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 First bait...One on the line

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 23 Apr 2010
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PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:22 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Well, I have been going back and forth with a lad for just over a week now. It is the same scam I have seen on this forum several times. Student who fled to Europe etc... She is a picture sender too. She want s account info now, but I am stalling for various reasons.

I sent her a hilarious picture of myself (not me obviously), but funny none the less. I will attach the picture in this post.. I will also post the conversations that we have had to this point.

Here is the photo I sent her of Me aka Jerry Smithe ( all made up info of course):

Here are a couple of pictures sent by the lad:


and finally she did send me some credentials ...sorta. I asked for ID and she sent me this :
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 23 Apr 2010
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Mon Apr 26, 2010 6:43 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Email from LAD:

Hello My Dearest,

Thanks, I consider it a privilege for you to give a prompt response to my mail and also l am responding with a little explanation of the things about me and what we need to do making the way for us to know more of each other better, because I believe and also have the feeling that in today's world, neither race, nationality nor religion will be a barrier to peoples relationship. Although, we’ve not met each other face to face before, but I will really like to have you as my close friend forever and I decided to contact you in my first email for us to be friends due to the urgency of my situation here in this country, Actually, My dad was killed during the government of Charles Taylor, who is now in Hague for punishment after many innocent souls he killed in my lovely country, He accuse my father of sponsoring coup attempt and killed my dad and it’s only God who will judge him for all the lives he wasted in my country Liberia. So presently now I am seeking asylum under the United Nations High Commission for the asylum seeker here in Dakar, Republic of Senegal through Gods guidance towards me.

And besides, I have here attach copies of my two picture for you and l hope they will look nice to you so that you will know the actual person who you are dealing with and l hope to have yours in return ok? Please write to me soon my dear, l really needs your help and I’m waiting to hear from you as soon as possible so that l will know your plans in helping me to leave here for good.

I wait to hear from you soon and thanks.

With Love,
Mary John

Email reply from Me (Jerry): (the one where I sent the picture)

Mary, So glad to hear from you. Thank you for the beautiful pictures and I am sympathetic to your situation. Please tell me what I can do to help you and I will!!! Attached is a picture of me so you can see who you are dealing with. I really do help I can help you out in this dire situation.

Email from Lad:
Hello my dearest Jerry,

Thanks for your mail to me now, actually my dear, I have seen your picture which you sent to me and in fact, you look very nice and handsome to my liking and also the reason why I asked to know your plans for me first, was for you to help me leave here soon because of the maltreatment I was receiving from my step mother and my uncle which made me to leave my country to come over to this country where I live today under the protection of Almighty God. After my father died, my uncle and my step mother they both planned and took away all what my dad worked for years and requested that I should give them my father’s bank account information in Europe of which my dad used my name as his next of kin to deposit the money there in Europe, the £5,000,000.00 British Pounds, of which I refused to give my father’s bank account information to them as they had requested, due to the refused to take care of my education and my other needs after my father died and the both decided to plan and kill me with poison, so when I found out what they had planed for me, I decided to stop eating in our house and when the problem became most horrible between me and them for me since I couldn’t condole the diffident to keep staying in the same house roof with them , So I had to decide to leave the house for them and move over to any where in the world of somewhere that I would be comfortable and when they found out about my intentions to run away, they went and burnt my international passport and other valuable traveling documents and since I have no choice and can not take the inattention to still stay in that house with them again seeing that I had already made up my mind to leave them for good, so I had to run away from my country Liberia down to Senegal here where I am living today as a refugee through Gods assistance and sustain.

So please My dear, as I had pleaded to you for assistance today, I would like to know your intentions, to know if I can confide in you since everyone has deserted me with there insincerity, because I am so confused at this stage now, please if you can also assist me with the transfer of the money and you will invest the fund for me as I told you now and also you will help me to locate a good university there in your country where l can seek admission for this academic year when l arrive. Although, it is my intention to compensate you with twenty five percent of the money out of the total money for your services and the balance will be for my investment capital which you will invest for me in a good moving business there in your country after the transfer is made and I arrive successfully to live with you under your care and control. therefore my dear, this are my reasons for seeking for your friendship so that you will humbly assist me in this regard and as soon as I receive your positive response indicating your ability and willingness to assist me in this hold as I need your support, I will then forward all vital information to you so that you go ahead and help me as l desire.

