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 Happy Halloween

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Just sitting around waiting for the onslaught of googlies and ghosties begging for treats.

I wondered what Halloween is like in other counties.

Found This:

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In Sweden, Halloween is known as "Alla Helgons Dag" and is celebrated from October 31 until November 6. As with many other holidays, "Alla Helgons Dag" has an eve which is either celebrated or becomes a shortened working day. The Friday prior to All Saint's Day is a short day for universities while school-age children are given a day of vacation.


Alla Helgons Dag (all saints day) is celebrated on a Saturday between 31/10 - 6/11. Not all of them as implied in the text above. It'd a religious holiday for the dead.
Since the 90-ties the Halloween has been popularized to some extent by the commerce. The usual way of celebrating Halloween is to have a costume party and get hammered.
But since the similarity between the two days (halloween and alla helgons dag) it's confusing for many which day to celebrate. Most have their costume party on the Saturday the closest to the 31:th which this year was the 30:th.

Some however have theirs on alla helgons dag (this year on the 6:th) which is always a Saturday and therefore the best day to party. Thats the way I'm doing it this year. I'm going as a sexy(?) vampire this year. So what i am gonna do is basically fang up and get some blood and then going around pining for Sookie.

There are a few trick or treaters on the holidays (both of them) but they are very few. There is also less murdering in Sweden then it is in the US Very Happy

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