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 Fast Track to Losing a Mugu (Nice and Short!)

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PostPosted: Wed Sep 15, 2004 7:40 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I'm still finding my feet in this game, and after a bit of over enthusiastic guest book seeding, I was kinda swamped, so I decided to experiment a bit with exactly how much of a smart ass I could be in the opening emails - to my surprise, I found the answer was - not too much Mad

So, I'm baiting as a character called Vern0n Wasp5 (I'll disguise the handle as there are some other ongoing baits with the same handle), and I recieve the usual opening gambit (barrister/ dead Uncle in Togo / blah blah mugu crap)


From : sam kokou <[email protected]>

Sent : Wednesday, September 8, 2004 7:28 PM

To : Wasp5********@************

Subject : 
PRIVATE MASSAGE TO .......Vern0n Wasp5

MIME-Version: 1.0
Received: from ([]) by with Microsoft SMTPSVC(5.0.2195.6713); Wed, 8 Sep 2004 12:21:55 -0700
Received: from [] by via HTTP; Wed, 08 Sep 2004 20:28:05 BST
X-Message-Info: 6sSXyD95QpV5OO0o0x3xPJn6DF23lPYg
Message-ID: <[email protected]>
Return-Path: [email protected]
X-OriginalArrivalTime: 08 Sep 2004 19:21:55.0880 (UTC) FILETIME=[1A885280:01C495D9]

PHONE/00228 912 49 14
ALTERNATIVE EMAIL /[email protected]


I am contacting you for the claim of your late
uncle's fund that was  deposited with the union
togolaise bank. I must solicit your confidence in
this claim,this is by virtue of it's nature as being
utterly confidential  and top Secret.

Though I know that contact of this magnitude will make
any one apprehensive and worried, but I am assuring
you that all will be well since I know everything
about your late uncle's fund.

I have decided to contact you due to the urgency of
this matter. Let me start by introducing myself
properly to you.I am BARRISTER  SAM KOKOU. the
Attorney to your late uncle Engr.A.H Wasps(Snr)an oil
Merchant with the Federal Government of Lome-Togo,
until his death some years ago in Kenya Air
Bus(A310-300)Flight KQ430,Banked with UNION BANK
PLC,Lome-Togo and had a closing balance as at the end
of September, 2001 worth US$28,000,000.00 (Twenty
eight Million United States Dollars).

The bank now expects the Next of Kin to come forward
as Beneficiary. Efforts has been made by the Union
togolaise Bank of Lome-Togo to get in touch with
any of the Deceased Family relatives, but they have
met with no success.As the deceased being a
foreigner,that was why I decided to contact you so
that you can put claim on this.

Now the management under the influence of the bank
Chairman and Members of the Board of directors,that
arrangement has been made for the fund to be declared
Unclaimed In order to avert this negativedevelopment,
it is my duty to contact you since your name was
listed as the next of kin to his properties.

All documents and proof to enable you get this fund
will be carefully worked out by me for this claim.I
have secured from the probate an order of  Mandamus to
locate any of the deceased beneficiaries,and more so I
am assuring you that this claim is 100% risk free.

Now it is left for you deceide on what you will give
as my percentage for assisting you in this claim.I
hope to hear from you soon or call me immediately you
receive this mail on this phone number +228-912 49 14.

Yours Sincerely,
00228 912 49 14.

ALTERNATIVE EMAIL / [email protected]

So I reply with:-


Hey Sam - wow, I didn't even know I had a late Uncle in Togo - is this because Auntie Lucy has been playing away again?! The old slapper, doesn't surprise me.

Anyway, what you say sounds interesting - tell me more.

Much Love

Vern0n Wasp5

So Barrister Sam now decided that perhaps it isn't my Uncle at all, just another unfortunate Petrochemical Engineer with the same name (damn it, that's a dangerous job!)...

Dear Vern0n Wasp5,

Thank you for your response to my emailed message.
This transaction is 100% legitimate and in essence
that it will undergo normal procedures as stipulated
in the financial and allied matters act.

I contacted you because you share the last name with
my client At the conclusion of this transaction you
will earn 65% of the total fund;10% for charity if you
wish!! and 25% for my participation in this project.

Engr.A.H. Wasps, Of course, such a common name! is from America, He worked with
Shell petroleum Company as an engineer and later
retired to private practice as a consultant and formed
an oil sevicing company.

He operated an account with UNION BANK
PLC(U.T.B.,Lome-Togo until his death.He had a wife
named Ann and a daugthter named Nancy who died
alongside with him in an plane crash on the 31st of

Here in this country's financial and allied matters, a
customer with a deposit above five hundred dollars or
its equivalent is issued a certificate of deposit by
the finance company and has to file in some financial
information in his security file jacket and have it
tendered to the finance company in case of death.This
information,the finance company will tell him in case
of death,that whoever claims as his next of kin will
be required to forward the information.

As soon as the person applying submits the
information, the finance company will have no other
alternative than to have the funds released to him as
he/she wishes. This was stated and signed in line with
our country's financial and allied matters act.

This is why i am here as your partner to forward all
requested information or evidence to you.The
certificate of deposit ,death certificate and draft of
payment application will be forwarded to you which you
will fill in and have it sent to the finance company.

The deceased filed in some information which he
deposited in his security file jacket and only the
bonafide next of kin should know these information.As
soon as the finance company demands that, it will be
forwarded to you and that will authenticate your true
position and an approval will be issued to your

You must understand that in the finance
industry,chances or opportunities like this are common
but not heard. People put their monies in finance
firms and some of these accounts are either coded or
confidentially operated,therefore,when such people die
what do you think that happens to these monies when
nobody comes for their claims? Well, this is one of
the numerous avenues good "free" monies are made
within and amongst the officials.

I did not mastermind my client's death and I did not
operate or manage his account but i was his personal
attorney so was privy to his transaction with the
finance company. Upon receipt of your positive
response i will send the relevant documents you will
send to the finance company for the transaction to
commence officially.Please note that this transaction
requires utmost trust,sincerity and confidentiality.

You can forward your phone number or call me at
00228-912 49 enhance our communication. I await
your prompt reply. so that i will forward to you the
text of application which you will fill and send to
the bank for fund to be released to you without any

God Bless You.

Barrister Sam Kokou.
Sam Chamber Lome-Togo.

So I want to see if Sam is stupid enough to let me mess with his mind a touch, and I reply

Hey Sam - wow, this is amazing!As it turns out, Engineer A.H.Wasps is MY UNCLE. So it looks like the money is legitimately mine anyway! We were all so sad when Auntie Ann and Nancy died. Auntie Ann made great skunk ommelettes.

Please tell me what to do next

Vern0n Wasp5

The bugger is yet to reply - oh well, a lesson learned, back to standard "I'm interested, tell me more" type replies for me.... Confused

Oh, I've left this guys email intact incase anyone wants to take him up/trash him. I've got other fish to fry..... Smile
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