Please I am waiting to hear from you soon to know of what next to do and thanks while I wait to hear from you soon.

With Love always,
Miss Mary John

Email from Me (Jerry):

ad so many troubles in your life. I know many great universities that you could attend. My intentions are to help you out in any way that I can. I could never ask for 25 percent in return. That is way to generous for helping someone so beautiful out. Please tell me what I need to do to help you. Money is no object, but we will need to discuss the details. I would love to meet you as well. Wouldn't it be wonderful if I could come to Europe to see you??? Please send more pictures as you are a very pretty woman, and I am am a very lonely man. My intentions are honorable, but I cannot help but think that there is a chemistry between us.

Your Honored Friend,

Email from Lad:
Hello My Dear Jerry,

I am so pleased to write you in response to your mail, I have received and gone through your mail and I am very much pleased that I can depend on you now to get this Money transferred out of London bank to your account there in your country soon for my education intention soon when I join you there to better my life under your care and contol before long as I so desire. Also, I want to notify you that I have contacted my late fathers bankers in London on the issue of the transfer and I was asked to provide details where I want them o transfer the money for me and that was why I decided to open up to you so that you would help with your bank account to recieve the money there on my behalf soon so that I can get out of here as soon as we complete with the transfer of the money in next to no time as I want..

Now Jerry, please all what I want you to do for me is for you to send to me your information's such as. Your full name, home address and your office address, your occupation, your direct telephone number and your fax number to enable me contact the bank back because I will use your information to write a letter of authority to the bank officials mandating them to treat you as my representative to whose account they will have to transfer the money there for me soon.

Because with this way it will give you the right to contact the bank on my behalf and obtain what ever information about the account that you might wish to know or need to find out. Through this way also, you can send them your account information not to me direct rather to the bank officials for them to know of where you want them to transfer the money on my behalf soon so that I can get out of here as soon as the transfer is complete to able me join you there for a better living of mine as I so desire.

Besides I am waiting to have them soon. Hope to hear from you

With love always,
Marry John

Email from Me (Jerry):

Wonderful Mary,
I will send this information very soon. I am scared to put such information in an email without first verifying you are who you say you are. Do you have any identification that you can send me in an email? Anything to let me know that I am dealing with a credible person? I truly believe that you are, and I do not want to doubt you. I can tell you my name is Jerry Smithe, and I live in Lomita, Ca (USA) and. My address is 1313 Mockingbird Ln., Munsterville, CA 90717, it is also where I work ( same address). I can give you more info if you give me some sort of identification, and of course another sexy picture of yourself :Smile. I promise to hold my end of the bargain up Mary.


Email from Lad:

Hello My Dear Jerry,

Hopefully this piece of mail will find you in a perfect peace of mind, body, soul and spirit as I have made it to be here now. Actually I have attach my school ID card here for you as you requested and Now me having gotten your information’s as I had requested in my past mail, and also now I have use them to send a letter of Authority introducing to my late fathers bankers in London on the issue of the transfer as my foreign representative and as a result now the bank knows you as my foreign representative.

So for us to proceed with transfer process to your account as I so desire soon so that I can get out of here before long as I so desire…. I have decided to give you the bank contact address along so that you will have to contact and give them your accounting information with the rest of your information’s alongside too… because it is also important to know their method of transfer into your account and the cheapest method of doing so. I have instructed them to respond to your questions as my representative now.

When you write to them Jerry, these are the information you need to give to identify my account:

Account Beneficiary: Miss Mary John
Account No: LBFS/No 2286-41732-55

Bank Name: Lime Banking & Financial Services.
Their Email Address: [email protected]
Phone: (+447031807462) or (+447031807377)
Fax: (+447005961626)

Contact Person: Dr. Timothy CC Bass or
Mrs. Anta Lowe the Bank Secretary

Please my dear Jerry, you should contact the bank official as soon as you receive this mail from me and let them know that you are my foreign representative and also give them your accounting information along and the rest other information’s of which you’ve sent to me now. Please also keep me informed of what ever you discuss with them and have a happy day there till I hear from you soon

Hope to hear from you soon.

