we are mandated to pay of all the outstanding charges for safekeeping this fund,
apply for a new account in your name,and apply for fund release to your account to transfer funds to.
according to the security company we need a sum of US$12,800.00 for back charge of 4 months,and US$ 50.00
for new account in your soon as the levies are paid the attorney will transfer the fund to you in the new
account as the new next of kin.
finally i understand your concerns,but our attorney says this is risky free,all documentation will be provided.
please send a telephone number to contact you.
remember to not tell anyone about this.
he sent me some fake forms that a 10 year old could tell was fake,from coin security group, only with
fake sigs that were clearly photo shopped.not even worth are dated oct 14 2007
he must have spent a lot of time in SA
me to alan
you did not answer my questions.please respond.
alan to me
thanks for your mail.
Sir i am 31 yrs old,single male, never marryed,without kid.please go through my assylum document whitch
i sent you [it was rubbish] secondly our mother julia[i thought her name was josephine] died in the
plane crash alongside my father
lastly there is no proof to authenticate my position in my family other than the documents i sent I repeat
there is no problems you will encounter.kindly tell me about old? what do you do? what position?
when are you planning your trip? mail me your teelphone number.
me: this lad just will not get off script
alan to me
i am worried you did not answer my last mail are you still interested in helping my family? when are you coming
to South Africa?
seems this lad wants to talk every day.i'll try a different approach.
me to alan
i had a good weekend hope you did too
a little about my self: I am 45 yrs old living in USA,
I was married for 10 yrs before a big semi truck driver[high on narcotics] fell asleep and crossed the center line of
the highway and crashed into our car,and destroyed it,killing my wife and two girls.that was 5 years ago. I own
a small construction company and we build churches for other companys.
our attorney has been handling the case[lawsuit against the trucking company]
I came out of the accident with nerve damage to my head. I suffer from intermittant sight disorder the doctor calls
Interoccular Frontal Annular Refractory Tendency IFART for the times IFART I lose my sight and can not
see although it does not happen often,only when i get excited then IFART a lot,or eat beans.
the courts take away my drivers license due to this so i have to depend on my secretary Gerry Mander to drive
me to and from the job sites,as you will meet some time.She takes real good care of me,if you know what i mean,
the lawyer has been giving me $100,000 a year for the past 5 yrs along with my revenue from the construction
company.he says i am going to get $5 million dollars out of the trucking company that caused all of this
well enough about me,Gerry just came in and is messing with my body and i have to leave you.
see if that gets him going he goes silent for a while
me to alan
hello are you still alive? i tried to call you on teelphone u no pik what wrong?
i would still like to help you on this matter,but it has been hectic around here for the past week.had a email
from a church pastor to see if we would like to bid on a new church being built in South is a world wide
church and is considering buildingin your private teelphone is xxx xxx 7257 if you want to speak to me.
if now answer leave a message and i will get back to youas i am quite busy right now
intentional misspelling
alan to me
thanks for the mail.howis the church biding? i hope everything is successful.i tried calling you many times on the
number you gave me,but your phone is on voicemail.i also left many messages but i dont get call.i am
beginning to get worried.sir i would be most delighted [i bet you would] if you can come here in person to resolve
this problem.we owe the security company money for 4 months payment.your arrival will release us from further
costs to them. email me the date you can come to South Africa,but if you can not come let me know so
we can get my attorney to start on this on your me on my phone ok?
me to alan
hello alan
am sorry i missed your calls yesterday,but i got your voicemails.I always carry two phones in my pocket,but
they are always ringing in my ears.there were four messages from you on the phone butam very busy trying to work
a bid on the we need visas to get into s africa?since the courts take my drivers license due to IFART
dont know if i can get visa without proper id.anyway i'll leave my phone on in case you want to talk.

he calls ,say some gibberish and phone goes dead
me to alan
hello alan,the phone went dead yesterday and i don't know what the problem was,but i tried to call you back ,the
message says it is not valid.i will be busy for the next two weeks getting a bid for the church in cape town.if we get
the project gerry,david and i will be coming to south africa.i have one question: in your opening mail you said" upon
our arrival in South Africa,we realize the financial policy of this country does not permit us to access such huge
sums of money" how can you transfer this money if you don't have access to it?
could you tell me the names and ages of the two sisters?
alan sends another mail asking for an active mobile number, i send him this
me to alan
i have to explain about my phones,my personal phone is the number i gave you [throw away store bought phone]
there are only a few people who have that number,but as i said i dont allways have it on.i have one business phone
and my personal one with me at all times and with two phones ringing in my earand get excited or confused i go
into IFART and that is not good.
i asked you to give me the names and ages of your sisters,and to explain about why you can't access this money?
the money for all the expenses are not a problemas i have set aside $25000.00 for this project
he sends another mail asking for an active no. is he getting worried?
alan to me
i hope all is well.i have been trying to get hold of you through out the week but you no pick.
maybe i've got him going now
alan to me
i never meant to stress you,rather i want you to understand that you are our only hope to live a better life.please sir i
dont mean to disturb you or put you in a confused for your questions our attorney will make up a TRUST
AGREEMENT, for the interest of both parties.we still owe all this money to the security company before
they will realease the funds to your account that you will set up.send $12800.00 for charges and $50.00 for
your new two sisters names are Monica 25 yrs and julia 18 yrs,named after our late mum . i made some
inquiry and found US citizens don't need visa to enter South Africa,with international passport, all you need to do is
go to travel agency and buy tickets.up date me on your flight schedule.
just pack up and go huh sounds fishy to me.
me to alan
hello alan
where have you been? in my last email i asked for pictures of you and your sisters.i know i have not been much help to
you on your problem,but i have been busy with my construction company and the bid for the church in cape town.
i can't go into details,but it is a mega church with millions of dollars to work with.i hope you understand that this
construction project is worth hundreds of thousands of dollars for us.with a profit margin of 20% it is lots of money
can monica send me an email?
alan to me
i am so sorry to have delayed your feedback.this is due to some family crisis which is beyond my controll.i never
meant to bother you with my family be sincere with you,im at a cross road,helpless and confused state
of mind at the moment.if not for my siblings and what we have been through since the death of our parents,i would
have given up everything about this fund and let it be.
about my sister,monica,i never wanted to tell you her situation,but i have no choice to open up to you.the university
campus administration where she finished her final exams,refused to realease her graduation certificate until she
pays her outstanding tuition fees.she can't get a job,and this is stressing her a lot together with the miserable
life and the food we eat in the refugee camp where we are. she has been complaining of constant headache and
high temperature some time now.
as a result she is bed ridden in one of the hospitals for 11 days now as a result of stress .the nurses have been trying
to control her blood pressure,but she is not responding.the last time i went to visit,she can barely recognize me
i busted out in tears because my sweet sister is in a critical situation and i can't help her.if i had money with me
i would transfer her to a private hospital.
i had to travel a long distance to meet with our former landlord where we were residing before we ran out of rent money
he evicted us and kept our property and furniture because we are owing 6 month rent age with the hope we can find
a capable partner to realease this fund.i pleaded with him to let me have pictures of us,but he refused.
please can you send money for the release of the funds prior to your arrival to avoid more problems?

sent an email asking for bank details to transfer his money but no answer. guess he dropped me
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