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 News article of a wash-wash scam in Germany, March 2010

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Today I have seen a newsarticle from March 2010 in an local paper about a wash-wash fraud in Augsburg, Germany.
Here is a quick translation of that article, original is at ..,-Der-UN-Soldat-John-West-und-das-schwarze-Geld-_arid,2086855_regid,2_puid,2_pageid,4490.html


The victim of the so-called "wash-wash method" had offered on a Spanish website an apartment on the holiday island of Tenerife for sale in summer 2009. By e-mail an alleged "John West", a 'soldier in the UN troops in Iraq', showed interest.

He offered 75,000 euros and said he could not deliver the money by himself, it would be delivered "with a special machine of the Red Cross flew to Berlin". By the way, "said John West," the money had been heavily polluted by "unfortunate circumstances" in Iraq.

The woman, glad to be able to sell the apartment quickly, agreed. And indeed, on 14 August came the news that the machine with the money had ended up in Berlin. A middle-man named "Mike" will pass the 75,000 euros at a hotel in Berlin-Tegel, Room 340.

There, the 56-year-old Lady was actually awaited by a African man, who presented her with a safe in a suitcase. The dirty money is however very sensitive to light, it could break down in the air, Mike warned.

At home, out of sheer concern the woman buried the safe at first on a campsite. Two weeks later, she dug out the small safe again and opened it. Inside there were bundles of black paper size.

Shortly thereafter another middleman contacted her and told her, now you can wash the black money. A special tincture which "is available only in Brussels" would cost Euro 30,000. At the Brussels Central Station the victim gave said sum and received in return from an african man one bottle of the "miracle tincture". The middle man hastily disappeared. Later when the woman did read in the newspaper of similar frauds known as "Nigeria-Connection", she went to the police.

Over the renter of room 340 of the hotel in Berlin, the CID determined a 26-year-old Cameroonian (Defenders: Dr. Bernd Scharinger) x who was about to review the police because of a kidnapping case in Berlin. The man, a professional football player of the first division, "Adler Berlin", was finally arrested in Switzerland.

Now in the trial he did pretend, he was only "courier" of the safe and had received 600,- for this services from a fellow. The "special tincture", which after been analyzed by the detectives turned out to be an Italian red wine, and a CID official testified that the "notes" were worthless paper.

For the court the accused was ultimately not just henchmen, but an accomplice of a fraudster gang. At the request of prosecutor Beate Schauer he was therefore sentenced to a suspended sentence of 14 months.
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