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Booted by Bware

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PostPosted: Sun Oct 03, 2010 8:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

What would happen if you combine a standard bathroom shower head with an industrial strength power washer?

Who gives a crap! Have you seen these awesome goat-quilts?

Hi, jose here for the GOAT-HOLDER. When two hands are just aren't enough, reach for the GOAT-HOLDER!

It's a lightweight goat-quilt that provides a safe secure place to hold all your necessities. The GOAT-HOLDER uses powerful Yoruba-juju technology. It holds paper clips, screwdrivers, asparagus, cigars, beer, cashew nuts, nails, bolts, grass clippings, pet-stains, even this heavy hammer! You always have the stuff you need where and when you need it! Stop dropping, dragging, stretching. Take the cat out of your mouth!

Whether you're up a ladder, under a car, in the bathroom, the bedroom, the kitchen or in those areas where the restraining order says you aren't allowed, your stuff is always within easy reach with the GOAT-HOLDER!

Turn any standard thong or G-string into a Batman-like utility-belt with the GOAT-HOLDER! It's perfect for baiters, bankers, barristers, claims agents, couriers, carpenters, diplomats, doctors or mechanics (not recommended for mugus).

There's no wrong way to use it! Back and forth, side to side, round and round, all of your stuff stays stuck to the GOAT-HOLDER! Pass it around the cyber-cafe and and bait as you go! You get perfect results each and every time. Watch this...

Soft enough for dirty hands and it won't even pop a balloon! The GOAT-HOLDER is your handy helper! It even has the power to hold this 2,500-pound trunk-box… that's amazing! The secret is the hardened, tempered, one-of-a-kind design that never goes out of style! It's triple glazed, so it stays silky smooth, but everything sticks to it anyway! A job that usually takes two can now be done by more than one! The GOAT-HOLDER will help you organize any project and you'll never lose the stuff, that you usually misplace, again!

So whether you're working on a suntan, hanging curtains or illegally fixing a professional sporting event, any job big or small, the GOAT-HOLDER tackles them all!

Bid now and, through this exclusive 419Eater offer, you'll get the original GOAT-HOLDER for $45,000,000 USD

Who needs a trunk-box when the GOAT-HOLDER saves you time, space and money? But bid right now, and we'll let you bid on another GOAT-HOLDER absolutely free!
And here's the best part: I'll send you my world-famous Golden Goat(a $100,000 value) absolutely free! You get to bid on, not one, but two original GOAT-HOLDER and our world-famous Golden Goat(a combined $90,100,000 USD value) for only $90,000,000 USD!!!

Try it 100% risky-free for 30 days or your money turns black! (special chemicals not included) Here's how to order...

GOAT-HOLDER is not available in stores and is only available on Beware of GOAT-HOLDER imitators! Bid on yours now, while supplies last!

Black Ribbon ~ star Whip Safari Tattoo

“I guess a man is the only kind of varmint sets his own trap, baits it, and then steps in it.” ~ John Steinbeck
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