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 How to tether a ZTE Racer smartphone to Vista laptop

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This is item 1 of 1 in the series

'Pi_eyed's how to do stuff.' which will probably end at item 1.

I got one of these budget android smartphones for my birthday last month.

They had only been out in UK since July.

The phone gives a lot of connectivity value for your money but no support software in the box.

I do recommend it for the price but an i4 it definitely ain't.

I recall back in the day... . That is GSM and GPRS days you might purchase a Nokia 6xxx series phone and it came with software on a disk which would first of all allow synchronisation and file swapping between PC and phone and secondly allow you to connect your PC to the internet using the modem in the phone.

However it now appears that in the manufacturer's haste to get modern smartphones onto the market there is neither boxed nor internet support. Only the bare bones instruction manual.

I wanted to use this phone's 3g capabilities to connect my laptop to the internet.

It took a few hours of research and piecing together of info to finally pull this off. But there are no techie achievements in this. It is plain and simple research and deduction.

I have many times cursed the '3' network and ZTE for making this dinosaur descend so deep into the dark depths of geekism. They should really provide more support for their products and customers than this.

I have put together a procedure which involves a motley collection of software, DIY scripting and changing of browser and phone settings.

It is cumbersome, ugly and amateurish. But it works.

From what I can gather there is no chance whatsoever that following this procedure can damage or 'brick' you phone.

However, please bear in mind that this is only proven for a ZTE Racer phone with a USB connection to a Vista SP 2 laptop.

I cannot guarantee it for anything else, but I swear it works today.

Any questions please don't hesitate but I cannot guarantee a satisfying answer.

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