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 My first adventure in baiting...

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 1:57 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I've been chatting with the mods about this bait (including my assigned mentor) in what to do with all of this information. But I just thought I would share to get more insight and maybe get some ideas on where to go.

I've posted a few posts around regarding this already but I was pretty vague as I was asking specific questions and didn't have a lot of good stuff yet..

(I anticipate this will be long -- please let me know if I am not to publish unfinished baits here -- and I will stop. I looked around at the rules and it did not mention this).

So my bait started like this, with a few emails back and forth:

"I have job in place for you.I am looking for an honest and
trustworthy personnel.With handsome daily reward.

Respond,if you meet up with the above criteria


I'm not feeling particularly creative. I guess I put in as much as I receive from this guy.

ME: I am interested. I'm not very smart but I'm a hard worker and very loyal and honest. Please tell me more.

Two days later, my lad responds:

Thank you for your response.Sorry for my late response

The job is to be receiving donation payment on behalf our Orphanage home

The Fund would be sending to your bank account.But I prefer Chase Bank
account.That is the reason why I am asking if you are an honest

Please get back to me if you have the above bank account to proceed.


Testing his English a little here:


I don't go through Chase anymore. Those weasels are swindlers! They
me and made me pay fees for my hooker.

However, I am still interested in your proposition.

I have a Plunder & Flee banking account. Does this work for you?

I have to go, I am on my period and all my breast milk is falling out of my nose. Has that ever happened to you? It is very painful.

I need chase because it is secured.Can you have one opened for the job
purpose only?.Please advice


This guy is really hung up on Chase. I wonder if he will tell me why?

ME: I can't go to JP Morgan Chase anymore. Honestly, they banned me from making an account with them. So I can't open one. I can open an account anywhere else. What about PNC or Bank of America??? Plunder & Flee?? Or something else?

Can you be doing this for me???

The job is just to dispatch payments to my clients via postal
service.You can be doing that at your convenience.The salary per week
is $500

You will need the following listed items to carry out the job.

1.Laser/Inkjet Printer
2.Blank check paper
3.MICR INK (Magnetic Ink Character Recognition)

Do you have the above listed items? if not you can easily purchase
them and I will send the money you used to buy it with your first

This will be long time process as time goes on I will increase the
money....The job is just to print checks and send them out to my
clients via postal service.You can do this at any time that is
convenient for you

I am waiting to hear back from you.


Okay, he doesn't care anymore and is getting down to his business. How rude that he expect me to pay for all of these things out of my pocket! (NOTE: I'M NOT CASHBAITING HERE. I am just testing his reaction a little to what a normal person might request or be confused about. After all, I am a normal victim here, as far as he's concerned right now).

ME: Sounds easy enough. I have priced out the items that I do not have, and it will cost me $43.76 with shipping.

(I just pulled out a number from the sky -- I have no idea how much this paper or ink costs)

If you can send me $43.76, I will start immediately after the items ship in 2-3 days, and you can withhold the $43.76 from my first paycheck.

Does this sound like a plan so far?


Which of the item did you have?

Please let me know


ME: Blank check paper and printer.

This is what you need to have purchase

MAGNETIC INK : G7 Productivity Universal Refill System

You can easily buy it at the nearest officemax store in your
area.Please find money to buy it and I will pay you with your first
salary.We really need to get started immediately.

Please send your cell phone number.


ME: I do not have an OfficeMax store near me, nor do I have a vehicle. I do all of my shopping online. Besides, in store it is like $39.99 (I looked it up online), so with taxes and taxi fare, it would be more money for me to purchase in store anyways.

It's odd that you do not want to know any information about me. How will you be paying me?

Is what I am going to be doing illegal? What company do you represent?

(Again, things a normal victim would ask)

I told you to send me your cell phone number so that we can discuss it over phone.

Please send your full address for me to help you search for the nearest officemax store.

I am waiting for your complete address and cell phone number.


Feeling him out -- NOT CASHBAITING:

ME: I really do want to help you. I am just needing the money for the ink. My computer and printer are very expensive and quality-grade. These checks would look extremely clean and perfect. The paper I have has many security codes and holograms as checks from corporations do. I have about 500 pages of checks, and each page prints 4 checks. So about 2,000 checks can be printed from my computer.


