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 The Goattie! (As seen in GC!)

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PostPosted: Fri Oct 01, 2010 1:21 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi, jose here for the Goattie!

You want to keep warm when you are feeling chilled? Well you should have paid your heating bill.

Snuggies are okay, but they look like sh*t and when you need to reach for something... like you can't reach out from under a blanket for two seconds? Really???

Now, there's the Goattie! The quilt that has a goat on it! The Goattie keeps you totally in style and gives you the freedom to use your hands, just like every other blanket that's ever been made! So now, you can work the remote or read a book the same as you normally would. Use your laptop without looking foolish or enjoy a snack while sporting the pinnacle of baiting fashion. No other quilt allows you to do that with as much style as the Goattie!

Goattie is made of ultra cool, thick, luxurious regular fabric without those pesky oversized sleeves that get in the way when you move your arms and use your hands. Who cares about being wrapped in warmth if they're not being stylish?

Super large (48"x48"), one size fits all so you can stay warm from head to toe as long as you can fit it all underneath this thing. Buy two and simply wrap one around each leg... No more cold feet! And with Goattie, you can get up and still stay warm, just tie it around your neck like a superman cape! Perfect for men, women and children too!

The ultra soft quilted design keeps you generally warm and there are no ridiculous sleeves dangling from your arms to knock things over when you reach for your liquor. Your hands are free so you can fire off those special emails that keep your lads in a jam!

Perfect for chilly outdoor evenings, or staying cozy and warm at sporting events! Just take it off and with any regular match or lighter, the fully combustible Goattie, becomes an instant bonfire! If your favorite team's mascot is a goat, all the better! And it is ideal for those drafty dorm rooms, just pack it under the crack in the door and say goodbye to that annoying draft!

The Snuggie is machine washable, the Goattie is not! That alone will save you thousands of dollars on your water bill, making it easier to get caught up on that heating bill!

You can use your remote, enjoy a snack, talk on the phone, do what you need to and look fabulous doing it with the Goattie! Similar products sell for up to $45,000,000 USD, but bid now and you’ll get the ultra soft, ultra stylish Goattie for only $44,999,999! Available in all the colors you love and even some that you don't!

As an added bonus, you'll also receive the limited edition, 419eater exclusive Golden Goat! Just add it to your sig line for that little bit of extra panache when posting on the forums (a $100,000 value), absolutely free! Yes, you get the ultra cool custom Goattie and the limited edition, 419eater exclusive Golden Goat (a $45,999,999 value) both for only $44,999,999!

Remember, you'll get the ultra cool, ultra stylish Goattie and the limited edition, 419eater exclusive Golden Goat! for just $44,999,999 USD (plus shipping and handling). Here's how to order...

The Goattie is not available in stores and is only available on Beware of Goattie imitators! Bid on yours now, while supplies last!

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