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 "I really want to work with Angelina"

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 10:24 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Dr J0hn K1ng of the UN is keen to have Cammy as an ambassador for the refugees... so much so that he chatted with her.

Me: Hello?
dr john : hello
Me: Talk to me please.
dr john : how are u
did u receive my email?
Me: I'm fine.
I need more information.
Me: Um... hello?
dr john : <ding>
are u there?
Me: <ding>?
What's that?
dr john : where are u from?
Me: You don't know?
dr john : do u know ur name was been nominated for an ambassador to the refugee?
Me: Didn't the one who nominated me give you my cv?
dr john : not yet
Me: Then you don't know anything about me?
dr john : take care
when i email u then u understsnd
Me: Huh?
I got your email.
That's why I'm asking questions.
dr john : what do u question?
Me: What my duties are, will I have personal freedom, and do I have to wear a veil?
dr john : ur duty is to take good care of the refugee
u will not wer evil
Me: Well, good on the veil thing - if you'd said 'yes' I'd have been taillights.
What about my personal freedom?
dr john : its secure
Me: So I can worship as I want.
dr john : what u have to do is to send your requirements
international passport
education degree
two photos
anddirect mobile
Me: Photos I can do.
dr john : can u forward them this weekend?
Me: Passports no - it's forbidden to copy them.
dr john : what of id card?
Me: We don't have them here.
dr john : what of ur eduction degree?
becos all this details willbe forwarded to UN headquarters in newyork
Me: I've got nothing after Year 12.
dr john : to the office of the UN secretary general Ban ki moon
Me: You don't need degrees to be a photomodel.
dr john : how old are u?
Me: 25.
As of August.
dr john : nationality?
Me: Australian.
dr john : what do u do for living now?
are u working?\
Me: For the love of Freyja - they told you nothing!
Like I said, I'm a photomodel.
dr john : ok
u need to be fast to comply with your registration
becos it will close next week
and if it closed
u will be cancelled
you will be paid 20,000usd per month
Me: I know Angelina Jolie can be a goodwill Ambassador, but she's got a bit more behind her.
dr john : with allowances
Me: Wooh, that's a packet.
How long do I work for?
dr john : UN will issue u UN diplomatic passport with membership id card
u will work for 4yrs
Me: Kewl.
dr john :
and after that if u have good records
u will work nother 4yrs
Me: Not a blemish.
I'm clean.
No drugs, no convictions.
dr john : u will be on conference meeting in new york with other appointees
Me: Who will they be?
dr john : do u have cam?
20 people were appointed for this ambassador post world wide
Me: Who are they?
dr john : only 16 people has registered
2 from USA
do u understand me?
Me: None from Europe? Figures.
Is Angelina going to be there?
dr john : when do u think to register
it will end up next week
failure to register anothe person will replace u
Me: I want to know if Angelina is going to be on the panel. I'd love to work with her. She's hot!
dr john : no
she is not appointed
Me: Bugger! She should be.
dr john : her name is not on list
Me: Did you ask her?
dr john : have u been in cmmunication with UN headquarters in new york?
no i didnt
Me: Well why nor?
dr john : let me ask u
are u ready to work with UN?
the registration official cost is 1000usd
Me: You're ready to work with me.
dr john : and ur salary every month is 20,000usd
Me: But it would have been just so peachy to work with Angelina Jolie!
dr john : do u want to work with her?
Me: What do you think I've been saying?!?
dr john : explan to me
Me: What's to explain?
dr john : i want to ask u
are u ready to register with UN?
Me: I said that I would.
But I really want to work with Angelina.
dr john : i will send u the registration form to fill and sign on it
do u have her email and phone number
so that i will contact her
Me: Of course I don't. And since she works for the UN, you should have those already.
dr john : i will cross check with our dta
Me: You do that.
dr john : if i send u the registration form today
Me: Yeah...
dr john : will u submit it tomorrow with the official cost 1000$?
Me: Official cost of what?
dr john : the registration cost 1000usd for the preparation of ur UN diplomatic passport and membership id card
Me: I didn't know that the UN was that short of money!
dr john : when i send the form then u understand
Me: OK.
dr john : if ur not capable then u withdraw
Me: Laughing
dr john : i have visitor in my offfice
Me: Sorry - you just said something funny. Don't sweat it though.
dr john : take care
Me: I will.
CYA then.

I'd love to see them try to be Angelina...

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 11:37 am Reply with quoteBack to top

only 16 people has registered

He cannot count....... Laughing

eta nope I can't count..... Laughing Laughing

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PostPosted: Sat Oct 02, 2010 9:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Did someone say Cammy? I think this lad needs to be cannon drilled Wink
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PostPosted: Tue Oct 05, 2010 10:45 am Reply with quoteBack to top

And I thought their letters were illiterate... till I saw that transcript...

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