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 A possible dead end-anyone want to lend a helping hand?

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Not quite a Newb

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:28 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Evening all,
This guy has been on my case for a few weeks now. He claims to live in London but his IP is in Nigeria, so I've tried to push a London meet. He was adamant to get my ID first, so I sent it in several formats all of which he couldn't open (shame). But the past two days, he has said "you're not genuine" then when I didn't reply for 2 days he wrote me again saying "You'll have to meet my attorney due to my ongoing disability or something". I thin this is where he'll say his attorney is in Africa-cue a fee. He thinks I'm leaving for Togo today on business, so I'm awaiting a proposed meet. He sent me his "ID" a real UK driving licence belonging to someone that isn't him-yet has real info on it (please not the address on the driving licence is different from the address on the emails)...and once Bolle tells me how to make it work on here I'll post that too! I'll just post the emails and let you decide.

Mr. Fred P***ival *****son
40-42 Ha**** Garden
London EC1N ***.

Dear friend,

My is name is Fred Percival Johnson,I wish to invest in your company/country under your supervision, my father's deposited (GBP55,950,000.00) with a financial security company here in London bequeathed to me as an inheritance. I' shall update you with all the
legal documents if you are interested or know someone who can handle it and 20% of the funds will be giving to you as a compensation upon
successful transfer of the funds to your account and 5% equity share in the proposed investment company.

Acknowledge receipt of this message,making your observations with your Complete and Valid Information to enable me dispatch the legal papers to you and Feel free to call me on my direct phone number as shown below for further briefing and clarification.

Your sincerely,

Henry Shi**an to fredpmat**ey
7 Oct
How would we go about getting this money?

Dear Henry Shipman,

Thanks for your response and comments, be rest assured that this fund is legal in all ramification and my attorney has commenced the documentation in your names as the legal receiver of the investment funds and i will send them to you for your understanding immediately i receive the certified copies. Send me a copy of your ID and in return e-mail i will update you with mine too.

The Finance Trust company wherte the fund is deposited has an affiliate offices in Thailand, Spain, Dubai and here in London and according to my attorney, you will be required to visit any of the listed affiliate offices with the documents that i will send to you and my attorney will join you there to assist you complete the release of the funds.

Obviously, the finance offices will assist us to deliver the funds to your country via their diplomatic unit once you come and complete the release proceess if you do not want bank - bank wire transfer . This is multi million funds transfer we are talking about and collectively we have to take care of the expenses which will be re-inbursed once we claim the funds and before we start off the investment after taking your percentages/commission as agreed. So, inform me on which of the country/offices that you will like to visit so that my attorney will apply immediately to enable them direct you accordingly.

Yours friend,

Mr. Fred.


Hello Fred,
I'm sorry I didn't receive any ID. Perhaps the file was incorrect? The office that would work best for me is the London one, as I live just 40 minutes away. So I understand from your emails, that you too are in London. Would you like to meet up this weekend and we can discuss this over a drink?

Dear Henry,

I would love to meet with you over this weekend and before that, send me your complete contact information as requested for the attorney to complete the paperwork. Her attached again is a copy of my ID.

Mr. Fred.

Hi Fred,
Sorry for the delay I have not been too well. I have attached my passport for you as requested. Please see below for the rest of the information;
Name: Henry Richard Shipman
DOB: 31-10-56
Address: 3 Lagery Avenue, Cotswold, Surrey
Phone number: Is out of order as I've just moved in- it hasn't been connected yet.

Hope to hear from you soon, any chance we can meet up this week? I'll be in London from Monday until Thursday-this will be easier face to face.

That WAS a JPEG, however I have now sent it in another format. My phone is not connected because I have just moved into this property and I awaiting for them to connect it.
I can meet you any day before Friday, then I am going away on business to Togo in 4 days (lucky me!!). So if you can't meet me before Friday it will have to be in another weeks time. Sorry for the inconvenience, you know how it is, if you want something doing properly you have to do it yourself!
Hope to hear from you soon!

nson. to me
show details 17 Oct (4 days ago)


Apologies-due to my age I am not very good with computers, I asked my son to change it so you can see it.

