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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 10 May 2010
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PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 8:53 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I received the following email yesterday. Has anyone seen this mode before? Its way more advanced than most of the lads I see.


Rhodeville Credit Union
325 Gray's Inn Rd,
London, WC1X 8DA
United Kingdom.

Dear Customer,

Compliments of the season we have been trying to contact you but all to no avail, we wish to inform you that a temporally account have been open for you for your long awaited fund of $3,580,000.00 ( Three million five hundred and eithy thousand dollars) to be transferred into your nominated bank account. We want you to know that we are a reputable bank and also an intermediary bank with The Royal Bank of Scotland and hence all transfers would be powered by The Royal Bank of Scotland.

Below are your accounts coordinates:

Account Name: (Temporarily your Ref number with us [RCU1000390761121])
Account #: 33-1905665411
Swift Code: OBBN1978
ABA Routing #: 198615342

You can log into your new online account by clicking on the below link:

Online Banking Website:
Username: RCU1000390761121
Password: 3t89g27k

For immediate response you are required to contact Mr. Bret Hynes with the email address and phone numbers below.

Email Address: [email protected]
Phone Number: +447024068229
Phone Number: +447024076819

As soon as you log on into your temporally account you would see your fund in your account and you can also start your fund transfer.

Yours Sincerely,
Mr. Bret Hynes

The information contained in this message is confidential and solely intended for the individual or entity to whom it is addressed, or authorized to receive it. If you are not the intended recipient, please do not read, you are hereby notified that any disclosure of this communication, copying, distribution or taking action in reliance of the contents of this information is strictly prohibited and may be unlawful. If you received this mail in error, kindly inform the sender and delete the mail. Thank you for your kind gesture.

Copyright © 2010 Rhodeville Credit union.


The user name and password actually work and the bank website even looks somewhat legit (minus a few typos). Seems the boys are getting a little more advanced...
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Elite Baiter

Joined: 18 Jun 2008
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Location: Belgium

PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 9:44 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Yes I already saw it.
I suppose that a potential victim who would try to log in would fall for it because it would seem more realistic to witness the existence of the funds online...

You should report the website in the killing fake sites section.

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Murry Guru
Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 11:06 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi DH Sizzle

I am glad you have spotted it as a scam,

Albatar is completely right, this is not all that uncommon

I have taken the liberty of posting it in the fake banks and sites section here;

You already know that its a scam so I wont go into too much detail, 2 very obvious signs are;

The free email being used by a banker

The 4470 phone number - they are a redirect service that allowed somebody in Africa to appear to have a UK phone number

You could also throw in the 2010 copyright at the bottom which is somewhat a red flag rather than proof.

The site killers (or fake site inactivators as some may prefer them be called Wink ) should make short work of this.

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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Mon May 10, 2010 12:09 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Nice eye, DHsizzle! A fake site on your first post here, too. Smile Thumbs up clapping clapping

I call those site killers, The Sharks. Wink Very Happy

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419Eater is my life

Joined: 11 Dec 2009
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PostPosted: Tue May 11, 2010 6:44 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Yes, nice, Rhodeville Credit union sending out compliments of the season.
I love that opening.

btw - welcome to Eater, DHsizzle , may the sitekillers-force be with you.
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