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 The Return of Isabella Caromel and John Barrister!

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Part 1 is here:

The lad couldn't leave well enough alone. After losing contact with him for almost a year, after being dollar chopped, humiliated, given wrong bank account info and wasting hours of his time, the lad couldn't leave well enough alone. He sent me this email the other day:

Dear Katie Mahoney,

Please I am contacting you urgently and I expect you to respond back swiftly if you are alive. My client (Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel) had once made you a beneficiary to the sum of ($10.6M USD), Anyway she left a message before she died. In that message she stated categorically in her last TESTAMENT (WILL) that the ($10.6M USD) left with the bank to transfer to you was diverted into another bank because they tried to take advantage of her ill condition. She pleaded I should trace it and ensure I get the funds transfer to you as the beneficiary. Finally I just located the funds with the bank where it was kept hidden. Unfortunately the information’s reaching me is that you are not alive anymore. If perhaps you are still alive I need you to respond quickly and let us commence taking custody of the funds because someone else has laid claims and the bank authority demand both of us to provide authentic proof of the fund to make claim.

Those required proof are certificate of deposit and any authorization letter by Late Mrs. Isabella Caromel that qualified you as the beneficiary of the funds, otherwise they have no reason discussing with me without such proof. Perhaps all I need is your readiness to stand as the legal beneficiary to the fund; hence I will get the required documents to present as proof if only you give me the support I need from you. As you already know, Mrs. Isabella Caromel was the only surviving family; she lost all her family members during the Tsunami incident. She has no relation whom will make claim of the funds except you as the beneficiary. What I want from you right now is for us to work together to claim the funds and share among ourselves. Therefore 70% go for you the beneficiary of the funds, while we set aside 10% for any expenses that will incur during the transaction, then 20% for me as her attorney whom initiated the idea. If you are satisfied with my Proposal kindly get back to me to furnish you with details of the bank for further communication. I have finally discovered the bank holding your funds but the bank only require a substantial proof to release the funds on transfer to you.

I will be waiting to hear from you soon.

Yours Sincerely
John Smith Esq

In part 1, Katie was fighting Lyme disease which is why the whole $2000 transaction was so difficult to pull off! And let's face it, I wouldnt be a very good baiter if I didnt indulge this lad with the aggravation that he's obviously seeking.

Katie sends this:


Hello John, its been a very tough few months for me and my family. Ive been in the hospital and my son has had to take my bills and work over and I'm still being watched by my doctors. I'm sorry that I couldn't write to you sooner!

I still do want to help you and Isabella with this and get the funds delivered! I will have my son Tommy help you out when I can't do something (I'm still kind of weak). I will talk to him tomorrow about what we're doing and have him help. He probably has an email too that he can use to help us.

So you will need my bank account info, I'll remember that. Once we get the funds we'll split them and you get 20%, that seems fair! This money could really help with my medical bills....I'll talk to my son tomorrow and have him get the bank account info. I hope you're doing well yourself!


So Katie recovered from Lyme disease. So her memory may or may not be damaged. She also has TWO sons now, Tommy and Timmy (Timmy is from part 1). I'm still thinking about how to pull this Tommy a typo or is there a Tommy here too? Are they any good with computers?

John replied today with this:


Dear Katie Mahoney,

Thanks for your email I never knew you are ill and hospitalized because it has been long we communicated last. Thank God you are back from the hospital and I believe with time you will be strong and capable. Oh I still remember your son Tommy how is he doing, I hope he’s fine too? I could remember that year when we on this same Isabella Caromel issues when your son Tommy was sick too and you were busy taking care of him in the hospital and we could not able to do something positive about this claims then he must have grown up now. Madam Katie if you are sure your son Tommy can handle the transaction capably I will be glad to hear from him and he will be feeding you back as we are progressing.

Pls kindly furnish me with your full contact details and required bank details including a scan copy of identification such as international passport or driver license. However if there is any other document required for verification as proof I shall workout that effectively.

Thank you I will be looking forward to your response.

Yours Faithfully
John Smith esq.

I'm still a little new at baiting here so any advice, tips or torture ideas are welcome! Ive had this guy on the hook for a year now and I dont wanna lose him to a newbie mistake.

Closed lad accounts

"I mean you have know that the slip since to be very important ok"
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