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 German article on 419 scams on (big paper)

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Actually pretty well-written. The author has much more insight into this and who is behind it than 99% of what else may be written here about it.

What follows is its Babelfish version:


Spam cheat
Author: Wolf Lepenies|

Not already again! Daily one million won! Us emails with fast money, expensive cars woo and luxuriösen each day clocks. The sociologist wolf Lepenies researches after the senders. " Refuel at our expense! " , mail in the morning, which overcame easy the Firewall freshly installed on my computer, lures. Since super costs already again over 1.40 euros, I want to follow the request gladly. The question is only: Which car do I refuel fully? In last week has I experienced that I won in different games, which I cannot remember with the best will no more four new models: a Porsche, an AUDI Q7, a Peugeot Speedfight III and an OPEL Insignia OPC. Even if OPEL particularly seriously around me recruits - " The car belongs to you. Versprochen." - will probably decide I for the Porsche. That fits simply better to the Ray Ban sun glasses and to Rolex the Daytona in the value of 10,000 euros, which likewise wait for me. I must click only the correct left. Alleged million-gains in the offer On-line world is full miracle bags. The Ebay coupon for 200 euros and the Aldi Essensbon for 300 euros take themselves thereby still modestly out. More attractive already are the 52-Zoll-LED-Fernseher and the audio system for 30,000 euros. Also the 8-Tage-Flugreise into Turkey I would grant myself - if the company Godfly would be not so knausrig to let me pay the kerosene addition. On the other hand money for me plays soon no more role. To the end of life me a monthly Sofortrente is promised of 3,333 euros. For the daily expenditures I will use first the 515,810 euros, which I, as DOT gates a Antonio Maretti communicates to me, in the well-known " Email Sweepstakes Programm" " Super Enalotto International" won. Afterwards I can fall back to the 1.197.899 Pound, the Marks of Harris, which " Payment Director" places to the national lottery commission of the united Kingdom of, me in prospect. What however helps all the money, if one becomes ill? There Mrs Diodore Filmer straight comes correctly, their modest, but the more effective offer from only one word exists: " Gesundheit". Unexpected hereditary notification by email " Lead a ensure-free living and do not turn you not longer each cent um." On-line one became the so sehnlichst expected increase of the domestic demand long reality. The gifts specified so far are only Peanuts - compared to the sums, signs, if one dares into the miracle world of the Cyber financial system.

The background to the term " Spam"

English " Spam" or " Junk" means waste. Spam a label name for dose meat, which gave it starting from 1936, was original. To times of war Spam meat was only which in Great Britain everywhere was present. Therefore the English Comedyserie Monty Python's Flying Circus developed so-called Spam Sketche. Thus the bill of fare consists exclusive of Spam courts with Monty Python in a cafe. The Spam mails were at the beginning of no advertising messages. First there was texts, which in great quantities flooded the message windows in role performances: the plays belong to the group Multi user Dungeon. The first Spam email was probably dispatched 1978, designated however only in the year 1993 as such. But caution! In that mail, with me Mr. Chan, which " Chief Financial Officer of a bank in Hong Kong; lucrative Geschäft" , cyrillic characters in its Broken suggests English erred. Also Mr. Sheng Hongzhi, likewise from Hong Kong, can not deny the love to the Russian alphabet. There only a clear remains " Njet" to its proposal park for it first 12 million dollar on my account and branch later 35 per cent of it for me. Dr. James from Ghana is more honest. It makes no gift for me, but suggests deal: 900 Kilos gold-deaf at the Kilo price of 22.000 US Dollar. An good deal! Confusing against it an offer from South Africa: The deceased engineer Jurian Kugger left to me 30 million dollar. I will remember nevertheless probably still him, am called it nearly reproachfully: We were not both members in the same club, in which exclusive " Helicopter Society"? In my head it rotates. Stories of the mails resemble each other The parallel fates are remarkable, which one meets. Both Mrs Patricia Wagner, who were me on English, and madame Lucia Koffi, which writes me on French, married with diplomats at the Ivory Coast. In both cases the husband died early. Both widows suffer from cancer and will also soon die. Both are convinced Christian inside and would like the money not into the hands of Muslims fall to let, but to a Christian of property do. The only difference: Mrs Wagner promises me 18 million dollar, madame Koffi is content with less than half. In both cases however the time pushes: I am to convey my account number and the bank code number as fast as possible. Since lately on-line offers accumulate themselves, I tell an old schoolmate of it. It returns straight from Africa, is " a trusted friend Wole Soyinkas, the Nigerian Literaturnobelpreisträgers of 1986.; You know eigentlich" , it asks, " that most Spanish prisoners in Lagos are? " Spanish prisoners? " The Spanish Prisoner" , then I learn, am the contraction for the fraudulent Plot, which " many these as; Scam" admitted emails are the basis.

