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 Not much of a bait

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Willy Pete
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:09 am Reply with quoteBack to top

mostly because I wasn't sure of the lad at first and shut him down before it got into proper baiting territory, but for a casual (and accidental) first try maybe worth a snigger:

OKCupid message from "mrsvictoria":

Hello dearest,

My name is Mrs. Victoria Ashley, i am from Sweden, I saw your profile on my friends list this morning, I will like to know if I could trust you. Please get back to me as soon as possible.

Yours sincerely,
Mrs. Victoria Ashley.

OKCupid chat log:

09:50:30 Me: hello
09:53:09 mrsvictoria: i am fine and u?
09:53:46 Me: I r gr8
09:54:44 mrsvictoria: ok
09:56:38 mrsvictoria: ok
09:56:53 mrsvictoria: can i trust u with a project
09:57:50 Me: no, I'm irresponsible and untrustworthy. my therapist says I talk too much.
09:58:22 mrsvictoria: ok
09:58:30 mrsvictoria: i understand
09:58:57 mrsvictoria: do u think your therapist is correct?
09:59:46 Me: I'm too paranoid to trust him
09:59:58 mrsvictoria: ok
10:00:33 mrsvictoria: have u codinated any project in your live?
10:00:34 Me: that's why I keep telling the most outrageous lies that pop into my head
10:01:07 mrsvictoria: ok
10:01:07 Me: yes, I was chief editor of a spelling dictionary
10:01:24 mrsvictoria: ok
10:01:36 mrsvictoria: and that was when?
10:02:07 Me: just after the anglo-saxon spelling reform
10:04:38 mrsvictoria: ok
10:04:49 mrsvictoria: can i ask u a question?
10:05:16 Me: sure, but letters seldom answer sensibly
10:05:51 Me: I kept asking y, but all it said was 'because'
10:07:16 mrsvictoria: i am still waiting
10:07:25 mrsvictoria: because what?
10:07:34 Me: exactly
10:10:00 mrsvictoria: my question is do you have plans for the less privileged
10:11:36 Me: no, I have plans for the privileged, but I shouldn't discuss those, so you can claim ignorance afterwards
10:15:55 mrsvictoria: ok
10:16:09 mrsvictoria: in regard to your answer
10:16:17 mrsvictoria: i understand what you mean
10:16:44 mrsvictoria: the reason why i asked that question was because i am runing a project now
10:17:00 mrsvictoria: but my health is very bad
10:17:35 mrsvictoria: this was the reason why i accepted your massage
10:17:55 mrsvictoria: because i so your name on my quiver list some days ago
10:18:22 mrsvictoria: but since then i am waiting for a i will meet you online
10:18:40 mrsvictoria: pls tell me if i can trust you!
10:19:22 Me: sure, trust me if you will. TANSTAAFL
10:21:55 mrsvictoria: ok
10:22:12 mrsvictoria: please send me ur email address i will send u a massage
10:22:55 Me: PGP key please
10:24:55 mrsvictoria: what is PGP
10:27:02 Me:
10:31:15 mrsvictoria: i still dont understand u
10:32:35 Me: emails only over encrypted channels
10:36:43 mrsvictoria: is that your email address?
10:38:46 Me: no. since it looks like you're not familiar with email encryption anyway, you might as well tell me here
10:45:36 mrsvictoria: ok
10:45:37 mrsvictoria:
10:50:12 mrsvictoria: i will send u a massage through your OkCupid Id
10:53:36 mrsvictoria: i have just send you a massaga
10:57:33 mrsvictoria: i am still waiting for your response.
11:06:06 Me: sorry, had to drop off the kids
11:06:43 mrsvictoria: ok
11:06:51 mrsvictoria: did u receive my mail.
11:07:11 Me: no
12:01:05 mrsvictoria: have u seing my massage?
12:02:49 Me: no. just use the chat FFS
12:03:12 mrsvictoria: Hello dearest, Thank you very much for your respond; I was very happy when i saw your response. I know you don’t understand my letter, which was the reason why I have to explain myself to you in details. My Name is Ms. Victoria Ashley, I was born in Cincinnati, Ohio, United States Of America in the year 1945, my father name is Edward Mills and my mother Cathlyn who raised me and i got married to John who i mate in Cleveland a beautiful soul, may his soul rest the bossom of the Lord. We moved to his country united kingdom in 1980. Based on the project I told you, I was mystified to choose you after going through prayers and fasting, just this morning I confirmed that my prayers has been answer. But right now i am very sick and couldn’t accomplish my heart desire, which was the reason why I ask for your help in completing this long time wish of my. All I want from you is to give me your word that you will use my money to do what I required you to use it for! I promise you will never regret ever helping. Please I will advice you reconfirm this information to me. Your Full Name: Your residential address: Your direct telephone number: Your Age: These are the things I need from you, and I will also want you to know that you are doing this for God and not me. I await your urgent reply. Ms. Victoria Ashley.
12:05:09 Me: ROTFLMAO
12:05:30 mrsvictoria: what is the meaning of that?
12:06:28 mrsvictoria: i dont understand you
12:07:02 mrsvictoria: i told you i dont have time on the internet
12:07:29 Me: of course you don't, I'm sure art. 419 doesn't mean anything to you either
12:07:33 mrsvictoria: because my doctor advice me not to use the computer again
12:07:45 mrsvictoria: this wa sthe reason why i sent you that massage
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 11:31 am Reply with quoteBack to top

10:27:02 Me:
10:36:43 mrsvictoria: is that your email address?

Just... wow.

My email address is http://[email protected], by the way.*

* Actually the email RFC is so funky I think that may actually be a valid email address, but that's beside the point.

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Willy Pete
Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 07 Jun 2010
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PostPosted: Mon Jun 07, 2010 12:16 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Actually, with http:// as protocol designation like that, most browsers would try to log you in as user "www.foo123" on the server ""
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