I didn't really want any money. Vivio is just a swindler! A swindler with some damn good connections:

You know what? I just found three refills of MICR ink by my computer!!! (I used to work at a check-processing department for governmental employees, including teachers and lawyers, so I have some extra supplies that found their way into my home office after I retired).

Send me the info, and I can print you the checks tonight. Do you want me to overnight the checks or use ground shipping?


And I send him another email seconds later:

Honestly, I really need the money. I have all of the supplies. I don't even care if what I am doing is wrong or not. I just need the money...Please, I've found all of the supplies and I have experience in check printing. It needs to dry flat, to use parchment paper to separate the pages to avoid bleeding, etc etc. I know all of this and can whip these checks up for you neat and clean. You would be so amazed at the quality.


(NOTE: I have no idea how to print checks. I have no idea what the method is. Obviously, they don't, either, or they would be doing it themselves. So you will see lots of me pretending to know what I'm talking about in our exchanges that I HOPE sound authentic.)

To be continued below...soon...
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:20 am Reply with quoteBack to top

let me guess... he will want you to cash them and send him the money minus your salary instead of sending the cheques Laughing

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 3:38 am Reply with quoteBack to top

You're doing fine, just have your phone disconnected as you couldn't pay the bill Wink
Tell him you have printed a few test cheques and your ?Sister? by accident cashed one, no problem! Why would you need him now? Twisted Evil
Contact him as your ?Sister? too with a better proposal and if he drops one the other one still has a handle on him.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 9:03 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I like where this is going!

Good luck!

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I am so bummed out that I am missing a chat log here!!! This would be our next (and maybe most important) communication.

I will try to give you the gist of it.

(I have even tried going through Yahoo chat history, to no avail. Any ideas on how to retrieve this?!)

I was responding to some emails to some other baits, and a chat invite came up from Bob. I accepted.

This was a fun chat because I really let my character shine right away. My character is a paranoid hacker/computer whiz/master check printer.

He messages me something like Hello, how are you? I need your cell phone number. We need to talk.

I explain to him that I cannot talk on the phone because the government has bugged my phone lines, and listening to all of my conversations.

He asks me if I have the equipment to begin working for him.

I remind him that I do.

I tell him that I am very good, and that I do these types of things for a living. I tell him I know he is scamming and I am fine with that. I compliment his English, and tell him it is very convincing (it is only so-so).

He is very excited to hear that. He says that he is honestly from Africa but he pretends to be from the US. I tell him that is a good idea. He says "thank you". (it's safe to insert a smiley face at this point -- he LOVES using emoticons in chat).

I tell him I will work for him. I ask him if he has account numbers yet for the checks. He says he does. He asks me if I can hack him some more account numbers. I tell him I will in the future, but to "start with the deal and then move forward". I tell him I am very smart and cunning. He asks if I will start working tonight. I tell him I will. He's going to get back to me...he thanks me that he has met me, and tells me he has been looking for someone like me for 6 months. I tell him I thank God I met him, too.

(I am still looking for this chat was only around 10 minutes of chat but I graduated from being a victim mule to his best friend).
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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:21 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

And now, he emails me.

I just want to start making money from the this job,no money ready now..but
if you can hack good credit card with complete billing address,I have a website that can ship watches and I can ship it to someone,he will sell it
and send you money.



And another:

Are you still doing or not? Please let me know..come back on yahoo chat


And another:

Talk to me on chat.


I go onto chat about an hour after his message, and he's there, waiting for me.
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Safari in the making I think or at least make him dance for us. This guyman likes you. Maybe you can meet up?

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 8:55 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is our chat:
NOTE: My objective becomes gaining as much info about ITPs as possible, as this guy has a serious scamming plan in program already. Also, I want to be in the loop to become more and more his "equal" and "peer".

My catcher account name is Jenevive on Yahoo, although I am playing a male named Vivio. (Neither are my real names, and he doesn't catch it, anyway).

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Bob:can you be written the check by yourself? or you want me to be written it??

