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 Looking for some creative direction

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PostPosted: Sun Apr 18, 2010 11:37 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I have a lad who has stuck with me through tough times. Smile I can't even remember what the original scam was for, but somehow I got him off that.

I've sent Deuzers WU forms first linked to SecureShield due to my fear of hackers, he briefly tried it out and started to get a little annoyed

Who told you the Bank is stupid?No,I never told you that.I am a straight Man.If you dont make the payment today to the Bank directly with no code,I beg you in the name of JESUS CHRIST,forward the letter to me.I cant just keep wasting my time on a transaction that should have taken just 3 days to do.You are proofing to be stubborn.You dont follow my instructions.What would it take you to pay the charges directly to the Bank.MUST you code it?Enough of this delay.Make the payment TODAY,send the payment slip to the bank and keep me posted.

Now I have him going to Cotonou (he claims 20 miles) to collect in person because my character is concerned about dolla chops online. I told him the WU lady was giving me a hard time about sending cash to Benin and was controlling me

you have really made me an insultive bag to Mr.LadFriend who is ready to assist us move the funds to you.You sent a fake western union form.,there was no $2,000 for pick up.Infact,you messed me up.If I had known that you are this kind of person,I would have not deal with you to this extent.Why are you fond lying?Which lady is controling you in WU?Is she her money?I told you to send the money directly,you are telling me that a lady want you to put security.Is this my instruction to you.Infact,you are a fuck-up. Smile
Track the payment yourself and you will see that the money is not available for pick-up.Lad friend is annoyed with me.We have been friends for over a decade.Now,you want to spoil our relationship.
for the last time,if you dont have the necessary amendment TODAY and send the payment directly to Mr.Lad,I will be through with you concerning this transaction.I SWEAR IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST!!!

My character is frustrated by his stupid friends inability to perform a simple task of collecting the cash and then sending my $5M. He's frustrated he can't get the cash so I've offered to call him in an attempt to retain my credibility.

Anyone want to call him? PM for details.

I'm looking for ideas about what to do next. Anyone?

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