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 Secret Agent Man: Levittown_Punkass vs Claudia_Cooper06

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PostPosted: Thu Aug 12, 2010 5:24 am Reply with quoteBack to top

claudia_cooper06: I am Claudia Cooper, the Deputy Employee Manager for John Chapman Ltd in Carlisle, Cumbria,UK.Am appointed to recruit an employee from your state to work for us and be earning $400 or 10n every twice week transaction. Am online PM me for more details.
Levittown_Punkass: my state? currently, that's a state of ennui...will that do?
claudia_cooper06: yeah
Levittown_Punkass: coolio
claudia_cooper06: Firstly,i will like to know ur asl....(Age,Sex and location) and what you do for a living presently.
Levittown_Punkass: Are you asking me out on a date?
claudia_cooper06: no i have offer for u
claudia_cooper06: I am 25 female/ mansfield ohio,but i am presently in UK,i am the Deputy Employee Manager for John Chapman Ltd in Carlisle, Cumbria,UK.
Am appointed to recruit an employee from your state to work for us and be earning $400 or 10n every twice week transaction.
Levittown_Punkass: So you said...
claudia_cooper06: If u are interested
claudia_cooper06: ?
Levittown_Punkass: To be your pimp?
claudia_cooper06: for our company as a respresentative in the states to help us receive payments from our custommers
claudia_cooper06: customers*
Levittown_Punkass: Didn't we cover this previously?
Levittown_Punkass: What, you never got the check I sent you?
Levittown_Punkass: and after all of those email confirmations?
claudia_cooper06: what check?
Levittown_Punkass: What kind of business are you guys running over there, that's what I'd like to know!
claudia_cooper06: ok
claudia_cooper06: This rural based Company and it's directors are involved in a number of activities, from I.T. to engineering to agriculture to Lifestyle (Luggage and Clothing) and Tourism.
Levittown_Punkass: You are quite eloquent in your copied and pasted speech
claudia_cooper06: how do u mean?
Levittown_Punkass: The concept behind that statement shouldn't be over your head, it doesn't concern rocket science. (Good thing you're not in that business)
Levittown_Punkass: You had a completely different picture the last time you IMed me...did you get a facelift?
claudia_cooper06: NO
Levittown_Punkass: are you a doppelganger then?
claudia_cooper06: why where are u let me know ?
Levittown_Punkass: I thought you knew what state I was know, the selected state that made me so desireable to your company
Levittown_Punkass: I think you were fibbing and you actually say that kind of thing to all the guys
claudia_cooper06: No i didn't but to u
claudia_cooper06: and i just want to know u know i do this to earn my leavind
claudia_cooper06: leaving*
Levittown_Punkass: Well, sorry hon...I gave all of my money to the Nigerians
claudia_cooper06: how ?
Levittown_Punkass: They had a similar, really swell offer for me
claudia_cooper06: huh that's fine
Levittown_Punkass: ...and I ended up in Zimbabwe with a broomhandle up my ass without a passport
Levittown_Punkass: Does your company utilize broomhandles?
claudia_cooper06: so there have being some idiots on net doing this and besmirching how company images
Levittown_Punkass: So how'd you get involved in this? Online survey-taking cashflow didn't pan out?
claudia_cooper06: No i'm a respresentative too but my duty is to recruit new appointee to work for us
claudia_cooper06: and it's no problem disturbing ur daily activities
Levittown_Punkass: I get 50 of these exact offers in my email from the UK every day. So, as you can see, my services are very much in demand...
