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 Some questions about Alan, account-killer extraordinaire

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Compulsive Self Abuser

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puckettgw wrote:
</fanboy> The U.S. banking system in general is retarded. A 20 year old native born citizen has to provide so much info to get an account that I don't see how scammers from outside the country could possibly get one.

C'est la vie... hopefully our banks start taking you guys a little more seriously, Alan.

They start with one easily obtained fraudulent document (Birth certifcate or utility bill for example), then use that one to get something a little harder to get (proof of identity), then repeat that all the way up to a bank account.

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WOW Shocked

Thanks Alan for such a terrific rundown of what goes on. Truly impressive. It also answers why people get western based accounts sent to them - I did wonder about that.

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