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 2nd piggy from an amusing Google chat!

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 1:14 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

me: Hello, I havent heard back from you, so Im just checking that the everything is going ok?
I didn't hear from your attouney Sad

Dr.Mohamed: picece of shit gett off here junkie

me: junkie? :/
:S *

Dr.Mohamed: arse hole like u
u r a bullshit around the corner

me: I emailed the person you told me to, but I didn't receive any emails.

Dr.Mohamed: fuck off and die

me: Should I email him again?

Dr.Mohamed: is that how you write ur father?
do u need some crack from Brazil?

me: Do you have some to spare?
how much?

Dr.Mohamed: please leave me alone

me: All Im trying to do is get my money
Your attourney is ignoring me

Dr.Mohamed: let me see who will help me and get this money out

me: I've told him that I would
yet I am still to hear anything
Does he have a phone number that I can call?

Dr.Mohamed: yes
contact him
take his number

me: ok
Are you going to give it to me?
I cant find it in your email, only an email address for him that that I have already tried

Dr.Mohamed: 0060146362082
u can go ahead and call him
and bring a valid telephone contact too

me: That number doesn't work. it makes a wierd noise, then the line goes dead
I don't know it I can call internationally from work

Dr.Mohamed: u r not serious

me: erm, yes I am. I think they have blocked intenational calls here
We shouldnt ever need to make them you see
I think there was an issue about a girl calling her boyfriend in Australia a while back - she racked up about £200 of calls in a week!
I think that since then, they have blocked us from dialing internationally

Dr.Mohamed: ok
u can come over to Malaysia

me: erm, no, its a bit far.
I havent got any holiday time to take from work either

Dr.Mohamed: ok
send money for the legal process
because need to commit some money to the Attorney

me: Ok, who to? Can I have the account details please?

Dr.Mohamed: ok

me: Can you get the Attourney to contact me please? I dont know if my emails are being blocked from reaching him

Dr.Mohamed: send via my name

me: (or her)

Dr.Mohamed: through western union

me: Is that the Bank name?

Dr.Mohamed: is a money transfer agency
go to any bank and inquire

me: ok, I understand, where are they?

Dr.Mohamed: in Barclay bank or Halifax

me: Hmmm.. I dont know where the nearest branch of those are. Would an HSBC work? I bank with them

Dr.Mohamed: yes

me: ok, when is best for you?
Sent at 13:12 on Wednesday

Dr.Mohamed: send it now if u can
then I will go and take
first thing in the morning I will pass it to the attorney then he can commence work on our file

me: Ok, I would would feel much better about this whole thing if the Attourney contacted me directly, with some form of identification - how do you know that you can trust him?

Dr.Mohamed: u can trust me here
remember I was the person that contacted u

me: I trust you, but I do not trust your attourney - he cannot be very capeable if he doesnt reply to emails
that doesnt seem very professional and well organised to me.

Dr.Mohamed: I am looking for a way to raise the money but no luck on me

me: How much was it again?
Sent at 13:17 on Wednesday

Dr.Mohamed: we need 10,000 usd for his service charge
but we must commit him with some money dough like half of the money and once the money is released to us then we will balance him up
so I dont know how much u can come out with
so that we can commit him with it

me: You should ask him to take the fee from the money that you are owed, surely that would work?

Dr.Mohamed: nope
the money is still in the account and we don't have access to it until we get all the legal documentation that will back us up
so from your side how much can u raise?

me: all of it, thats easy. I can borrow from the company I work for - Im in the finance department.,

Dr.Mohamed: so how much can you get and send down

me: how much do you need?

Dr.Mohamed: we need atleast 5000 usd to commit him with

me: how much for everything?

Dr.Mohamed: so if you have the capacity then use my name and send it down
I am still looking for money on my own side too

me: You dont seem to understand me...

Dr.Mohamed: how do u mean?

me: How much, for everything.
What is the total ammount that you need.
Sent at 13:25 on Wednesday

Dr.Mohamed: let's just start with that first

me: which was how much? You have said both 1000 and 500 usd, which is it?
Sent at 13:27 on Wednesday

Dr.Mohamed: is 10,000 usd for his service charge so for him to start work on our file we need to commit him with some money
that is how things are being done
even at times you have to pay all the money first

me: ok, thats about £6k GBP, yeah?