(I have no idea what this means)

Jenevive: Do you have a Chase account number in mind yet?
(Remember -- he was previously hung up on CHASE)

Bob: Yes...I need that

Jenevive : So you don't have that yet?

Jenevive : Were you ready to print tonight?

Jenevive: I don't have any accounts right now

Bob : ok

Bob : If you are ready to print tonight..let do it

Jenevive : I can hack, I can get you full billing address, full name, and valid banking account number

Jenevive : It's risky

Bob : Let start the check printing first

Jenevive: I can't print the checks without the info

Bob : My partner has the account we can use

Jenevive : OKAY. good.

Jenevive : I thought you didn't have the account yet

Bob : Can we do the printing tonight?

Jenevive : Hell yeah we can!

Bob : good

Bob : Let me introduce you to that my partner

Bob : we would be working together

Jenevive : okay

Jenevive : Let me tell you about the checks I can print...

Bob : Ok

Jenevive : I can print (right now) up to 2,000 checks. They have security features such as enclyptic coding, holographics, and a background. These are REAL checks, according to US banks

Jenevive : I just need the account infos, and these will all be printed in high resolution and nearly perfect.

Jenevive: If I leave them blank, you can write them in by hand, but those might look suspicious

Jenevive: So I would prefer to print them

Bob : You will have to laser it

Jenevive: Yes

Jenevive: I have made some that were written by hand before, and those went through the bank

Jenevive : because my checks were otherwise so good and clean

Bob : Good

Jenevive : Email me the account info. How many checks are you ready to print tonight?

Bob : You have the check software to write the check?

Jenevive : Yes

Bob : good

Jenevive : I can hold up to 100 stored recipients

Jenevive : But I prefer not to because I have to input them all by hand
(I have no idea what I'm talking about really...he doesn't either, I'm sure. But it sounds all well and good, right?)

Jenevive : How many checks did you want to print tonight?

Bob : Like 35 - 40 for now

Jenevive : Okay, no problem

Jenevive : I have my supplies all ready and the software is booted up

Bob : I will introduce to my partner now

Jenevive : It takes about 10 minutes per page to print, and an hour to dry

Jenevive : But that's okay, because I have all night
(Again -- I have no idea how long this would take)

Bob: he will also be talking to you

Jenevive : Okay

Jenevive : Is he up to speed on everything we've said?

Jenevive : Or do I need to repeat everything?

Bob : No

Jenevive : No, he is unaware of what we're been talking about?
Jenevive : Or no, he knows about me?

Bob : I have been pasted our discussion to hom

Bob : to understand

Jenevive : okay, excellent

Bob : this is his yahoo chat ID [email protected]

Bob : be talking to him too

Bob : are you talling to him now?

Jenevive : No. Tell him to join chat with me.

Bob : ok

Jenevive : [email protected]
(I did not know how to begin a chat with someone ... some hacker I am! Wink )

Bob: ok

Bob: he lost connection

Bob: he has added you

Bob : talk to him

Bob : So we are starting from Tomorrow ??

Bob: ??

Bob: are you there??

Bob: <ding>

Bob : are you there?? talk to me

Jenevive : I am here
(I think I was chatting with his partner)

Bob : I want to tell you if you know how to write (PAY TO ACCOUNT CHECKS)

Bob : ???

Jenevive: What do you mean, pay to account?

Bob: Like this information

Jenevive : Like, pay to an account like PayPal?

Bob : Account Name: *****' ***** & ******
Bank Name: *********
Bank Address: ********* St
******, Texas ******
ACCOUNT #:**********

(These stars are not an exact number, but you get the point. I looked up this business -- seems to be a real ITP)

Jenevive: Like, this check pays to a recipient?

Bob : when you wanted to write the will write (Pay to )**********)

Jenevive : A check from *****'* **** & ***** pays to Joe Shmoe?

Bob : No...*****'* ***** & ****** is the recipient

Jenevive : Yes

Jenevive : No problem

Jenevive : What company sends it?

Bob : but the check would be send directly to the bank and they will deposited it

Bob : The company is the recipient

Jenevive : Yes. No problem

Bob : and you will do the Fedex label with bank address

Jenevive : A check ***'* writes to themselves to cash at a bank, no problem

Bob : No...I am just giving you this as an example

Jenevive : Okay.

