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 Domain name scam - my first play - be kind to me please

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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2010
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:25 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Hi everyone,
when I joined this forum last week I did say that I had been playing along with a scammer whilst just trying to waste their time and see how silly I could be with them.
Well, 'she' has finally stopped sending mails and no longer replies to me, so can I claim a small victory here as I seem to have outlasted 'her'?

I am a scam-baiting virgin as previously all iffy mails have just been filed in the trash bin, but for some reason this one appealed to me and I fancied some fun.

As the whole episode has been spread over 5 weeks I think it may be too much for just this one post, so if it's OK with you all I'll break with convention and spilt the play into various posts.

Firstly, I need to explain a few things and also introduce my characters:

I have a website which is no longer related to any sales as I have closed my small business. But the site is a mine of information and has been voted one of the Top 10 in its field on the whole web by a group of knowledgeable users.

I 'own' 2 domains but did not feel the need to take all the variants, so many are still free.

On 23rd Feb I received the following mail to a generic e-mail address which appears in various locations of my site:

Jane <[email protected]> hat am 23. Februar 2010 um 14:32 geschrieben:

Dear CEO,

We are a domain name registration and dispute organization in Asia, which mainly deal with the global companies' domain name registration and internet intellectual property right protection. Currently, we have a pretty important issue needing to confirm with your company.

On February,22, 2010, we received an application formally. A company named " Kartel Holdings Ltd " wanted to register some domain names with the keyword of "xxxxxxx" through our organization.

Now we are handling with the registration of these domain names.When we checking their application, we found the keyword of these domain names are identical with your company's. So, I want to confirm with you: Have you consigned Kartel Holdings Ltd to register those domain names? Or are they your subbranch in Asia?

We haven't finished the registration of Kartel Holdings Ltd yet, and we have postponed this application of this company temporarily already. In order to deal with this issue better, please contact us by telephone or email as soon as possible.Waiting for your reply ASAP.

Best Regards,

Sponsoring Registrar:
SK net service
tel: +852-65171987
fax: +852-30696940
Email: [email protected]

Now, I understand that I may leave in the contact details from 'Jane' but I have replaced my site details with xxxxxxx but if this is still not acceptable then I'm sure a forum Mod will amend as necessary.

I would note that a simple look-up (whois) would give my actual details so I couldn't understand why it was being sent to the generic address if it were genuine. To double check I looked around the 'net and sure enough found the exact wording highlighted a few times as a scam.

I decided to have some silly fun and created some characters within my non-existent organisation, but these need a little explanation:
My Director of Asian Affairs was to be: Um Leitung
My Legal Director was to be Rex Anwahlt

It is worth noting that the German word for diversion, as in road works is Umleitung and the German word for Lawyer or Solicitor is Rechtsanwalt (pronounced as Rex Anwahlt).

Surely 'Jane' wouldn't fall for this, would she?
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2010
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:03 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I replied as myself with the following mail:

Dear Jane,
xxxxxx is my business, my website and nobody else is, or has been authorised to use this name. I own various domains and variants of 'xxxxx' and would not allow anyone else to use any of them in any way.

Please keep me informed,

'Jane' then replied with the following missive:

Jane <[email protected]> hat am 24. Februar 2010 um 12:58 geschrieben:

Dear xxxxxxxx,
Thank you for your email,
If you have no relationship with them. According to our working experience, there are 3 possibilities:
1. Kartel Holdings Ltd is a domain name investment company, they want to register these names before you and sell back to you to gain profits.
2. It may be a commercial method Kartel Holdings Ltd is consigned by your competitor to register, let your clients feel confusion.
3. Kartel Holdings Ltd wants to copy your product of the same kind by your good reputation.

The domain names registration is open in the world. This is international domain name registration principle. Any organization and any person has the right to register available domains.As a domain name registrar, we have no right to refuse any person, or organization's registration, what we could only do for the original owner of the trademark is to provide the dispute for the trademark owner and inform you to protect your trademark, and finish your registration within the dispute period.

So expect your definitude direction.If you don't think their application will affect your company, you can give up these domain name and internet trademark, we will finish their registration.But if you think these domain names are useful for your company, we can send an application form to you and help you register these within dispute period. This is the only way to prevent domain name grab.

Now we are processing their application .Pls let us know your decision soon, so that we can handle the next step.

Best Regards


I replied by asking exactly which 'domain names' were under question:

Can you please tell me exactly which domain name(s) they are trying to register?

