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 First CB-I hope I did this right---Can you sell my gold

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 15, 2010 9:52 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Well, this one started out as a normal date scam, well almost normal lol, but at the end had a little twist to it.

Anyways, it started like this, pics first, header next:

From Rita Kwakye Sat Oct 2 06:01:48 2010
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Date: Fri, 1 Oct 2010 23:01:48 -0700 (PDT)
From: Rita Kwakye <[email protected]>

Hello Rita, how are you doing?

Well, I got your email, then checked out your profile, I liked it, it sounds like we have some things in common, but I must admit that I was a little surprised to find out that you are 6'5, not that this is bad or anything, it's just that I'm only 5'9. You did know that right? Won't that be a problem for you? I mean, it's not for me, because I wouldn't be dating your height, I'd be dating you, but still I would like to know...

Also, you don't mind our age difference either. I mean it doesn't bug me at all, but are you sure it won't bother you?

Anyways, it's nice to meet you Rite, and now I wait for your reply ok.

Until then however, have a great night ok.


Hello dear---xxxxx

I am doing very great here and how about you too? i got your mail and have gone through it extensively,considering the fact all you said is real as long as the individuals involved in a relationship knows there aim and objective, as i believe that neither height,age,race,religion,culture or distance that does not matter to stand as a barrier in any reationship.


I am an enthusiastic person with strong character and great sense of humor,well appreciating and homeliness.I like to work and to rest. Life is tiresome without activity. I like meeting up my endeavors and discovering new invention with good frantic story. I like to listen to music particularly,gospel,hip-hop,jazz,country side,then movies .


I never get upset over anything. I am simple down to earth and easy
going with more caring heart, sincere, faithful, honest, humble,with a family oriented manners with broad mind and understanding and I like to have a happiness with a wonderful days.and more I love outdoor activities such as water
sports, camping, baseball and playing pool, spending time with friends and loved ones trying to live life to the fullest. My family considers me ambitious, cautious and inspirational,passionate about everything in life. I adore a everybody both far and near. My dream is to meet others need and share everything with, and I like people who accepts the fact that life together with love is a real aspect of energetic experience.

I'm attaching some pictures along this message hoping that you will find them interesting,and do also attach your own pics when responding to this mail.

once again,thanks for making it possible for us to know each other.


And so I reply.

Hi there.

Anyways, I can't argue with your logic when you stated, "what matters most is what you are looking for in a relationship." I can only say that after I read this, I found you to be one of the less shallowest people I have ever met.

Also, I like the fact that you are not very temperamental. I'm like you in this. I'm hard to anger and quick to cool down if it happens.

I'm also the kind of guy who likes to spend time outside doing many things like sports and walking, but yet, I like to stay inside to, doing things like write, play games, watch movies, or whatever.

And yes I'm into my family as well. I like spending time with them.

Anyways Rita, what specifically would you like to know about me?

Also, I have a question. What was your last relationship like?

She-(HE) Replied

Hello dear xxxxx

With all due respect, how is life and everything together.
Thanks for your mail once again, i have gone through it all extensively and found most of the profound words which you have wrote to me.


of course, there is no doubt that by this manners it will actually establish a more stronger link between our understanding and manners. i think we have positioned a lot of directions and position which can easily transform more success in a near future.


I'm so much pleased about the way you show your interest and in no way will this bring any let down or for me taking any advantage over you,also i wouldn't want you neither to do so on me,because i have this tendency of trusting people when i probably shouldn't but all the same ,not withstanding life is all about trust and dependable as everything is meant to be.

as you can see,i think is not by mistake that we come to know each other, rather on a well articulated manners and plans, therefore i will like us for this reason to maintain and keep this sweet memory that brought us together very lively from time to time, because of the happiness and joy it brings in coming together as i thought.


the only thing i see as a challenge is on how to benefit from this knowing each other in one way or the other,so that this same benefit will continue to roam around our future ooffspringas things goes well so this is the kind of purpose i want us to dwell in this proposition.

however,as such i will like to know more about you both in general life aspect, as concerning my last relationship,it was something very remarkable i always think of meeting or proposed to come my way when next iI'minvolved in a relationship.

hope to hear from you with more details about yourself.


ok, so at this point I'm just trying to focus on the simplest meaning of what "mister smart guy" is trying to say to me. Also, I got caught up in doing a few things so I couldn't write to him for a day, man talk about a nag ass. Very Happy

Hello dear,

Good morning,how are you today? hope all is well and fine.
I wish to write this mail as means of expression which includes my concern over the delay in hearing from you all this while.