Bob : this is not the account we going to use

Jenevive : Okay.

Bob : Bank Name: I******
Bank Address: ******** ST
*****, Texas *****

Bob: this will be on the Fedex envelop

Jenevive: okay

Bob : bank name and address

Jenevive : I am writing this down so I can print these labels

Jenevive : Well, not print

Jenevive : Write onto the labels

Bob : Yes

Bob : the bank name and address

Jenevive : I ship FedEx regularly so I have a stack of 20 right now on me
(I don't...)

Bob : in the the area where they write PAY TO THE ORDER: ACCOUNT #:********

Jenevive : okay

Bob : You will just put the ACCOUNT #:********

Jenevive: is this just an example, or would you like me to use that account?

Bob : That is where you will write the account number

Bob : I want to send the check to this company

Bob : But,I do not want to send the check directly to the company address..the check would be delivered to their bank directly and the bank will deposited it into the account ...and next day they will credited it ..and I will call the company that I have wired money into their account

Bob: that is what they called PAY TO ACCOUNT

Bob : Ok?

Jenevive ): okay

Jenevive : Understood.

Bob : we are starting tomorrow ...right?

Jenevive: One check only tonight? What is the amount to be sent?

Bob : you are not using this information as the account to withdraw money from

Bob : this account is check recipient

Bob My partner will send you the bank account that money will be withdraw from tomorrow

Jenevive : Understood.

Bob : so when he give you the will use it to setup account with the check software

Bob : and you will just be write account number for corporate recipients and Name for an individual recipients

Jenevive : okay, easy.

Bob : and you will write the amount out on each listed info

Jenevive : So these checks will all be written from same account?

Bob : One or two

Bob: it depends

Bob : if we have many list you can use 2 accounts and if it is 1 you will use 1 account

Jenevive : Okay.

Bob : Hope,You understand it now?

Jenevive : Yes

Bob : The corporate recipient check would be sent directly to the bank address

Jenevive : Understand very well

Bob : and the individual would be sent to home address

Jenevive : Yes. They will just open it and deposit it themselves.

Bob : Yes

Bob : You are a Mr Perfect

Jenevive : Yes, I am quite good at these things

Bob OkGood of you

Jenevive : Will all of the checks be written payable to account?

Bob : No..some will be send to home address

Jenevive : ah, okay

Jenevive no problem

Jenevive : But this one, tonight

Bob : you will write an individual name on those

Jenevive : Understood.

Bob : You do not need to write anyone tonight

Jenevive : I will wait until morning

Bob : There is no account to use to setup on check software

Jenevive : I am just practicing my ink, making sure it is good quality and not dried up, and it's good and lovely

Bob : My parftner will send all the infomation to you tomorrow

Jenevive : Sounds like a plan

Bob : I want to compile all my work and send to my that he can send everything together to you

Jenevive (: Yes, very good.

Jenevive : Please be sure to send to: ****@GMAIL.COM

Jenevive: It is a new account I created just for us

Jenevive : for communication

Bob : Good

Jenevive : although we can chat here if you'd like

Bob : We would be chatting on Yahoo chat

Bob : What time would you be online tomorrow?

Jenevive : Yes, that is "here" I am referring to

Jenevive : Tomorrow is actually a busy day for me

Bob : time here now is 1:50 am Wednesday

Jenevive : But when I recieve your email, I will come to chat

Jenevive : at least, I will email you right back a time that I can chat

Bob : Do you have a work?

Jenevive Sort of.

Jenevive : It is an appointment I have

Bob : I mean do you go to work?

Jenevive : I may be able to get out of it

Jenevive : Yes, but I can use computer at work

Bob: ok

Bob: do you have an email alert?

Jenevive : yes

Bob : ok

Jenevive : I will be alerted

Bob : ok

Jenevive : If I cannot chat, I will email you back telling you in how many minutes I can chat

Jenevive : so we can meet up

Bob : Where would you be doing the check written and printing?

Bob : ok
Jenevive : at home, of course

Jenevive : in my kitchen

Bob : ok

Bob : It late here now

Jenevive : It is.