She replied with a list of the domains that I do not have, as I expected she would:

I then occupied myself with other things for a couple of days but was surprised to receive this rather 'heavy' mail a few days later on 9th March:

Jane <[email protected]> hat am 9. M?rz 2010 um 12:30 geschrieben:

Dear xxxxxx,

I don't know what make you keep silent. If you still perform like this, we can't help you any more even we want to help you. If you give up these domian names, we will register for Kartel Holdings Ltd . If any legal dispute and web conflicts in the future, don't bless us for having not informed you in time. It is yourself giving up the intellectual property right.

I am sorry this is the last time I write to you.If no response from you, we will think that your company has given up. Thanks for your cooperation during this time.

Best Regards


I'm not a person to take kindly to such 'threats' so I decided it was time to introduce my first two characters:

this is not a very good attitude, are you threatening me and my company here?

I, or should I say we have been quite busy with this in the last few days. As you now see from my 'CC' addresses on this mail I have involved two rather important people in my organisation and from now on they will take over this issue and free-up my more valuable time.

Firstly I have asked my Director of Asian affairs (Um Lei Tung) to look into this issue as he does have some previous contact with Kartel Holdings, but he knows them as suppliers of electrical goods, mainly lighting systems and certainly not xxxx.

He is also speaking directly to Kartel Holdings warehousing company in Australia, but they also don't appear to be branching out into xxxx sales.

Anyway, please speak directly with him as he will follow this up.

I have also brought my Legal Director; Rex Anwahlt into the circle as he doesn't have much to do at the moment and is already chomping at the bit to get started on this.

xxxxx CEO xxxxx

Note to Rex & Um;
Please do not hesitate to take whatever actions you think relevant, but keep me inofrmed.

Of course this mail was copied to two new addresses I created for my characters so that they could take over and speak directly to her.

Rex (Anwahlt my legal Director replied quickly with a mail back to me and copied to 'Jane' & Um)

Hi x.
Thank you for the communication.
I have looked into this situation and it seems we could well be covered by an old German law on intellectual property rights from 1926. Basically the law covers the fact that an organisation has a right over its own content, plus the right to prevent others from copying or emulating that content.

The particular law is under; § 731.62.5419a Deutsche
VoranmeldungSchutzFuerFirmenRechts and you can find it in our Head Office Library, just ask Doris to search it out for you.

did you get further responses yet from Kartel?

I find this whole story rather strange and as you see from my above note to K anyone trying to copy our content would be immediately dragged through the corporate courts in a very expensive way.


It's interesting to note here that I have invented one further character; 'Doris' our corporate librarian.
I also invented a totally non-existent German law:
§ 731.62.5419a DeutscheVoranmeldungSchutzFuerFirmenRechts
which would translate (very) loosely as 'German pre-registration protection for Company Rights.

I also referred to myself as 'x' my initial which I allow my directors to use, but from now on Jane seems to pick this familiarity up too.

Not to be outdone, Um replies to Rex, copying myself and Jane so she now has three of us mailing her with slight insanity and total invention:

Yes I spoke to both Jason and a Mr. Dong of the two 'Kartels' and they both know nothing. They never heard of this request or of the DNS company so as these are the two main Kartels of the Southern Hemisphere, Jane's Kartel must be a very small player, probably a one-man outfit just trying it on.

I'll be travelling down there next week and have two meetings now set-up with relevant parties.
I'll keep you posted.

Firtsly may I request that you check out " § 731.62.5419a DeutscheVoranmeldungSchutzFuerFirmenRechts" you should find a copy in your National Library.

Secondly, I would be interested to hear what you recommend as a solution to this minor problem?


Um has now invented two more players, each CEO of their respective company and being my Director of Asian Affairs he obviously knows them and has spoken to them personally about their trying to steal our domains Laughing

He even considers this serious enought to fly to Asia next week and personally sort this out.

I also liked the way 'Doris' suggested that Jane go to her National Library to look up that fictitiuos German Law.
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2010
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:28 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Jane replies with the following mail sent to all main characters:

Jane <[email protected]> hat am 11. März 2010 um 10:55 geschrieben:
Dear Rex & Um & x,

I really appreciate that you can treat this case so actively and carefully, which means you attach importance to your intellectual property right. As a domain name registration organization, we also respect your internet intellectual property right. That's why we sent you the first email, I believe in the special legal clauses that Rex has said.But I think you should have heard about Google's case. Google company's domain names & had been registered by other company.Of course,Google company want get their domain names back through arbitration,litigation,and other legal means,but wasting time and efforts,but Google company failed, at last Google company had paid 1 million dollars to get the two domain names back.