I'm praying and hoping that everything is alright with your well been and welfare,it will interest me a lot hearing from you once again upon receipt of this mail, no matter the tight schedule involved,as to enable me know that you still share the same aim as indicated earlier towards the eventual proceeds of our relating to each other.

hope that this piece of mail reaches you in good manners and in a joyous state of mind.


So I respond.

Hi Rita.

Sorry about the delay, been real busy.

Anyhow, how are things going with you? I hope well. And what have you been up to?

Well, I'd like to ask you this question: have you ever dated anyone from an online dating sight before? Also, if so, how was it?

Another thing, tell me about your family?

Also, where are you located now, and have you ever been to America?

Now I wait for your reply.

Stay safe Rita, and will talk with you soon ok.



Quick, but keep the lad working you know. Work, Work, Work.l And guess what, he did lol

She/he responds.

Hello dear xxxxxxx

How are you today? Hope all is well and fine.
I got your mail and I have gone through all the contents extensively and observed all what you wrote to me, indeed I do understand with your proper expression over your busy schedule and that did not worry or disturb me hence you are working to help the future, actually what matters to me is your well been and welfare so I wish you all the best with work and life.


as you can see, is been very wonderful with life here for me and my entire close ones, we really thank the GOD almighty for making it possible for every one of us to see this great day, because life is the most essential thing we all need as money can not buy or add to it when is right and due to an eternal call.

at the moment, like you wish to know I have been pushing things harder and forward with my studies which stands as my future challenges, this is to ensure that I reached my aim and achieve a prospect goal in portraying a good symbol and lasting legacy in the society because every hard work pays off.

well, have not dated any one from the online site before, but I do have close ones and friends who did and through their narration I was able to join hence they mark everything about it very kind and interesting, however for me making this time as my first experience will stand to benefit me and my soul mate as a choice once we the individuals involved knows our objective and motive for coming together.

Concerning my family background, I came from a well renowned Christian family, with a lot of GOD fearing orientation and this tendency keep rolling through my family generation to generation lineage. My family is made up of four, my dad and mum, my brother and my good self, we have this ideology of staying as a one happy family, dwelling with happiness and joy, togetherness, and we both share individual ideas and maintain these principles of respect to both older and younger person. My family considers me as been very ambitious, idealistic, hard working, easy going, great sense of humor, accommodating, and cheerful giver and humble and likes to listen what others have to say.

I am located in a country called Ghana West Africa, hope you knows about it or maybe must have heard something very little about it, I have not been to America before and honestly will like to because is my day and night dream to come there then been there means a dream comes true.
I’m well convinced that this coming together in knowing each other is not by a mistake, rather on a well articulated manners and plans, so therefore I will always like us to maintain and keep that same sweet memory that brought us together so we can share a remarkable emotion in a near future.

Once again, thanks a lot in a million times as words only can not express the present state of my mind, excitement and gladness for coming to know you.

I wish you a good and wonderful weekend and remain blessed,

I hope to hear from you,


I returned.

Hi Rita.

So how are you doing?

Also, that is to bad you and your family are not getting along as well as you should. This has happened to me to, so I do understand.

And also I do understand that sometimes your dreams will take you far away from your family. Sometimes, you have no choice but to do what you have to do, right?

Also, when it comes to America, and the main reason I asked you the question, you should know that different states offer different life styles, like for instant, in California they live a life style of big money and high end buying, in the mid west, where I'm at, we basically live a sort of mountain, country kind of life, and in the New York, Chicago areas, they have really big cities that have large populations. They also have big theaters and lots of night life activities. Here in the mid west we have some of that, but our cities are a lot smaller then theirs and we are more spread out. Even the food you eat changes from state to state, so as you can see, where you visit could have a big impact on what you like to do, and even what fits your overall character. If you are person who likes the quietness and solitude, then the mid west might be best for you, however, if you are a person who would like to try to become an actor, who wants a real active life style, who might want to break into the movies, then California is the place to go.

Now I'm not saying that you can't find these things all over, because you can, but each state seems to have its own flavor, and whatever that flavor happens to be, there seems to be an abundance of it within each given state. Like for instant. If you like to gamble, then Las Vegas is the place to go because it is the biggest gambling place in America, even though many other states offer gaming, Vegas is the big daddy so to speak lol. You understand?

Anyways, it is something to think about Rita.

And you said you haven't had a serous relationship, but does this include boy friends? You have never had a boyfriend? Now if so, what happen to break you and your last one up?

Well, until next time ok.

