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 Who would suspect the great grandmother....

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Now first up let me say I'm very new to the baiting scene, lost a handful of lads while I've refined my technique but this one is ongoing and I'm so excited to share it, it will be a work in progress though.

A little background on my baiting persona: 3dna is a dottery 87 year old widow who is as deaf as a door knob and lives for her children, grandchildren and her senior citizens group. She's such a soft touch and is a scammers wet dream.

From Charle5:

Respected sir, I am looking for interested person or company that can receive my family inheritance money for proper safekeeping and investments, and want the person to assume responsibility of management on investment. My late father stashed US$8.5 million dollars cash away hoping to use it to finance his campaign and presidential ambition in my country but which was not to be as he was murdered. Your benefits for receiving and safekeeping this money abroad will be 25% of the total sum, and another 10% commission accruing from profit on investment. I look forward to your reply with full names, mailing address and phone numbers for more details. I assure you 100% risk free operation until you receive the money in your care. Very Sincerely, Charle5 J. Nyamand3.

And here comes 3dna....

Respected sir? RESPECTED SIR? I will have you know I am a god fearing and goodstanding woman! I could very well have been interested in your offer had you not insulted me in such a lewd fashion. I demand an
apology and then we can consider you bringing me on board to assist
you with this investment.

MRS 3dna 3varedge

Dear Mrs 3varedge,

I am sorry for addressing you as sir. Frankly speaking, I came by your contact from search. As you know two people must some how come to know or meet to become friends and to have dealing with one another.

This type of transaction can always be pulled through, by keeping issues in ones heart only that is to say not confiding in any other person not involved for avoidance of leakage and surveillance. I want you to help me and receive $8. 5 million USD via a guaranteed delivery company for investment and safekeeping in your country.

Though we have not met before but I strongly believe I have to risk confiding in someone to succeed from my present situation and for the best of my family in future. I ran from my country Zimbabwe through boarder part to South Africa, and from South Africa to United Kingdom for safety.

This money belonged to my late father who is a politician and member of parliament in Zimbabwe. It was money he had stashed away hoping to use it to finance his presidential ambition and campaign but which was not to be as he was murdered. The fact is that as a top politician he used to receive kickbacks from constituents and other supporters who would as it were invest in his political future. So monies are not just put in the bank so that the government does not confiscate it.

As his son and close confidant I had all the information and details of the cash. United State dollars is always bought with the local currency. US dollars do not depreciate in value. He would collate and store currency in parcel as Artifacts. The idea was that at the right time he would bring them out and exchange in local currency and use for political campaign.

I will prefer the safest investment option that will not turn to a bubble. In this wise I would definitely need and depend on your advice, as you know your country best. But all investment options must be such as can be liquidated easily. As such financial assets would be most preferable. I believe safe financial investments are self-collateralized.

On the advice of my confidential lawyer in UK I will provode you affidavit of claim that identifies the money and the source for our mutual protection. Please, kindly send me your full names, mailing address and phone numbers, so that I can begin proper discussion with my administrator in the storage location on how to move the safe box to you very soon

I look forward to your reply very soon.

Charle5 J. Nyamand3.

Oh boo freaking hoo.

Dear Mr Nyamand3,

Consider all forgiven, you had the decency to offer me a sincere apology and that counts a lot in my book. After all, you could have just never emailed me back and that would have been that.

I believe I might be in a position to help you with your transport of funds but of course I'm going to need you to provide me with some more detailed logistical information first.

3dna 3varedge

So next he attaches some 'proof' of his identity which is so shady I think a retarded circus monkey may have done it.

Dear Mrs 3dna 3varedge,

In good faith, find attached proof of storage document. Inclusive is scan copy of my asylum document in South Africa for your understanding.

Please, don't expose the storage document to any person to avoid leakage of this transaction until the package is delivered to you. I ran from my country Zimbabwe to South Africa for safety, when I noticed that my later father's enemies in the government is planning to trap me under travel ristrictions and seize all my late father financial resource and bank accounts in Zimbabwe. I have to leave Zimbabwe to secure the safe box for the best interest of my family in the future. I am planning to leave South Africa to Europe soon after you have received the safe box in your position.

In the same spirit, I want you to send me scan copy of your International passport or driver's license via email attachment for positive identification.

Charle5 J. Nyamand3.

So now I start to play the he tugged on my heart strings card and open up to him a little more.


Dear Charles,

Thank you for the attached documents. Sadly I am unable to read trhe Proof of Asylum document as the writing is far too faint. Are you able to provide me with a rescan or some kind of adjustment so that I can read it correctly? I'm not as young as I once was and my eyesight fails me on occasion. Being a born and raised country girl my whole life I don't have a passport or a drivers license. It was considered very unacceptable here for a woman to drive, she should have a man drive for her so my late husband Henry did the driving, now I rely on my children and grandchildren to take me out. Let me assure you though, your documents have provided me with the peace of mind I need to help you in good faith. My heart goes out to you in your plight to escape those responsible for your fathers demise and I want to do everything I can to help you Charles, you seem to me to be a good and honorable person and not at all deserving of such a life.