Because the domain names registration is open in the world. This is international domain name registration principle. Any organization and any person has the right to register available domains. It's there are some people want to harm others to benifit himself using the internet legal leak hole, such as domain name grabber. Lots of companies attempt to register some famous company's domain names which haven't been registered and sell them to the oringinal company or establish bad website to raise the visit frequency. So that is to say, a lot of companies earn money from registering other company's domain names. Your company is not the first company that we help to dispute, and not the last. We are specialized in proceeding with the domain name dispute cases, and we had many years experiences.

We can't change those people's behavior, but we can try our best to stop those people. Now there are many registration organizations like us, they are all very careful when register for the clients, and we will check the information of the registrar to see if it is in accordance with the trademark owner. If not, then we will inform the trademark owner to protect those domain names in time. If the trademark owner think their registration will not cause any effect to their company, then we will respect their decision. As for you decision, my suggestion is: Protect the domain names where your products are. Because if they get your domain names, then they can sell the false products there, which will damage your reputations and products. I hope you can make a politic decision and let me know soon.

Best Regards


Wow, is Jane now comparing my organisation to ones such as CNN & Google?
I'm flattered!

As I am CEO I have much more important things on my mind, so I organise a visit to Scotland for me to review our new corporate tartan, which of course, is an event I think Jane should know about as I send this mail to Rex & Um, copied to Jane Laughing

Rex & Um (copied to Jane),

Don't forget I'll be away from the office next week as I return to The Trossachs Office on a fact-finding mission. It looks like we're finally being accepted for our own xxxxx Clan Tartan and I have to put the final touches to it.

Please take care of this situation and hopefully come to a resolution.

Should you need an Executive decision from me I can be reached on my usual emergency line(s):
> nnnnnnnnn or nnnnnnnnnn
> Regards,
> x

I was hoping Jane would 'note' these numbers and in this case I didn't invent them, they were the numbers of two local Chinese take-away restaurants.

As for Um, he feels he knows why those CNN & Google cases failed - they weren't tried in Germany under this (invented) law!

Jane (copied to x),

it looks like we may be moving forward here and I appreciate your extremely concise reply explaining the short-comings of Google's and CNN's plight.

I just received a note from Doris our librarian who says that you should really look up that law I mentioned; § 731.62.5419a Deutsche VoranmeldungSchutzFuerFirmenRechts

It would seem that the basic problem behind the CNN and Google cases is that they were not tried within the German legal system, so this crucial law didn't take effect!

Anyway, I did ask what you thought may be a way forward and you replied that we should protect the extra domains.

Am I guessing correctly that you may be able to suggest a solution to this too?


Of course Rex wasn't standing idle either, feeling the need to copy Jane on another rather senseless mail:

good luck with the xxxxxx Clan Tartan boss!

I am sure things will be resolved by your return, but thanks for the emergency numbers. Are they 24h as usual?

As a matter of course and because our Image Rights may be challenged I have now copied this and asked Ewan Tabbird of our Press, Image, Marketing & Publications department to oversee the whole case. He's usually pretty good and along with myself we should soon put this to bed!


Now come on, I may be wrong in assuming that these people may not be the brightest lights on the planet, but would 'Jane' really fall for our Head of department for Press, Image, Marketing & Publications?
Especially with a name like Ewan Tabbird who speaks of 'putting this issue to bed' which means 'closure'.
(you want a bird Laughing )

Naturally, Ewan joins in with a reply to Rex, copied to Jane, which contains a few more puns:

thanks for the update and I see no real problems here. Of course it's not one to leave lying in the gutter and we shouldn't let sleeping dogs lie, so yes, let's get on top of this and put it quickly to bed.

Ewan Tabbird
Press, Image, Marketing & Publications

PS, I'll be interested to hear what Jane suggests and how she can help.

Did I count right?
I think that's four 'employees' who have now joined in and all have mailed her today!
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2010
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:42 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Just to recap, Janes mail has caused such consternation in my organisation that my Director of Asian Affairs (Um Lei Tung) has seen fit to fly around the world to personally speak with A (fictitious) Mr. Dong of the company Jane says is trying to register our domains.