Levittown_Punkass: So what makes your company so special above all the rest?
claudia_cooper06: huh........willingly you can know how to play ur game now
Levittown_Punkass: Is that a proverb?
claudia_cooper06: no i'm just telling u to know
claudia_cooper06: okay
claudia_cooper06: what's ur real name
claudia_cooper06: i'm Claudia Cooper
Levittown_Punkass: What name do you see on my IM?
claudia_cooper06: punkass
Levittown_Punkass: There you go then
claudia_cooper06: ok
claudia_cooper06: so punkass how do u think we can do it
claudia_cooper06: since u refuse to grant the offer
Levittown_Punkass: Do what?
claudia_cooper06: ok since u said u lose some money
Levittown_Punkass: Why are you IMing some stranger on the internet at 4am for this? Hasn't your esteemed company ever heard of distributers?
claudia_cooper06: huh
claudia_cooper06: distributers indeed
claudia_cooper06: we have representative all over the world
Levittown_Punkass: I just called John Chapman Ltd at (UK 44) 1228 515758 and they just said you are a scam artist.
Levittown_Punkass: They do not have a Claudia Cooper that works for them and they do not make business offers to stangers on the internet
Levittown_Punkass: So...? What do you have to say for yourself? For shame! besmirching how company images!
claudia_cooper06: ok can we deal on scam?
Levittown_Punkass: How can I trust you now?
Levittown_Punkass: And know now that you're just not going to scam me?
claudia_cooper06: i am not
claudia_cooper06:: we deal and that's all
Levittown_Punkass: What's the real deal then?
claudia_cooper06: ok
claudia_cooper06: on ur cam first
Levittown_Punkass: ?
claudia_cooper06: yeah let me see ur cam
Levittown_Punkass:: My Arriflex 16mm or the Bolex? Are we doing some secret surveillance too?
claudia_cooper06: yeah
claudia_cooper06: ur pc cam
claudia_cooper06: so that i can see u
Levittown_Punkass: I don't have one of those, the Nigerians smashed it to bits
claudia_cooper06: ok
claudia_cooper06: so the deal is that
Levittown_Punkass: those bastards!
claudia_cooper06: so how do u want me to revive u ?
Levittown_Punkass: revive me?
Levittown_Punkass: Is that sexual innuendo?
claudia_cooper06: huh
claudia_cooper06: so can u cash a check for us?
claudia_cooper06: Why can you not cash it?
claudia_cooper06: huh
claudia_cooper06: we will be on percent
claudia_cooper06: on each transaction
claudia_cooper06: 10or u per check cashed
Levittown_Punkass: Why can't you cash the check yourself? Are you a quadrapalegic? Agoraphobic? Felony allergy?
claudia_cooper06: huh it not that but i just mean to revive u
Levittown_Punkass: Revive me? I am obviously not dead.
claudia_cooper06: due to the intial lost
claudia_cooper06: ok do u scam too?
Levittown_Punkass: Why don't you just call me and we'll work out the details?
Levittown_Punkass: Are you in the US?
claudia_cooper06: ok let's talk it off here
claudia_cooper06: no i am not
claudia_cooper06: but can we scam i will teach how to do it
claudia_cooper06: so we make money togethere
Levittown_Punkass: That sounds so romantic, ala Bonnie and Clyde. Unless, you're really a dude, then it would be Clyde and Clyde and far less romantic, at least in my opinion.
claudia_cooper06: ok
claudia_cooper06: can u fill a blank check ?
claudia_cooper06: i will order the check to u
claudia_cooper06: and all u will do is to help fill in recipient name and address, amount
claudia_cooper06: and post the check to them via fedEX
claudia_cooper06: and u will also sign the checks
claudia_cooper06: so it will be easy for u
claudia_cooper06: i will get the address myself
claudia_cooper06: okay
Levittown_Punkass: Sounds like a smashing idea! (BTW, will I get to smash anything?)
claudia_cooper06: so when i order the checks to u
claudia_cooper06: about 300-400 drafts
claudia_cooper06: so ur duty is to fill in the checks,amount and sign
claudia_cooper06: and have it post-marked via fedEX..
