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 Lad's Western Union funds

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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 2:21 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello Everyone,
I'm new to scam baiting but at the moment I have a lad who thinks he's getting over $4,000 in Western Union funds. Problem is, he gave me a England address and I decided to restrict the funds on the generator because I knew he wasn't from there. Wink The IP address used to access the receipt was from Lagos, Nigeria.

So, when he went to retrieve his funds, of course he was told that there was no credit posted so he writes back to me:

Hello Harry,

I just received a call from Mr, Williams now and he told me that he is at the western union to pick up your processing fee but he was told that the money has not credited.

Kindly contact western union at once to clear things up and get back to me.

Tell them that its urgent.



My response:

i contacted Western Union and they informed me that Mr. Williams tried to claim the funds in Nigeria. As stated on the receipt, WU limited the ability to pick the funds up in England where the funds were designated to. Someone has to go to England to pick the funds up.

When I get the WU for the airfare I will be sure to have them not restrict it. Please provide me with your Nigerian address just in case.

Hmmm...suddenly Adams is going to be flying into Nigeria from England in a so called, "coincidence":


Hello Mr. Harry,

Thanks for your email and i will like to let you know that nobody tried to claim the funds in Nigeria. What a coincidence,i will be in Nigeria by Tuesday 29th September 2010 to help facilitate the release of the grant to African beneficiaries.

Did WU union able to rectify the release of the funds?

I advice that you contact them and retrieve the MTCN from them and send it your self and also authorize them to release the funds as soon as they can.

Please update me so that i will know what to do.

If you are not able to make the payment for the delivery on Monday then i will give you an address at my arrival in Nigeria in Tuesday for you to make the payment.

I will get back to you soon .


Adams Winston

Harry claims to have gotten in touch with Western Union to resolve this matter, but Adams still has to go to England to pick up the funds.


My brother is on his way over to Western Union and is sending funds to the London address you provided me. I called Western Union and they keep insisting that someone in Nigeria tried to claim the funds, even though the receipt specifically stated that it was restricted to the area of the address provided which was London. I am hoping that my brother will get an unrestricted WU funds, but I will let you know. Since you are currently in England, you should have no problem retrieving the other funds, right? Oh and these funds that my brother is sending is specifically for the flight fees we talked about

(After I had sent him the receipt the first time, suddenly he had to make a trip to Beverly Hills, CA where Harry lives so I had to send more funds to cover the flight.)

Harry's brother came back from Western Union with the instructions on how to access the receipt, but unfortunately he sent them to the England address and didn't listen to Harry about getting it unrestricted. Wink


I received bad news from WU. I cannot cancel the transaction so the money is sitting there in England until someone (either you or I) picks it up. My brother got the WU funds today and unfortunately the WU receipt states that it is restricted to England as well under the same name and address as the first one. If they are not claimed in England, they are will eventually be distributed in 365 days to a local charity in England. Please don't let this money go to waste. I just made something up to make it seem more urgent. Very Happy

(I sent him the details on accessing them)

I think it's late in Nigeria now, so he hasn't accessed the receipt yet, but when he does, any advice on how to take this?
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PostPosted: Sun Sep 26, 2010 5:12 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice start. Thumbs up
You could unrestrict the funds but because they were restricted in the first place, that will set alarm bells ringing.
The recipient will have to fill out money laundering forms or maybe go through a secure transfer modality website. Wink

Edit: Welcome to Eater Very Happy

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