As this is such an important meeting he is taking Ewan (Tabbird) of our P.I.M.P department and another new character to the story; Don Chadewitt of our Health & Safety department.
(Don Chadewitt? Don't Ya Do It)

Poor Um is stuck in the office whils I head away on a jolly to Scotland.

Of course we have all enjoyed making Jane aware of our movements.

Jane finally replies to Rex, Ewan, Um & me with the cost of registering with her:

Dear Rex x Um EwanTabbird,

I know you hope to solve this problem asap, me too, because the domain names in the dispute period need maintaining fees, if this problem can't be solved, then we will have to afford the maintainance fees for those domain names day after day. And finally the maintainance fees of those domain names need to be afforded by their owner. So if this problem can't be solved, then we both will need to pay more prices. What's more for what XX has said, I think you also understand that the domain name grabbing case is happening in China, then it can only be ruled by the Chinese law. If you think you can take legal actions to solve this case after they own those domain names, then I think you will have to pay more money and labor on its losses. Instead of taking more money and time to solve this prblem in the future, I think it is more valid to protect those domain names now.

By this time, I think it necessary to provide you the price of the domain name dispute for your reference. 31 EUR/per year 31 EUR/per year 25 EUR/per year 56 EUR/per year 72 EUR/per year

Of course, if you want to protect the domain names covering your markets, we can provide you the related price and help you register in advance. I think we had communicated with each other for some time, so I hope you can decide ASAP whether protect those domain names or not.If you decide to protect these domain names , we can send an application form to you and help you register these within dispute period. We will award the electronic certificate to you to prove you're the owner of these domain names, when these domain names be registered successfully .

Best Regards

This was followed shortly afterwards with mails to all of us again:

Dear Rex x Um EwanTabbird,

Ps tell me your decision , so that we can handle the next step.

Best Regards

Then another separate one to me:

Dear x,

Sorry to trouble you! The dispute period will come soon. I want to know whether you want to protect these domains or not.If you would like to register by yourselves, pls contact us within 3 workdays. if you can't contact me in time, we will complete the registration Kartel Holdings Ltd ! thanks for your cooperation.

Best Regards
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2010
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 12:45 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

There's much more to come, but I'm taking a break for now and will complete the 'play' later Laughing

OK, cont'd:

I have now returned from my Scotland trip and Rex, Ewan & Don have returned from Asia, so obviously they all feel the need to communicate (aimlessly) with Jane again.

Firstly me:

Dear Jane,

many thanks for your continued patience.

As you know I was due to be away for a week in Scotland previewing our newly designed corporate tartan and, as it turned out this was an extremely successful trip. Unfortunately the trip was an extra week, but at least the tartan is completed and I have brought full outfits back for all of my (37) Senior Executives. I must say the kilts do suit them and Um in particular looks good, you should see his knees! As for that sporran ..... you ain't seen nothin' like it before.

Hopefully the team have been keeping you up to date during my absence? I never received any calls from you on my emergency numbers, did you try to call?

Note to Um, Ewan & Rex,

All OK?


Sure enough, Rex returns armed with good news after his meeting with Mr. Dong and his assistant 'Juan Kerr' where they discovered that 'a rogue element' was responsible for the domain application:

​Hi Jane,

you may be interested to hear that my own trip to Asia was pretty successful last week. In the end we took this rather more seriously as not only I travelled, but Ewan (Tabbird, of our Press, Image, Marketing & Publications department) and also Don Chadewitt of our Health & Safety department accompanied me and we met with a Mr. Dong of Kartel and his Head of European affairs a Mr. Juan Kerr who just happened to be in town (you know he come from Barthelona!).

It was initially an informal Round Table discussion but I think we managed to move forwards and it seems that a rogue element within their outfit was responsible for intiating the domain request. Mr. Dong is looking into this and assures us he will cancel the request, especially after we explained the consequences of "§ 731.62.5419a DeutscheVoranmeldungSchutzFuerFirmenRechts" which they definitely fear.

I'll keep you all posted,

Rex Anwahlt
Legal Affairs

Meanwhile, suffering from his libido, Um starts to head off at a tangent in this play, with the following mail to Jane:

Good morning Jane and a happy weekend to you,

Did X tell you about my lovely new tartan kilt and the shiny sporran that comes with it?
You should see what I keep in it!

I think your prices are very fair, a little higher than I would expect here in Europe, but not so bad considering you are so far away and have so much work to do on this project.

