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 The Caribbean Connection

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PostPosted: Sat Jul 10, 2010 11:58 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I thought that a bait had ended when I got this:

This is to notify you that your payment has been re-scheduled and channelled for release to you from the Caribeans.
You shall be contacted by Mr. P4ul 4tkins of the C4ribb3an Fin4nc3 C0ntr0l. However, we advise that you contact them as follows:

Contact Person: Mr. P4ul 4tkins.
Establishment: C4ribb3an Fin4nc3 C0ntr0l
Location: Jamaica, Caribbeans.
Phone Number: 1-876-4O1-9677
Email Address: *****

Please be advised to email Mr. 4tkins immediately and thereafter call him on telephone for discussion on the mode and schedule of payment. Send him all your payment details and as well the exact value of your expected funds.
You must expedite action as time is of essence.

I sent back a derisive response:

The Carribean - tax shelter and money laundering central - O RLY?

To my surprise (emphasis added):

My name is P4ul 4tkins. I am the director of operations for C4ribb3an Fin4nc3 C0ntr0l. We received a transfer signal from our corresponding bank in the UK i.e. (United Trust Bank, London) to transfer your fund worth $6.8m. I have also been in touch with Mr. Holmes as per the necessary wire instructions. But unfortunately, the C4ribb34n Fin4nc3 C0mpli4nc3 C0mmissi0n (CFCC) did not approve the bank wire transfer for your transaction as a result of some deficiencies in your paper work which is not in compliance with the CFCC act. As a result, I had to initiate an alternative plan to establish your payment via Traveller’s checks instead of the previous bank wire transfer which has been annulled.

Permit me to inform you that the checks have been issued on your name and you will be the only person liable to cash these checks. I have made an arrangement to have the checks transported and delivered to you personally in your destination by an associate of mine who is a diplomat (his name is Mr. D4vid P4rker). The entire checks have been secured in a safe-box as a consignment. I have also arranged with the diplomat i.e. (Mr. D4vid P4rker) who will help transport this consignment to your destination. You will probably be required to meet with him at his Hotel when he arrives your destination.

Regarding the safe-box , it is not possible to unlock the box without the code. The box was constructed with hard steel and was built in Ukraine, Russia. It is neither possible to unlock or break the safe-box without opening it with the combination code. The clue to unlocking the combination of the safe-box is secretly written on the side of the safe-box i.e. (B.A.G.I.D 360°R). But this is meaningless to the necked eye. Below is a detailed instruction on how to open the safe-box. Please read carefully.

When turning the knob on the safe, please ensure that you listen carefully to the “click” sound of the knob while trying to maneuver the combination code on the Safe. Note that the word “B.A.G.I.D” means that each alphabet represents the numeric value below. While the 360°R is the knob’s final turning point to the right, after which you can lift up the safe handle in order to open it. The instruction is outlined below…


a) Turn the safe knob 2 clicks to the right
b) Turn back the safe knob 1 click to the left
c) Turn the safe knob 7 clicks to the right
d) Turn back the safe knob 9 clicks to the left
e) Turn the safe knob 4 clicks to the left again
f) Finally, turn back the safe knob 360° i.e. (360 degrees) to the right. A red light will appear on the knob which indicates that the safe is ready to be opened. Pull up the handle below to the safe box and open.

I will appreciate of you can forward the name of the nearest airport to your destination so that I can arrange the ticket for Mr. P4rker to transport the consignment to your destination.

They've gone to a deal of trouble with that script - it sure beats the trunkbox padded with nylon and stitched with machine - but the kicker is that the phone number does seem to be a Jamaican one, according to an area code listing...

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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