Bob : I want to go to Bed

Jenevive : Go to bed, I will talk to you tomorrow

Jenevive : This is going to be fun!

Bob : ok..Thank you for accepting my offer

Jenevive Thank you for choosing me. You will make a lot of money.

Bob : and you will enjoy working with us

Bob : Hope we would do this for a long time?

Jenevive I don't see why not

Bob : Good

Bob : bye for now till tomorrow

Jenevive : Okay

Jenevive Bye-bye

Bob : (high five emoticon)

Bob : (wave emoticon)

Bob : (grin emoticon) (kiss emoticon)

Jenevive : (smile emoticon)
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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2010 10:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Here is the chat I was having with his partner, simultaneously :

(They kept leaving and re-entering the chat....probably trying to clear their screens at an internet cafe? I copied and pasted the full chats and saved them. It's been my only way to save the chat logs, as I am having trouble retrieving them later..)

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Jenevive: Hello.

Jenevive: Are we ready to proceed?

Jenevieve: 35-40 checks will take about 5 hours to complete. We need to start immediately so I can ship the checks while I still have the FedEx account #

Jenevive: So they can be delivered by 2pm
(That is what “Bob” wanted in our first chat together)

Collin: is that how fast u are?
(Probably referring to my 5 rapid fire messages)

Collin: thats encouraging

Collin: i like the spirit

Collin: My name is collins

Collin: i don add am

Jenevive: Yes, very fast. Neat and clean.

Collin: ok

Collin: what do i call u

Jenevive: You can call me Vivio

Collin: Vivio

Jenevive: Yes.

Collin: ur in the united states?

Jenevive: Yes.

Jenevive: California.

Jenevive: You?

Collin: cool

Collin: ok

Collin: Africa

Jenevive: Send me the account info: Recepient first and last name, sender/company info, banking info

Collin: i need to compile the list

Jenevive: okay.
Jenevive: You do that, and send to *********

Jenevive: It is an account I just created

Jenevive: So I will only recieve mail from you

Collin: ok gud

Collin: what time do you want us to meet here tomorrow

Collin: so i can tell you how i want the checks to be written

Jenevieve: Let's see...

Jenevive: my schedule is a little erratic tomorrow.

Jenevive: Can you email me? I receieve my email on my phone

Jenevive: I don't talk on my phone, though, as your partner may have informed you already

Jenevive: Describe to me exactly how you'd like the checks written. I can print one and email you a picture of it

Jenevive: If you like, we will proceed

Collin Sabbe: ok gud

Collin: i will send u the list

Collin: first thing in the morning

Collin: with instructions

Jenevive: Are you a family man? Do you have kids?

Jenevieve: I'm just curious.

Collin: why do u ask?

Jenevive: I have 4 boys

Jenevive: Oh, just chitchat, I guess

Collin: wao

Collin: have 1 kid

Jenevive: They are all grown up, now

Collin: that good to know

Collin: will email u in the morning

Collin: got to go now

Collin: talk to you later

Jenevive: Have a good day

Collin: my partner says you should talk to him

Collin: if i scan a copy of bank draft to you can u print that as well?

Jenevieve :Yes

Jenevive: But I am not at my printer. Email me at ********@GMAIL.COM and I will print it soon

Collin: sometimes we will not use company checks

Collin: we might be using bank drafts

Jenevive: Okay. Not a problem

Collin: or cashiers check

Collin: do u have a phone number?

Collin: so that when i come online first......

Collin: i can call u

Jenevieve: I don't like using my phone because I fear that the government has bugged it, so they listen in on conversations. My computer is protected, though

Jenevive: Email me, and I get your email on my phone

Jenevieve: And then I will come onto chat

Collin: ok

Collin: i understand

Jenevive: Email at ********@GMAIL.COM. It is an email I just set up for us, so when I receive an email there, I will know it is you

Collin: ok

Jenevive: If you mail me at my other email, I get so many a day that it might get lost

Collin: ok
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 2:16 am Reply with quoteBack to top

very interesting... try and get that website he mentioned, let's see if we can't get it shut down Twisted Evil

Site Killing forum.
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 10:25 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I totally see a safari, or other great things here Smile

I forgot about the website!! I'll have to find out Smile
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PostPosted: Sat Nov 13, 2010 11:04 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I was waiting for my BIG JUICY email ALL day, which was a list of all of the "corporate" accounts that the lads were going to target, and their respective banking account info, etc.