Of course I heard that our delegation of Rex, Ewan & Don travelled to Asia and I was so sorry that I couldn't travel too, maybe we could have met to discuss this. Do you ever travel to Europe?

It seems that Kartel are cancelling their domain request, but did you ever consider buying some xxxx? I could speak with Millie Knurr our Head of Sales (a position so suited to her, but then again, if the cap fits ...) and I'm sure she could offer you a great deal, especially on one of the rare yyyy, or we may even be able to source one of the mmmmm recently released as the oldest xxxxxx in the world, ever. It's only just over 12K Euros.

Anyway, please keep me informed and you never know, maybe one day you'll get to see my sporran.

Kindest regards,
Director of Asian Affairs

Nice one Um, not only your libido coming into play, but also trying to sell goods to Jane Laughing

Jane replies early the next day:

Dear Rex & Um & X,

Thank you for your reply. Thank you for your positive and zealous. It’s nice to talk with you. Your trip must be a pleasure from you said. But it's regret that I haven’t gone to Europe to do a trip until now. I'm long to get such opportunity, but it seems impossible for I couldn't get leave from my boss. It's said that you had discussed this matter with the principal in Kartel Holdings Ltd, but I haven’t got any information about canceling such domain name registration. Now our technical section are pre-registering these domains. I believe we will complete the registrations within this week. Thus it seems impossible to cancel their request.I think you only have two choices now. First, submit the dispute application to us, and dispute the ownership of those domain names. Second, after we finish their registration, you can discuss buying the ownership of those domain names with them directly.There is only one week for the dispute period. If you miss the time, we can't help you ever. Hope you can let me know your decision about this matter as soon as possible.

Best Regards

Plus another one only to me:

Dear X,
There is one think that I need to explain, I didn't call your emergency call, because I think Rex & Um are the main responsible person of this case, so they will directly tell me about your decision and your attitude toward this case. Now, I am waiting for their final decision. But I have to tell you that it is the urgent period.

Best Regards

I guess poor old Um just can't stop himself:


are you really saying that you never visited Europe?
Oh dear, that's really not good and I hope you manage to come and see us all soon.

In fact if you do, I'll iron my new kilt specially for the occasion and even get my sporran out for the day.

I have passed on the information to our head of sales Millie Knurr that you may also be interested in one of our marvellous xxxxxxx, I'm sure she'll write to you soon as I asked her to make a special price just for you.

Bye for now,

Surely this must be the limit; A HEAD of sales called Millie Knurr whose motto is 'If the cap fits .......'

Of course, Millie follows this up immediately:

Good morning Jane and thank you for your interest in our ever-growing business. It would be my pleasure to welcome you or your organisation as a customer.

Two of my colleagues (Um & Rex) with whom you are currently in communication have advised me that you may be interested in purchasing one or more of our quality products from our "über-rare & magnificent" collection.

You may also be interested to know that GGGGGG have just released the oldest xxxxx ever; An MMMMMMM version which we could source for you at a mere 16,000 Euros which I assure you is a bargain for this wonderful and rare xxxxxx.

I am sure I could even source the equally, if not more rare LLLLLLLL masterpiece for a consideration of 17,000 Euros. Just gooooooogle this edition to learn how rare and good it is if you don't already know it, but I suspect you or your company will be familiar with this expression?

You may have seen the recent news that a European businessman paid an astonishing 58,000 US Dollars for the über-rare DDDDDD expression. Well, IF you really want to push the boat out I may be able to help you with this one too.

You will be pleased to hear that for international sales, especially outside the EU we are more than happy to offer the internationally renowned, acclaimed and 100% secure "Western Union" payment method which means you can shop with us in the knowledge that your money is really quite safe.

Finally, as you come highly recommended from Rex and even more so from Um (who I haven't seen so happy in a long time as he positively has a spring in his step these days) I would be prepared to offer you a trader's discount of 5% on any of the above mentioned items for a quick sale.

Kindest regards,
Millie Knurr
Head of Sales
(Motto; If the cap fits ....)

Internationally renowned and secure payment method Western Union?
Good old Millie, how could Jane refuse such an offer?
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Hello I'm New here!

Joined: 05 Apr 2010
Posts: 10

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 4:35 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

We're now at Easter weekend and Rex can't resist a quick mail to Jane:

Good morning again Jane,

Do you also have a holiday from work at Easter time? Today is known as Good Friday here in Europe and normally we shouldn't be at work, but I had to call in to organise and prepare the staff family Easter egg hunt.