Fraud mails sound like fairy tales The trick with " Spanish Gefangenen" 1588 were invented and work until today. The victim experiences from a cheat, he is located in contact with a Aristokraten, which sits in Spain under a cover name in the prison. It cannot surrender its true identity, without going into large danger. And above all need it money, in order to redeem itself from the captivity. Who helps it thereby, is richly to be rewarded later - with money and the prospect to marry the picture-beautiful daughter of the prisoner. If the first money is paid, always new difficulties emerge, which lead to ever higher pecuniary claims. Until the victim - " The Mark" the technical term is called - expenditure-bleeds is. Several films is the basis this Plot, among them David Mamets " The Spanish Prisoner" from the year 1997. Today it does not give anywhere more " Spanish Gefangene" as in the ten-million-metropolis Lagos, the capital of Nigeria. On-line Scams became a flowering industry here. Their manufacturing plants are the innumerable Internet Cafés in the quarters Oworonshoki, Bariga and Ebutte Metta. " Akin" " arbeitet" ten hours on the day Among the continuous guests of the Cafés ranks " Akin" , a teenager, which " by a report of the American magazine; Fortune" admits became. It carries a Nike T shirt, Adidas Sneakers, at the wrist a Rolex submarine and around the neck, how the reporter estimated, " a Kilo of Gold". Akin works up to ten hours on the day, seven days the week, over for its " Chairman" To fish email addresses and credit card data from the CyberSpace. " Chairman" , a computer illiterate, receives 60 per cent of the erschwindelten money and uses further 20 per cent to captivate controlling policemen or teachers who search for their pupils. Akin erschwindelt itself not only money, but also special goods: Laptop, Blackberries, cameras, flat screens. Nobody would be so stupid to send it to Nigeria. Akin has friends in Europe. They receive the goods and send them then via Fedex or DHL to Lagos, where they are sold on the black market. Akins favourite cafe takes it humorously Akins mother earns 30 dollar as a charwoman. Their son is the breadwinner of the family. It is considered as " Yahoo Millionär". Its contemporary, who likewise " in the Internet Cafés; arbeiten" , are called " Yahoo Boys" , because they use usually Yahoo as platform. In Akins Lieblingscafé hangs on the wall a sign with the warning: " Here we do not bear Scams. Do not use the Internet, in order to crack money too erschwindeln or credit cards. We hand immediately you to the police over. No 419-Aktivitäten in this café! " The announcement is understood as joke. The number of 419 refers to the Paragrafen of the Nigerian penal code, which places Internet fraud under punishment. But straight this fraud became the national favourite occupation. Akin: " The white ones are too leichtgläubig." A popular hit in Lagos is called " I Go Chop Your Dollar": " 419 is only one play. I am the winner, you am the loser. The white ones are greedy. I take your money and disappear. You are the stupid one, I are the Chef." Native critics call Nigeria, a country of 150 million inhabitants, a 419-Gesellschaft. Akin does not have bad conscience. " What am I to do? " , it asks. " I use the talent, God me gave. Our politicians make their thing. I make meins. I bring my family through, my mother, my sister, my popsie. The white ones are too leichtgläubig. They are rich. Which I remove them, nevertheless only a Taschengeld." is for her; The Internet sites of the Nigerian government are full with reports over CyberSpace-criminal, which were condemned allegedly to high terms of imprisonment. Revenge for slave trade and oil theft In their blog however the Yahoo Boys makes itself merry over the Nigerian Economic Fraud and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC). " Are moved you to lock up our future political elite? The EFCC should leave the Yahoo Boys in peace and take rather the politicians on the grain, not least to Chief Lucky." The allusion is clear: President Jonathan carries the beautiful first name Goodluck. Others call the EFCC corrupt and refer to Russia, where the Internet fraud is still more common than in Nigeria. In addition: still better, foreigner to schröpfen than compatriots would amount to too. 419-Aktivitäten are the revenge for slave trade and oil theft. Constantly the white ones, which get involved in Scams from Nigeria, are insulted even as criminal ones - cheated cheats. A commentator from Lagos is content with a short question: " Was Bernie WAD off actually Nigerianer? " Several hundred million US Dollar erschwindelt Triumphierend wrote a Yahoo Boy with the sounding alias " Moneyspeaking" , now study it with the erschwindelten money in Great Britain at the University OF Essex. Its Kommilitonin is the granddaughter of the former president Olusegun Obasanjo: " Our Leaders of acres the biggest Yahoo Boys". " Moneyspeaking" earned according to own specifications 2,000 dollar in the week, it facilitated an American, a Brazilian and an Australian around more than 100,000 dollar. " John" , another Yahoo Boy, studies at a private university and thanks you its victims: " God bless America! " , " Lucas" if three sports cars possess, straight vacation in Dubai makes and scoffs: " Catch me nevertheless, their idiot, if can do you! " There much indication may be thereby - the sums erschwindelten by 419-Aktivitäten however are material. According to estimations of the American Secret service it concerns in each year several hundred million dollar, tendency rising. Of Nigeria reputation suffers among the cheats The massive 419-Aktivitäten harms the reputation of Nigeria. Wole Soyinka, which wants to begin with its again created party with the presidential elections in the next year, spoke of its country as one " Nation of the Internet fraud, that world-wide under the contraction 419 admits now ist". Soyinka almost became victim of a 419-Plots. In December 2001 its friend Bola Ige, a former prosecutor general and Minister of Justice, an attempted assassination fell to the victim. Twelve hours later Soyinka did not keep allegedly from the widow an email, in which she told him, their man much money before the tax hid and to Soyinka is to help to bring the money to a safe place. It can keep 40 per cent of it for itself. Since then Soyinka has a special feeling for 419-Aktivitäten of all kinds, which became a synonym for the corruption in the country. Critics of Nigeria, so Soyinka, state already, 419 is a component of the Nigerian national character. When Wole Soyinka participated in a congress in Basel, him its hosts in a luxury hotel quartierten. Before the door of its Suite arrived, Soyinka asked the Hoteldirektor whether these areas for guests from Nigeria were reserved. The Suite had the number 419.

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nice read, thanx for posting.

Btw, now I know the very block my fake lads resides: Oworonshoki Laughing

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