Bye, and stay safe Rita.


she/ he sent back

I'm doing great here and how about you?
I got your mail and have gone through the contents well enough, well is not as bad as you may think it to be that me and my family is not getting along as normal, we are in a very close terms and no differences in the past has placed any division between us.

is as simple as you have said it, life activities changes sometimes due to the circumstances, and all this matters arise I purpose of pursuing future endeavor to a better result.

wow, actually I have carefully noted down all the examples of different life styles in each and every of the states in America, that makes life very easy and comfortable for one to meet up easily hence the chance exist making a choice in were to trade with the future target.

personally, I don't have a choice were to go as must be very honest because of what it takes for one to step into America, so I wouldn't mind no matter were you assisted me to make an arrangement of coming it will surely suit me and my life challenges for better for good.

Yes in the past I have not had a serious relationship as I’m waiting for a particular point in time and years for me to approach before I can get fully involved, and here comes the time and year so now I stand to taste and feel it in a more proper ways. I only have normal school friends both male and female so there is nothing too serious about it in general.

Yeah my, dear that is all what I have to say and hope you will accord my expression with immediate attention and concern towards the way forward.

Thanks and remain blessed,

So, I sent back.

Rita, I see, and I stand corrected. I hope I didn't offend you. Sorry if I did.

And the reason I told you these things was because I wanted you to be aware of all the many difference that exist within each state. As a general rule, I think people here migrate to a state that best serves their personality and the activities they find fun to do. There are, of course, many reasons people select where they wish to live here, but these to factors play an important role.

Anyways, I see what you are saying. And if it comes down to you meeting me in the future, then yes I would prefer it to be in Colorado where I currently live.

Also I have a question. Do you have other friends in the U.S. ?

Anyhow, I will write to you later ok.

Bye for now.


Next email back to me, she/ he says this, and now comes the twist, the money letter. And she/ he wrote a lot to lol.

Dear xxxxxxx

This is in response to your mail and I so much believe that the level of your expressions are quite impressive and clear to my hearing, at this point for instance what it means is there is a lot of greater opportunities one can count on to make it on top for life over there ,however for example like I said earlier I have no doubt that from actual fact as I expected to concede within my interest likely having to start from any of the cities or state will surely be of an added advantage to me as long as I’m able to put things in a proper place and remain committed, been very humble and dependable, been friendly with more cheerful mind ,loving and caring heart . well I think is somehow advisable for me to start from the lower sustaining part before making the long journey to any of the bigger cities were a higher activities is been happening to grab the higher connections because what matters is investing in a human capital resources as many are wild enough idealistic and artistically inclined but lacks voices and supports.
That will make it easier for me to have a stand and base with a strong hold in an influence of ordinary people before grabbing the attention of public masses.

Please, my dear as it stands now in other to effectively meet up this aim and more future endeavors towards your own contribution, like we all know Africa is a third world country and a lot of things here are working down gauche below the normal standard of other western world. allegedly as I wish to point out in particular what need to be done I suppose to ensure that fiscally you stand by me through which I will get all the satisfactory traveling scheme to impact with my coming in a well certified manners, as to help make every of this plans a legal entity so to avoid having any trouble while transiting to any point or even at my point of arrival there in America.

as my plans goes, I will need your fiscal support and ability to help me in some ways since I don't have more resources to empower the need and steps to be put together, already I have exhausted all my financial boost in buying and securing some kilos of gold which I will be coming along, I did this as an idea to enable me raise more bigger money when I landed over there and make sells of the gold, besides the price of gold here is a very common thing whereas almost every body have access to dig it out from any of the local mining site and can be seen in most corners and places of the street here, considerably the price is as more higher in many times over there because of the higher demand and ratings, also the importance and need makes it a valuable item and do remember that my country here is well known as one of the highest gold producing countries and was nicknamed gold coast.

so I will like you to join me more with this huge plans which will benefit both of us mutually and likely will exclusively establish our well been and welfare if you can be honest with me in handling the trust I will be dedicating to you in making the sells of this gold upon my arrival.

Necessarily, if in any way that you can make this plans comes to a success Please I will advice you do this and lay out this foundation as is going to bring a lot of mutual benefit to be derived by both of us, already I am set and ready to start with the establishment of the procedures set to meet with the position of level standard meant for the realities to come over and however if you can not be able to handle the need of little assistance required to put things in perfection then try to let me know your ability ,maybe I can arrange for the gold to be shipped to you directly with trust and confidence so the sells can commence and more profit interest can emerge for you to send down here then I can use to manipulate the rest activities in other.
Let me know if you can be of any assistance in making this plans move forward so I can kindly inform you how the steps will be marked and enhance the efforts together.

As much as possible I will like to have your direct phone number so i can discuss with you more closely.

I’m patiently waiting to hear from you,



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