I sent them a few quick emails bugging them. Things like: "I am waiting to hear from you" and "When are you sending me the email?"

He sent me a blank message.

Then I sent:
Honestly, someone else has offered to pay me to do similar work. I'm
holding off to hear back from you and your partner. If I don't hear from you soon, I am going to print checks for someone else to make crazy money and get rich.



He would get back to you soon.Please wait



I called my partner now,He was on his way home.He went to get the
valid account we want to use to setup on the check software.Hope you
can understand that?

Please allow 2 hour for him to get back..I am very sorry for the delay.

I really appreciate your effort .


Almost 24 hours after my email was to arrive, I enter chat and talk with Bob.

NOTE: I discovered that I cannot retrieve the chat logs for any exchanges that did not take place in the actual yahoo chat messenger. (sometimes it popped up in my email). I will try to hit the key points in these chats and avoid chatting this way from now on).

This chat session was not in the yahoo chat program, but in a tab next to my inbox (if that makes sense?), so it was not logged.

I yell at Bob and accuse him of wasting my time. I accuse him of not knowing what he was doing, and not having any of the account info yet. He assures me he is very serious about this job, and that his partner should have emailed me. He tells me he is going to be right back while he calls him partner.

He goes silent for awhile.

He comes back to say that his partner has been in a terrible car crash and the police are there. He said, "You know how the police here behave. He may be a very long time there".

*gasp* I begin to wonder -- is this a BADger???

I yell at him some more and tell him not to bother emailing me until he's serious. I log out of my email.

He sends me an email with a subject line:

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I log in to Yahoo Chat to talk to him about an hour later.

Here is our chat:

Bob: I am very sorry for what happened

Bob: Can you start written the FedEx label now?

Jenevive: Don't be sorry about the accident. Be sorry that you have delayed me so long

Jenevive: I was ready to print last night

Jenevive: almost 24 hours ago now

Bob: That was what I am sorry for..been delayed you

Jenevive: If your friend called you from the scene of the accident, he has a cell phone. You are lying to me

Jenevive: It upsets me

Jenevive: I thought we were going to be good partners

Bob: He had,yes

Jenevive: You could use his phone for the sms, then

Bob: I did not said, he didn't had

Jenevive: I was already trying to price you one

Jenevive: (frown face emoticon)

Bob: Ok

Bob: Do you know where we live?

Jenevive: How did he call you? Surely, you have one, too

Jenevive: Africa

Bob: Good,craiglist don't accept phone from Africa

Jenevive: If i sent you the sim card, it would know that it was in Africa

Jenevive: and you couldn't use it

Jenevive: you'd have to have a western friend use it for you

Bob: Yes,that is what I want

Bob: Can't you used it for me?

Bob: Just to receive code only

Bob: and you switch if off after that

Jenevive: You guys are pulling my chain. You were never going to email me..

Bob: I am doing that now

Jenevive: I can't believe I installed all this ink

Bob: for the label

Jenevive: I fear it will dry up

Jenevive: because it's been exposed to oxygen and poisonous gases in the air!

Bob: You can not do the printing of the check tonight

Jenevive: It will look bad if we don't continue soon

Jenevive: why not?

Bob: You can only do the FedEx label

Jenevive: I thought that was the plan?

Jenevive: to do the check printing?

Bob: He has not started coming from the accident scene..I know how our Police behave here

Bob: I just want to send addresses for you to be able to do the FedEx label

Bob: ok?

Jenevive: I'm started to get discouraged

Bob: and you can continue in your own time morning with check printing

Jenevive: You are confusing me. I do not know what you want of me

Bob: Please don' was unfortunate that ..this occured tonight

Jenevive: it was the morning, when I recieved no word from you

Jenevive: no email

Jenevive: no info

Jenevive: nothing

Bob: I mean tomorrow morning,you will get started

Jenevive: If we don't get started soon, the deal is off

Bob: He went to get a good bank account to be used,because the previous one he had ..has been too long with him..He want to get fresh account

Jenevive: listen, I am a very smart man

Bob: I know

Jenevive: Do you guys have an account now, or not?

