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 Lad in denial...

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 9:50 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

The Lad who sent me the ID in this thread...

... got slightly stroppy in Google chat last night:

Lisa: hello sweet heart
how are u doing
me: OHAI
Lisa: it's been like forever
how have u been keeping
me: Yeah, hasn't it just?
Lisa: how's your job and how's Cammy coming on?
me: Good on oth counts.
Lisa: that's so good to hear.
Honey I've been trying to reach u but it is so hard
have u forgotten me?
me: How so?
Well... no, but there's a reason for that.
Lisa: why sweet heart... the last time the Barrister forward a message to me from u in which u called me a male and that made me cry for the first time since I have been in Ghana
me: What a wuss.
Sudan seems to breed them.
Lisa: are u still doubting me after this long time we have been together or u just don't want to help me
me: Juni0r G4r4ng, Prince K3vin 4gas, H4rrison Thomas, Mon3sco Thomas... the list is long,
Lisa: I don't know all these people u are listing ...who are they sweet heart
me: They're all from Sudan, they're all in Ghana, they all have millions, and they all need my help. Sounds sorta familiar...
Oh, and those are the ones that I can remember their names. There are some others.
Lisa: I don't think that concerns me sweet heart, as there are many people here in Africa who needs help and if u think u can't help me because these people need help from u then I just don't know what u mean
me: What are the odds of maybe ten rich Sudanese orphans reaching Ghana and finding me to be their savior? Seems a tad hard to believe.
Lisa: how should I know
me: You should be able to guess. How many rich-as-Creosote families are there in Sudan who have fallen foul of the Islamists and been wiped out? Should be a pretty close-knot crowd.
Lisa: I think u should rather use me as your wife here in Ghana to verify all these people and know if they are real people and not asking me all these
me: Well, that's the thing, isn't it? You're a guy and I don't swing that way.
If your ID card is anything to go by, that it.
Lisa: me a guy..omg
u have insulted me in my face and that is so unpolite
me: You see, I sent your ID to a former colleague in the US. He showed it to a document examiner. Not only is that card a fake, but the picture is that of a boy.

(A pinch from my barrister bait with SlapHappy, JustJane and Black Dog assisting)
Lisa: how could u even think that Im a guy when I have sent u my ID and
me: You don't float my boat. I just told you.
Lisa: are u sure u saw my ID
me: You sent me an ID card. That's the one I mean.
Lisa: there is nothing about that ID that relates to a boy so why do u say that
me: The picture is that of a boy. No doubts. The analysis was conclusive.
Lisa: that's a lie...who ever did that God damn analysis
me: A forensic examiner with NCIS with 13 years experience.
Lisa: I am a lady and on that ID am still a lady
me: Staff Sergeant J4ne L3wis.
Well, that pic on the ID is a guy. No question.
Lisa: that's a lie
me: The jaw is that of a man. So is the nose.
Lisa: tell your Sergeant J4ne L3wis she's a bloody liar and a relationship breaker
she talk shit she don't know
u just give this as a message to her
me: She's a Marine. She has no cause to lie to me. She's also an expert.
Lisa: she's a bloody liar
me: I have to ask you why she'd lie.
Lisa: she should go to hell and tell the devil that he's a female instead
me: She signed a report.
I don't believe in the devil. Or hell.
Lisa: how can she tell u I'm a boy when I am a girl ?
Lisa: I think she needs re-school
that's a lie... I am a girl
me: You get me a picture of you that proves you're a girl.
Lisa: i can go on webcam
me: That's the only way. I don't have a webcam. Hate the gorram things.
They're murder on bandwidth and mess with your download limits.
Lisa: I can find a cafe with a webcam and we can chat via yahoo messenger
me: I don't have a gorram webcam. I told you that.
Lisa: you don't have to get a webcam...I am the one u want to see so I need the webcam not u
me: Hang on. How do I see you without the webcam at this end?
Lisa: it's easy
me: Explain.
Lisa: when we chat through yahoo.. I will invite u to view my webcam and then u accept the invitation and then my webcam comes on
that is we have to set a day that I can find a better cafe with webcam
me: It won't be now. It's after midnight here and I should be asleep. How do I see you? I don't know how this Yahoo messenger works.
Lisa: u have to have a yahoo account
me: I do, remember?
Lisa: and then u sign into the yahoo messenger using your yahoo information
are u trying to sign in now
me: It's enabled, but I have no idea how it works.
And no, I'm not. It's too late to keep chatting. I'm going now. We can set this up later.
Lisa: ok when u are set u can send me email
bye and have a nice sleep.. Ilove u
I love u

This should be interesting...

Son of a bitch!!! Your dead!!! Everything about your stinking poor life is dead!!! Get off my way you son of a bitch mother ....a man without father bastard....your harlot mother got your fuckin pregnant by the road side were she went hawking for men to fuck her stinking pussy...your dead Ok

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Dr Mike
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PostPosted: Mon Jul 12, 2010 10:41 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Wow, Yastreb. Denial here and anger in this thread.
Why don't go for bargaining, depression and acceptance as well and you'll have a "five stages of grief" bingo. Very Happy
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