Levittown_Punkass: No one in the world can get away with trying to cash 400 bad checks, are you mad woman?
claudia_cooper06: u are not cashing the check
Levittown_Punkass: claudia_cooper06: so can u cash a check for us?
claudia_cooper06: i will forward the names and address u are sending each checks to
claudia_cooper06: okay
claudia_cooper06: not only one person
claudia_cooper06: u very funny
Levittown_Punkass: Funny in the head or ha-ha funny?
claudia_cooper06: ok u ready
Levittown_Punkass: ready for what?
claudia_cooper06: so i can order the check this week
claudia_cooper06: for the deal
Levittown_Punkass: Sure, what in the world could possibly go wrong with a solid plan like that?!
claudia_cooper06: yeah want ur adress and phone number
claudia_cooper06: so that i can order the check to u
Levittown_Punkass: You better send it to my workplace
claudia_cooper06: ur home will be better
claudia_cooper06: and u will make sure u are online often for updates
Levittown_Punkass: My wife would find it and then all hell would break loose (she's funny in the head, not ha-ha funny)
Levittown_Punkass: She trusts waify Nigerians as far as she can throw them.
Levittown_Punkass: (and she threw her arm out for good since high school varsity shot-put)
claudia_cooper06: ok u can only do this at home
claudia_cooper06: u wont let her know
claudia_cooper06: u just tell her u are working for a company
Levittown_Punkass: Hey, I thought we were breaking rules, not making them!
claudia_cooper06: she can even be part
Levittown_Punkass: That may interfere with her OBASANJO club meetings.
claudia_cooper06: OK
claudia_cooper06: u will have to get a private e-mail then
Levittown_Punkass: I have a private email
claudia_cooper06: ok let me have it then
Levittown_Punkass: [email protected]
claudia_cooper06: who own this?
Levittown_Punkass: that's my work address
Levittown_Punkass: So please, send me all of the info, post haste!
claudia_cooper06: ok let me have ur name address and phone number
Levittown_Punkass: Russ Tambyn/agent1615, US Secret Service, 10350 NW 112 Avenue, Miami, FL 33178
Levittown_Punkass: (305) 863-5265
Levittown_Punkass: Got it?
claudia_cooper06: who own it ?
claudia_cooper06: this is not ur address?
Levittown_Punkass: own what?
claudia_cooper06: u trying to get rid of me ?
claudia_cooper06: u wanna set me up?
claudia_cooper06: the addy
Levittown_Punkass: It's my work, I can't have any of this at home, remember, the crazy wife?
claudia_cooper06: but it's not ur name
Levittown_Punkass: Sure it is! Now what kind of relationship are we going to have if we can't trust one another?
claudia_cooper06: huh
Levittown_Punkass: Did I wake you?
claudia_cooper06: but do u remember how u are going to do the checks?
Levittown_Punkass: sure
claudia_cooper06: how?
claudia_cooper06: and if u feel u want to make money
Levittown_Punkass: All of my IMs are saved along with designated IP addresses, user origin country, o.s., screen resolution...
claudia_cooper06: let me have ur own info basic
Levittown_Punkass: my info basic? I'm 5'12" blonde, I have been told I have dreamy blue eyes, I have this aversion to squeaking stryofoam and my favorite color is puce.
Levittown_Punkass: Can we wrap this up? It's almost 5am here!
Levittown_Punkass: I'm tired and want to go to bed. I've got scams to dream about.
claudia_cooper06: i mean ur address and name
Levittown_Punkass: again?
claudia_cooper06: yeah
Levittown_Punkass: USSS/Miami Branch c/o Russ Tambyn, 10350 NW 112 Avenue, Miami, FL 33178
claudia_cooper06: cos i dont want to deal with third party
Levittown_Punkass: what, the Libertarians? Yeah, I say fuck 'em too!
claudia_cooper06: ok the name and address u gave me
Levittown_Punkass: ok then
Levittown_Punkass: I'm off to bed
Levittown_Punkass: Sweet dreams, my sexy scammer! (unless you're really a dude, then forget it!)

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