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 Will a scammer ruin a little boy's birthday? Of course!!

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Ima Baeder
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:01 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

This is early in a puppy scam bait I have just started. Woody999 has been killing off tons of this lads' sites.

I wrote:

I'm writing in response to an ad for teacup puppies. I'd like to get one for my son's birthday in a couple of weeks. Is there enough time to do that?
Please let me know more information on what you have, prices, etc.


lying puppy scammer wrote:
thanks for the mail and the interest you have on our puppies they are still available
we have attach some pictures of the available once
you will just have to make your choice and let us to know the one you will be needing
each of them cost $200
just let us to know the name of the one you will choice.
thanks and waiting

I was just straight baiting him to get his shipper site url but decided to add a twist:


Oh my gosh, xxxxis absolutely adorable! Is it a male or female? I would like to have that one, if possible. $200 is a great price, I'm happy with that.

Also, will we be able to get him/her in time for my son's birthday? It is November 2. I want to plan a whole party around the surprise if I can. It's a big deal for all of us, he survived cancer this year and we never thought we'd have him around for his 6th birthday.

Please let me know because if we won't have the puppy in time I don't want to set up everything and crush his heart if it falls through.

The scammer doesn't respond to any of that, and gives me his script about the puppy I chose and all the trimmings she comes with. Quite a bargain for $200! Rolling Eyes

scammer's script wrote:
xxxx is very healthy, vaccinated with current shots, dewormed, potty and p-pad trained. xxxx has been vet checked and all health papers available: The puppy’s parents have no genetic disease. xxxxx comes along with a 2 year guarantee against Hereditary and Congenital diseases, Micro-chipped, Pet Carrier, Royal Canin Gift pack, 4kg puppy food (9 months to 1 year), Nutri-Cal, Stainless steel food and water bowls, Pet bed and blankets, 4 months Intercepter for at home (dewormer), Personal Book and Birth Certificate, Multi-Advantage treatment, Harness & leash, Chew Toys, Water treatment (breath and teeth), Sweaters, Shampoo gift set, Breath, Spray, Eye cleaner, Nail Clipper and Comb.
Gift Bag: Bows, elastics, Treats, Toys, scarves, decorative collar and little extras!,
She would weigh 3.6lbs fully grown xxxxx is 11weeks old at the moment.
She costs $200 including the Items name and the shipping costs $100 and that will make a total of $300 for you to purchase and transport her over to your home.
The puppy will be flown by plane to your nearest airport and later van delivered to your home address.
This is how the procedure goes.
1- you give us your address in this order:
Your full names,:
Your address,:::
City, Zip code::;
House number:
Mobile numbers::
2- we register the puppy for delivery with the company in charge for the shipping and delivery* which is possible even Today or Tomorrow morning,
so you can get the puppy in the evening.
3-the company then contacts you via phone and/or e-mail with more information,
As for the payment,you are going to pay the money directly to the shipping company that will be in charge for the delivery of the puppy and you will be paying the money when i must have get the puppy registered for the delivery over to your home.
She is going to come with everything that the description says
so all i am going to need now for the delivery registration,is your full home address.
thanks and waiting

When he says "thanks and waiting", he really is. He responds pretty immediately after you write to him.

I sent a boring response with the info he wants. I'm not trying to stall him, I'm trying to find out his new shipping website so we can kill it.

Oh, I am so happy that xxxxx is still available!!

I am definitely interested in getting her for my son, Oliver.

Here is my information as requested:

Your full names,: xxxxxxxxxxxx
Your address,::: xxxxxxxxxxx
City, Zip code::; xxxxxxxxx
House number: xxx (just down from the church)
Mobile numbers:: None

Please let me know when she's registered with the shipping place. Is the shipping place safe? I'm a little bit worried about that. I don't want anything to happen to her. How do they ship puppies?

Looking forwarding to hearing news soon.

Since I don't have a mobile number, he now wants my landline. And look how fast this puppy will be arriving!

impatient scammer wrote:
thanks for the delivery information the shipping company will then need your Landline number.
when did you want the delivery to be done?
today or tomorrow in the morning.

thanks and waiting

Sorry, no landline for me. Plus, back to making sure he knows he's going to be ruining my son's birthday:

I wrote:

I'm sorry, I don't have a registered phone number because I was stalked by my ex boyfriend who tried to kill me years ago. We use VOIP type services if we have to call someone but don't have a phone number to give out for receiving calls.
If you give me your phone number, I can call you or we can proceed through email.

Also, regarding delivery time/date, we would like xxxxx to arrive on Saturday afternoon. As I told you in my previous email, this is a surprise for my son's birthday. He survived cancer this year so it's a very special birthday. We're planning a huge party with family and friends, all centered around the arrival of the puppy. So, having her here before Saturday would be tricky.



evil, rotten scammer wrote:
that is no problem
i am going to take the puppy tomorrow in the morning to the shipping company for the
shipping and delivery registration and when i am done the delivery company is going to contact you with information about the delivery
so you will have to be close to your PC

More illustration for him of how he'll be ruining a huge day for my poor little boy:

Hi, thanks.

The puppy will be at the delivery company for a few days? Will they be able to care for her properly? I'm a little worried about that. Is this something they are used to doing?

Also, can you guarantee that the puppy will arrive Saturday afternoon? I'm hiring a caterer for the party and inviting everyone in a rush so I can't have anything go wrong. Not to mention, Oliver would be absolutely crushed if the puppy doesn't come on that day after we have a whole party to make a big deal about it. I just want to make sure, ok? It's been such a rough and emotional year for him and for all of us.

I look forward to hearing from the shipper tomorrow. I'll be near the PC as long as I'm not in meetings.

I'm sure when I hear back it will be just fine. I'm not surprised at all by his willingness to do this but as usual, I'm appalled.

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Juan Freizwidatt
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 19, 2010 11:53 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

There are no depths to which these piles of slime will not sink in pursuit of stolen money. Mad Mad



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PostPosted: Wed Oct 20, 2010 12:37 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Good job Ima,
Very similar to the one i'm still running. They are scum with no concerns.
Go get him!

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I dont have anergy for all this shit anymore, i have been doing this for the past 9years of my life wiithout any problems about any of my accounts so i really do not know how to handle this situation anymore. - Lauar - 2 Piggies!(first complete bait).
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