Jenevive: Do you need more time to get an account?

Bob: He has got account,but he will stay longer in the accident I want us to get started started tomorror morning your time

Bob: The account is in his car

Jenevieve: Since you are calling back and forth, have him tell you the account numbers

Jenevive: So i can start printing

Bob: He need to be here with all the information and his own recipients details

Jenevive: I am very anxious about this deal

Jenevive: Okay, okay

Bob: I have my own recipient details here

Jenevive: okay

Jenevive: I will wait for the rest tomorrow

Jenevive: email me at ********

Bob: Do you have what you will use to write the FedEx label?

Jenevive: Yes, 20

Jenevive: 20 sheets

Jenevieve : That is all I have right now FedEx

Bob: with valid FedEx account number?

Bob: to charged?

Jenevive: I HAD one, but i had to get another one today

Jenevive: luckily

Jenevive (5:41 PM): I'll probably have to get another one by tomorrow, though. They shapeshift around

Bob: Ok

Jenevive: I don't like to hold on to the accounts more than 24 hour

Bob: Good

Bob: You are an expert

Jenevive: that's another reason I am wanting to hurry

Jenevive: once I have the info and accounts I need, I want to use them and drop them

Jenevive: Please tell your partner that I am very sorry for his accident

Jenevive: and I hope to see an email from him by tomorrow

Bob: Good

Bob: Thank you for your effort and patients

Jenevive: Your welcome

Jenevive: I want us to be good friends. I can be your secret American brother

Bob: I have sent the addresses for the Fedex

Bob: Good

Jenevive: very good

Bob: That is what I have been looking for a long time now

Bob: I sent 12 bank names and addresses

Jenevive: Yes, just recieved.

Bob: that is where the check is going

Jenevive: Understood.

Jenevive: 12 different checks, yes?

Jenevive: One per envelope?

Bob: Yes

Jenevive: Very good

Jenevive: I will hear from you in the morning

Jenevive: Take care.

Jenevive: I will make these labels tonight

Bob: Wait

Jenevive: ok

Bob: you will receive information like this from the email

Bob: Account Name: ***’* ***** & *********
Bank Name: ******** **** *******
Bank Address: *** ***** ******** ST
*******, Texas *****
ACCOUNT #:**********

Bob: so let me explain to you

Jenevive: okay

Bob: I mean tomorrow email

Jenevive: Pay to: account #:**********

Jenevive: I have done these before

(Why does he keep reiterating?)

Bob: that is what you will write on the check

Jenevive: The bank will cash them, they will go into account

Jenevive: Yes

Bob: Yes

Bob: and the amount

Bob: $82,000.00

Jenevive: If you like, I can send you all checks and you can send them to banks, if you want to see my work

Jenevive: I have been check-printing for 145 years

Bob: no

Jenevive: They are very good

Bob: I know that you knew about it

Jenevive: Better than they need to be. You would be surprised at how the bank will accept almost anything. ANYTHING.

Bob: Good

Bob: Are you still going to put letter on each envelope?

Jenevive: I am just curious, my brother. And i am not trying to judge you. It's all about money, and these people have lots and lots of money, they can share with the rest of us brothers...I have done things like this for a very long time and have made a lot of money..

Jenevive: But I am just curious,

Jenevive: If you deposit the money into their own account, how do you benefit?
Jenevive: Or is it go into your account?

Jenevive: pretend like it their account?

(NOW, the honesty comes...)

Bob: I contacted them ..that I wanted to buy truck from them

Jenevive: And yes, I will put the note in each envelope, different notes

Jenevive: WIth their own account numbers

Jenevive: Ahhh...good thinking, brother! Tell them that they have already been paid for truck?

Jenevive: You are very smart, too!

Bob: I wanted to buy 2 trucks and I will cancelled 1 to collect the money

Jenevive: Is it enough to have them ship to you?

Bob: I will collect 1 out of 2 money

Jenevive: Or do you have someone picking it up?

Bob: I will not ship anything

Jenevive: no no

Jenevive: how do you collect truck?