Dr.Mohamed: I dont know
so how much can u send?

me: I've told you, the money is not the problem as I work in the Finance department.
What you doin' and you’re laying on your back, aah?
Sent at 13:30 on Wednesday

me: Here I lie in a lost and lonely part of town, I don't know where the bank is exactly

Dr.Mohamed: is ok

me: good.
Is it possible to do this online so I dont have to go anywhere?

Dr.Mohamed: I guess u r just blahing ur mouth here
u can do western union online too

me: blahing?
what is that?

Dr.Mohamed: just called them

me: who?
The Bee Gees?

Dr.Mohamed: that is Malaysian language

me: ah right
what does it mean?

Dr.Mohamed: Timaya

me: ...thats no clearer! What does Timaya mean?#

Dr.Mohamed: send the money that is the meaning Timaya
so how much can u send ?

me: you havent said how much you need... you said 10000 for a start..

Dr.Mohamed: nope

me: its easier just getting the full ammoutn so I dont have to keep opening broiwser windows

Dr.Mohamed: I said we should try and commit him withg some
not all
ok send 5000 usd

me: ok, whats the address to send it to? Would a cheque be ok, or does it need to be cash?
Sent at 13:36 on Wednesday

Dr.Mohamed: use Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
yes cash
western union cash money

me: ok, so you want the $5000 sent in cash to Kuala Lumpur? How will we know it will goto the corret address?

Dr.Mohamed: yes is correct address

me: Im in the middle of a chain reaction you see.
Sent at 13:38 on Wednesday

Dr.Mohamed: just do as I have instructed u to do

me: ok, will you get the attourney to contact me please?

Dr.Mohamed: he said he has received ur mail

me: so why did he ignore it? Is he there now with you?

Dr.Mohamed: but he is waiting for us to pay half of his service charge
so if you have the capacity then send the money down

me: Is he there with you now?

Dr.Mohamed: no
I was in his offfice this morning
and u told me that u contacted him on Saturday

me: did he say why he ignored my mail?

Dr.Mohamed: he is not ignoring ur mail

me: but he didnt reply

Dr.Mohamed: yes


Dr.Mohamed: we haven't paid him any advance

me: so he wont reply?

Dr.Mohamed: YES
that is how lawyers are everywhere in the world

me: thats very rude of him, kindness costs nothing.

Dr.Mohamed: so are u sending the money or not
I am working over time now to raise the fund
so I will be leaving office in the next 15 mins

me: I've said I will - Im on the western onion money transfer site now
have you used their site before?
its very confusing

Dr.Mohamed: ok

me: Sorry, chat disconnected for some reason

Dr.Mohamed: ok

me: I have a mop if you would like to take a leak at their site - have you used it before?

Dr.Mohamed: parddon?

me: have you used their site (western union money transfer) before?
Im trying to click on the send payment button but nothing is happening.

Dr.Mohamed: how did u used it?
just follow the instruction

me: I am using the website like you suggested

Dr.Mohamed: send me the payment slip as email attachment with the control number and the name u used in sending it

me: I dont know if I can get that far, I've clicked on the send payment button, but nothing is happening
I have come to collect my bersicle

Dr.Mohamed: so?
then go out to the post office

me: Which I need to get my bersicle for.

Dr.Mohamed: use my pa name and send it down
so she can go and pick it up now

me: which is?

use that name

me: ok, does she have a bank account to pay it into, it would be instant due to our business account

Dr.Mohamed: ok
use her account too

me: ok

Dr.Mohamed: because I will be very busy
NAME :- *********

ACCOUNT : *******



SWIFT CODE ********
that is the account to use
and send me the payment slip once u r done with it
I have only 2 mins left

me: Ok, I'll see what I can do. Is your email address "*****" ?

Dr.Mohamed: so let's round up our discussino

me: ok, I'll send $5000 USD to that account, and then send you the receipt?
and is that your email address?

Dr.Mohamed: yes
I am counting on you and please don't let me down
ok have a great day
I am off for today

me: I will do! You too!


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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 7:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Dr.Mohamed: we need atleast 5000 usd to commit him with

A small price to pay really...considered meds, straight jackets , rubber rooms, doctors etc...
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PostPosted: Wed Oct 13, 2010 9:56 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Very entertaining. Thumbs up

From: picece of shit gett off here junkie
To: Closed lad accounts


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PostPosted: Thu Oct 14, 2010 12:51 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I especially loved the Diana Ross reference you snuck in there. Now I have "Chain reaction" stuck in my head...

GREAT STUFF! Thumbs up

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