Mrs 3varedge, sorry, I dont have privilage to go about in the public place for rescanning the asylum paper because of survillance and security in South Africa. I will do that when I get to England once i confirm from you that you have received the package from Harare Zimbabwe. Try to download the attachment in your computer system and enlarge the size so that you can read writing. Please, send me your full names, mailing address and phone numbers in return mail so that I can begin movement plans and let you know the date my administrator in the storage company will transport the package to you abroad. Thanks, Charle5 J. Nyamand3.

He doesn't have the 'privilage' of a spell checker either quite clearly. No idea what this England nonsense is about as I'm from Australia.

Dear Charle5,

My aren't you a smart gentlemen! Enlarging the size worked a charm! Thank you! Here are the details you need:

Full Name: Edna Rose Evaredge
Mailing Address: 34 Vista Crescent
Burrumbuttock 2642
New South Wales AUSTRALIA

As for a telephone number I'm afraid you are out of luck there. I'm as deaf as a door knob so I have to rely on the TTY service for the deaf. If you have access to the TTY service I would be happy to arrange communication between us but I think email may be the best. It helps me communicate more freely instead of having to suffer people trying to yell or speak in my face. If there is anything else you need don't hesitate to write me another email.

Take care.
Yours In Christ,

There was no way I could see getting around the phone issue so I played the TTY card I saw mentioned here on the forum. But alas, the Lad is persistent.

Mrs 3varedge,

I have received your mailing address. But I still need your home phone number for record purposes and to use it inform you on his arrival should you not be around your email. I will advice the delivery agent that you have hearing troubles that if he gets any person on phone he should inform the person to tell you to go to your system and respond to mails. I will keep your names, mailing address, phone numbers and everything concerning you in this transaction private until you receive the safe box safely.

Before, I can begin fully with you, I will be glad if you can re-assure me truthfully that you will not betray me or take advantage of my social situation and sit on the money once you receive the package. I am a kind of person who will build all the trust first with every proof available and both of us have to be convinced about each other and agree completely before moving forward.

I need explained details of your business experience to enable me know you well, and know which area you deem fit in investment. We will do our best to trust each other after true convictions, but then you have to give me your assurance and more reasons to trust you.

What do you do for a living? How do you know about investments and returns? I hope I am not asking too many question.

Please tell me more about yourself, I have no good knowledge of business and investment of money. Once you receive the safe box I want you to keep the money in a safe place until I meet you so that we can open joint / trust account and deposit the money in bits before going into investment.

Charle5 J. Nyamand3.

So which part of deaf doesn't this dipshit get? Sure I'm gonna hear some Lad on the phone yelling at me to go to my computer when I can't hear anything at all. /facepalm

Dear Charle5,

Apologies for not being clear in my last email. I do not have a home phone number. I have a line connected which can only be accessed by the TTY service by the TTY service. It is a service like a typewriter that allows me to type my communication to other TTY enabled telephone connections. So unfortunately this is not a simple case of having somebody advise me to go to my computer. I understand this may complicate things but my son has set up a wonderful system for me. I have a Hearing Dog (A dog trained to alert me to noises) and I have an alarm sound set for when I get a new email so my dog will run over and let me know. I know this system is somewhat unconventional but my Maxy allows me to function pretty much normally in my own home. So please have trust in me when I say the lack of a telephone won't be a problem.

As for your assurances, the best I can offer you is my word and I like to believe my word counts for a lot. It would be a sin for me to take from you what is not mine to have and committing such an indecent act is something I do not wish to have the Lord judge me on. I'm an honest christian woman who just wants to help people and I am in a situation now where I can help you. Even without any money Charles I would still help you as best I can as I know that is what God would expect of me, to not turn my back on a fellow human being.

My business experience was mostly limited to running a farm for most of my life however when my late husband and I retired we began building a property portfolio so I am rather knowledgeable about investing in property. I would strongly reccomend you invest your money in real estate here in Australia as it is a guaranteed return. Most of our portfolio is in the city of the Gold Coast which was tipped many years ago to be the next area for 'boom' growth and those tips paid off. Property we purchased for $90,000-$100,000 is now worth upwards of $500,000 so that is how I make my living in retirement. Our portfolio is large enough to provide me with a modest lifestyle with two lovely holidays each year with my Senior Citizens group. We're scheduled for a coach tour of New Zealand in August which will be a lovely time of year to visit.

I'm a quiet woman Charles, I enjoy spending time in my garden, knitting and I make preserves, jams and cakes for various charity groups which I love. I spend time with my children and grandchildren as often as possible.

If you have any other questions please ask, I'm as open as a book.

Take care.

Now I'm working on a few other baits with Edna and what I love to do is wait until she's comfortable enough with them then she just starts rambling on about all kinds of stuff. So there's two or three paragraphs about how her day has been then she'll answer their question then launch into some more old lonely lady rambling about how her dog ran out of food and there was no sugar for tea so she had to have her son come and drive her all the way into town which worked out well because she had to visit the doctor and he said her illness is flairing up etc. etc. etc. The funny part is that my Lads are being amazingly patient with her and I have one slipping off script and wanting money via Western Onion which is double score.

So here is the first stages of what I hope will be my first successful bait. I'd love any feedback or tips which may help me improve. Smile
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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:48 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

a coach tour of New Zealand in August which will be a lovely time of year to visit.

Ah, ozzie baiters.
You are a special breed.
Great work!

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