During today and tomorrow I have the tast of hiding almost 700 eggs around our offices so that on Sunday all the staff can come in for our 'open day' with their families and the children search for the hidden eggs.

Do you do this too?

As a special treat and because we love our boss (X) so much, we hide a rather special one for his wife, it's from a company called Fabergé, do you also have these where you are?

Anyway, I just wanted to tell you the great news; Mr. Dong called yesterday to confirm that their request has now officially been cancelled and they received cancellation notification from a Mr. Reef Knott of the domain name regulator ICann. This was also sanctioned by the CPSR (Computer Professionals for Social Responsibility) who were very keen to see this dispute come to closure.

As an aside, I am assured that Juan Kerr was the witness to hand in this event.

So, I am delighted that things now seem to be knocking on the door of closure and I can proceed with hiding the eggs around XXXXX Towers.

Happy Easter,


Mr. Reef Knott?
Juan Kerr?

Oh dear, is there no stopping this....

Then, after returning to work on Tuesday Um can't wait to mail Jane (and Rex) further:

Good evening Jane,
you wouldn't believe what happened on Sunday?

It was our family day in XXXXX Towers and all 370 staff brought their families for our staff Easter egg hunt.
I managed to find a massive choclate egg under my desk which I am sure will last for many weeks to come.

Anyway, we had a great day and then a few of us went for a drink afterwards and some even got just a wee bit tipsy.

Did you get my last mail?
I do hope you come to Europe soon.

Best regards,

Note to Rex,
I believe it was your turn to prepare the hunt this year?
Many thanks and a job well done.

It's also great news about Mr. Dong and Juan Kerr not pursuing the domain registration any further, we can now get on with our business as usual.

Also, Millie is concerned that Jane hasn't taken up her offer as yet, so yet another mail goes out:

Hi again Jane,

this is just a quick note to remind you that this wonderful offer does have a time limit. It's not everyone who qualifies for such a discount so please don't be alarmed or disappointed when I tell you that this great discount is only available until the end of this week.

Get your order in quickly to prevent this expiry!

Best wishes,
Millie Knurr
Head of sales
(Motto; If the cap fits .....)

Finally, Um opens his heart to Jane:


I believe that in such a short time whilst communicating online we have built a 'special' reparté, so I would now like to confide in you that next week I shall hand in my notice to X at xxxxxx Towers. This means I am leaving my position here as Director of Asian Affairs where I think I have used my unique skills to great effect. But, if I am honest, you have shown me that a wider world exists and I fully intend to explore this.

I will be moving to a more cosmopolitan area and I will be seeking premises to open my own small business. What do you think of the idea of opening a restaurant?

Obviously it would be Asian style and I am sure that if I manage to find the right staff it would be a great success.

I have even thought of a name for the restaurant - What do you think of "UmLeitungly Hinhaltetaktiken" I think it's a really catchy name, don't you?
Although I am also considering an alternative name of "UmLeitung mit Pommes"

I expect to leave this position in a couple of weeks time and will then search for premises for the business and also staff.

Finally, I really don't know the best way to say this, ........ but can you cook?

Kindest regards,

Oh dear, Um want to run away and open a restaurant with Jane now.

To explain the restaurant name(s):
Umleitung still means 'diversion' in German.
"Hinhaltetaktiken" means delaying or stalling tactics.

The way I put them together is totally, grammatically incorrect.

The alternative name is basically "Diversion with chips ("fries" to Americans).

None of the latest mails over the last week have been replied to by Jane. Has she finally tired of the play? Can I claim some small victory for outlasting her?

At least it has been fun if not very professional when it comes ot baiting.

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Hello I'm New here!

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Location: Land of free money

PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:32 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I like the idea of getting the scammer stuck in the CC line of many long and (to them) irrelevant email exchanges. You could use these to give them the impression that they're dealing with a very large and legitimate organization with lots of money and business going around but more importantly waste their time by having them go through long emails trying to figure out if they have anything to do with them getting their money any time soon. I bet they'd love to get CCed several times a day with emails full of employee jibber jabber.

I wish I could add this to my "dolla choppa" thing I'm working on but unfortunately the "third" party I created is to appear more "legitimate" than the scammer because of the ridiculous shortness of their emails as well as their false formality -- exactly the opposite tactic. Darnit!
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E-Mail Header Analysis

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