Bob: I will just collect the money of 1 truck and give them the 1 truck money

Bob: I don't need the truck,I just want money

Bob: like if I paid $100,000,,I will collect $50,000

Jenevive: but what about the other $50,000?

Jenevive: I don't want them to find you

Jenevive: the bank

Jenevive: I want to protect you

Bob: I will leave the remaining $50,000 with them

Bob: that is all

Bob: That is why I want half

Jenevieve : good thinking

Bob: they can easily give half out

Jenevive: yes, they can

Jenevive: you're about to get very rich!

Jenevive: the people who work at the bank are very stupid

Jenevive: mostly young women. Young women are the stupidest creatures on Earth.

Bob: I told them I wanted to buy 2 truck and when the check delivered,I will tell them that something has happen ..that I want to cancell one order

Jenevive: I have an idea.

Jenevive: I am an American man. Do you want me to call to tell them something has happened? And to cancel one order?

Jenevive: My voice is like their accent. they would not question me

Bob: so they must give me back the money for 1 truck..and I will told them that I will come for the pick up of the second truck..But I will never go

Jenevive: Are you going to call to cancel the second truck?

Jenevive: Or do you want me to? I can tell them to put it back into my account (which is your account)

Bob: If you know someone that work in a bank..that can opened many bank account

Bob: we can be putting check inside

Bob: and when money is out..the account woulld be closed

Bob: what do you think?

Jenevive: Maybe...

(I have no clue what he is saying!)

Jenevive: What I meant was, are you calling bank to cancel, or the truck company?

Jenevive: which one to call?

Bob: The truck company

Jenevive: Yes.

Jenevive: I'm saying, I could call them because my English is perfect, and they would trust me

Bob: they are the one that would instruct their bank to send out money

Jenevive: But if you feel comfortable, you can do it

Jenevive: Yes

Bob: I will tell you when need to do that

Jenevive: okay

Jenevive: I think it's safest if we delete all our emails from each other now...just in case

Jenevive: and we communicate through new email

Bob: why?

Jenevive: ******** I will keep this for a week and then maybe change again

Bob: So that they can not trace us

Jenevive: because sometimes police look at computers

Jenevive: yes

Bob: good

Jenevive: in case anything goes wrong

Bob: Ok

Jenevive: it won't

Jenevive: nothing will go wrong because we are smart and safe
Bob: Good

Bob: We do not deal directly with them

Jenevive: delete emails from me and direct all emails to ******

Bob: just to send check to them..that is all

Jenevive: yes, of course

Bob: ok

Bob: I will do that

Jenevive: okay

Bob: Should I need to open new email?

Jenevive: no

Jenevive: not you

Bob: Ok

Jenevive: but be sure, all emails from m

Jenevive: me

Jenevive: and your partner, too

Jenevive: can you access his email account?

Bob: no

Jenevive: okay

Bob: I will delete now

Jenevive: tell him that everything is fine and not to worry, but to delete all emails and start emailing *******

Bob: ok

Jenevive: and then, click "empty" next to trash can

Jenevive: that way we are a fresh start

Bob: Good

Jenevive: you are fine, it's me I have to worry about, and no one wants anything to happen to me

Jenevive: because I want to help you make lots of money

Bob: Yes..nothing will happen to you

Jenevive: only if we are clean

Jenevive: I have to go -- I will hear an email from you tomorrow?

Bob: Good

Jenevive: And please tell your partner I am very sorry for his troubles

Bob: I love you like my blood brother

Jenevive: And do remind him to delete my messages and click the "empty" next to trash

Bob: I will surely tell him

Jenevive: yes, you too!

Jenevive: talk to you tomorrow.

Bob: Bye..till tomorrow morning your time
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You're doing well. I'm assuming your plan is to get him to trust you enough to call the bank for him, and then inform them of his real intentions?
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Yes, right now I want them to continue trusting me as much as possible, although they are suspecting I am FBI or "secret agent" right now..(will post updates soon..)
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Yes you are doing great, but flying by the seat of your pants when you do not know what you are blethering on about is part of the fun !... Laughing

Jenevive: I have been check-printing for 145 years

Well I bet you are an expert by now..... Wink

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