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 Sir Bi!ll D!ng Flies Over The Hills and Far Away

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Bill Ding
Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Wed Apr 14, 2010 7:28 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I became fed up with this guy because it seemed to lead nowhere. Talk about the "Road To Nowhere" and Ozzy!

After all the months I have baited him, all he tried to get out of me was a cell phone and a plane ticket. Very boring... Laughing

I killed off his 'benefactor':

And then I sent him this email which sort of keeps the whole thing open, in case one of my other lads bores me...

I am Maitre Kurt Cobain, Mr. B!ll D!ng's attorney.

l am, I said I was, and I regret to inform you that Mr. B!ll D!ng has had a somewhat fatal accident.

The late Mr. Ding left Turkey to travel to New Zealand to appear in the film "What Is And What Should Never Be", did his own stunts and sadly succumbed to his own injuries, during the "hang man" scene during the very dramatic "Gallows Pole" part of the film which you will view should you be able to view this film in your country.

The pole that Mr. Ding acted so well was meant to represent how you fellows felt about a large pole. The late Mr. Ding never explained what he might do with this large pole and where some people might put it.

As an artist, he left matters like this completely up to to the viewer. "For all I care, 'e can shove it the arse!" he used to snap. "Though I really did tell 'em where they could shove it, not really."

He was a wee bit grumpy. But he had a humane sort of soul, so he did. He'd sniff the air and belt this tune out at the pub:

"Hey fellas, have you heard the news?
You know that Justin's back in town?
It won't take long just watch and see how Justin lay his money down...
The style is new but scam's the same as it was so long ago,
But from his eyes, a...another net café
That Justin only knows."

I know, it almost sounds cynical. But the late Sir Bill Ding drank a lot. Stress, you know, being almost as popular as The Beatles.

Reverting back to part of the email:

Justin, he is over the hills and far away. What lives is born to die. I shed a tear for the wonderful actor that was Sir Bill Ding. I feel dazed and confused over the loss.

Our late Mr. Bill Ding has climbed the stairway to heaven, so he has. Please, if you have any Christianity and good will in you, pray for his almighty soul. And his pole. What am I going to do with the pole now?

If I can help you in any way, please feel free to contact me at this same email address:

Kurt Cobain, MAL
Maitre at Large

Our Partners:

J. Hendrix (Mr.) CEO
Barrister Keith Moon, Esq
Brian Jones, Esq.
James (Jim) Morrison, Esq.
Layne Staley, Esq.
Phil Lynott, Esq.
Joey Ramone, CPA
J. Joplin, Artistic Director

Representing the firm C. U. Soon

On Tue, Mar 30, 2010 at 5:49 PM, justin séné eyadema <[email protected]> wrote:

Hello Mr. Bill,

I was on the point of writing to you when I discovered your
e-mail. I am glad to know that you are cures and benefit fully of
Relating to me, I will be well charmed to visit Istanbul with
you, which will reinforce our relations. I wait impatiently until you
send the plane ticket to me.

With very soon.[img][/img][url][/url]

"My only concern is for you to keep the secret so that other people will not know what we are doing and may later implicate us out of enemity. This is a begging opportunity which I do not want to miss."

"...the beneficiary can be anybody,it is not mandatory for the beneficiary to be related to the deceased, it does not even matter if you are from different countries, religious or non religious..."

"Due to his wickedness and greediness he plan with high killers and killed my father and pretend that my father was killed by armed Rubber but he don't know that i know his secret."

"I have already made myself clear, and I am completely transparent to you."
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