Thanks,i know you are not genuie.

Hereunder is what you sent me;


˜ [1]C äÙÏiCCPICC ProfilexÕXeXVM·žý$õÐÝÝÝÝ Ý)"<twH+*)ˆ€„„„´b[1]*R
(R" [1]Š
gãû~ï÷]ç:çßùsöuÍž{¯Y³öì½ff ¹ ßÂù!Èð
±8¥Éng š;

[email protected]†w

Ò033[1]ÿëõk @' ¯ENlý¯jÿs
…›{¨+ Üìâêêãf¸¸ …„€<é5t‚GaL[1]Æ O°ç_x÷
»üÁ(’?:VZ Ø ÁãC< †åì ®ž° ø[0”nÞP:ÃXÕÕ
ï }¬#ìï x‚‡`Ìïò v<ÿ
ãñ.ÿØÄã=ÿÁ }
Ü ~±¶wh >êÏÃÿåÍß/ þ_ ."øN íee
פpIq°¶„kJ¸ä…™YÁ5-\j}ð 'ÿ÷D§3ÀÏ
þþ?ò! ]‹¿ñ’›»¶


Dear Henry Richard Shipman,

When are you coming to London to complete the investment fund release? I will appreciate to read your PROFILE and have your expertise advice on the areas you intend us to invest in your country. I shall update you with the copies of an affidavit sworn in your favor as the executor and investment manager aswell as the court approval papers once i know when you are going to their office to consummate this transaction.

Due to my temporary disability,I shall hand over all the legal instrument to you and my attorney shall guide you with the claim of the fund from the holding Security Finance Company and remember,that we are talking about huge amount of legitimate funds here and we need our collective responsibilities for the release of the deposited fund to kick start the investment in your country immediately for our mutual benefit.

Respond as requested and feel free to make any observation for the best interest and success of this transaction.

My regards to your family,

Mr. Fred.

I don't understand what you meant by "you are not genuine", merely because you couldn't open my passport document, I did as you asked and sent it in several forms. I am going to Togo today on business and I will be back on Tuesday. I can meet you in London on Tuesday, please tell me where and when.

So do you think he's "onto me" or just testing the waters? I am currently in the process of getting the ID up incase any of you have had it before.
Thanks Smile
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Not quite a Newb

Joined: 21 Sep 2010
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PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 5:49 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Blame your beta version of Windows 8 for the bad JPG, it's reported and they will look in to it. (if he ever comes back to it, Windows won't fix it now, but the final version it will be fixed)

Tell him that you don't have time to answer right away and lengthen the time between the emails, gives you time to read here and make your plan.

The rest is nice, read eater Uni at the bottom of the main forum page for safari and baiting help.

Have FUN, bait SAFE

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:34 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

They are usually just testing you, but say yes! You'll meet him. If he has associates there, maybe you can get him on a webcam safari. Smile

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 6:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

PM sent

You could tell the lad that got a mail from the police, telling that your ID-scan have been detected and obscured because any copying of official ID's is illegal.

But you could offer a photo instead - I use photos of local actors or comedians - Usually a bit goofy looking ones, so they can't use them for other victims.

Just little note - Some people here discourage this praxis, but I lift photos off the internet, a lad could have done the same.

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PostPosted: Thu Oct 21, 2010 9:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Maybe he responds well if you tell him he hurt your feelings.

Why does he doubt you and why does he feel the need to test you, while from the start you gave him nothing but trust. You have come so far and have invested way too much time and effort to just quit and walk away now, but if he really truly wants to look for someone else to work with, then so be it. Otherwise, some help on how to convert the file would be more useful than his complaining about not being able to view it. Why can't he convert the file for you?

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