With Love always,
Mary John

That is what I have so far. Any advice comments tips tricks etc... would gladly be taken at this point.

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 23 Apr 2010
Posts: 3

PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 5:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

So I received an email this morning from the "banker"... I asked the lad to send me a picture with specific instructions, but it appeared they completely ignored it Evil or Very Mad She is now just begging me to send the pertinent info to them so that the transaction will go through.... Obviously I should send some bogus info right? I will go through the forum looking for info, but they sent me an account number also. I will post the email from the bank. :

Lime Banking & Financial Services.
High Road cove
London, E182QL,
United Kingdom.
([email protected])
Phone: (+447031807377) (+447031807462)
Fax: (+447005961626)
Ref No: GOC/SSC/RNPM/V007. Date: April, 28th 2010.

Attention: Mr. Jerry Smithe/Miss Mary John,


In reference to our discussion with Miss Mary John her e-mail introducing you as her foreign representative, coupled with your personal information we received regarding transfer from Account No. LBFS/NO.2286-41732-55, we respond as follows: Based on the mail submitted on your behalf and her request to deal with you as her representative, your position as her representative has been established but we still need some documents to support the claim.

By virtue of our professional ethics, we are required to protect the identity and all information relating to our clients. We shall be ready and willing to correspond with you all information concerning this account when approved in writing through the beneficiary (Miss Mary John) “by providing the following documents as required by law when the beneficiary can not be physically present in the bank to authorise the transaction in person.

(1). A power of attorney permitting you to claim and transfer the funds to your nominated account on her behalf. This document must be endorsed and signed by her in the presence of a resident attorney where she dwells.

(2). A death certificate of her deceased parent confirming the death.

(3). Affidavit of Support from High court of Justice where she is residing to prove the authenticity of the power of attorney.

NOTE: Provision of the above mentioned documents is mandatory and needed to protect the interest of all parties involve this transaction after the claims. This shall also ensure a smooth, speedy and successful transfer of the fund is carried out to either designated bank the conveyance is fixed for fund transmittance. However, processing and transferring the fund to your nominated account shall commence soon after we received the above mentioned documents.

Our customers interests come first, if you have unanswered questions to be treated, do not hesitate to put them forward to our staff member for answers.

Yours Sincerely,
Mrs. Anta Lowe (Secretary to)
Dr. Timothy CC Bass.
Director Foreign remittance
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Baiting Guru

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 28, 2010 6:18 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Send bogus bank info! Never send anything legitimate or real to the mugu.

Suggestion about next step (this is a favorite trick of mine - it never fails):

(a) Your character goes to the bank to get money to send to the lad.

(b) Your character writes "I could not get money today at the bank. They have a computer problem. But it should be fixed tomorrow."

(c) Then, using a new e-mail account, you write "I am the bank president. Your victim was in here today. He showed me your e-mails. I knew at once that you are a scammer. I have NOT told this to victim. He is very rich and very stupid - together we can both be rich. Will you work with me? Each of us will get 50%"

(d) This opens up all kinds of possibilities for negotiation between the bank president and the mugu. Obviously, the bank president will block any fund transfer until he get the deal he wants.

(e) Eventually, however, it is time for the "dollar chop". Bank president writes : " I had dinner with your victim last night. This guy is richer than I realized and even more stupid than I realized! When he left the room, I blocked all your e-mails on his computer. Then, when I got home, I opened a "new" e-mail address for "you" and wrote the victim that "you" have a new e-mail address.
"This morning, the bank transferred $6,000 from victim to "you". Of course, I am keeping it all. I will be rich and you will get NOTHING. When victim realizes he has been conned, he will blame you!"

(f) Hopefully, mugu opens a new e-mail address and tries to convince the original victim that banker is a fraud, which opens some interesting possibilities in itself.


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