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 Do Lads Share Email Accounts?

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:35 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I have yet to land a safari using the WIMP Mod, but I think I may be on the verge of one. I have one lad I already slapped about 2 weeks ago for lying about having traveled to Ghana when his IP showed he hadn't. I didn't tell him how I knew he lied, just slapped him for lying to me. He apologized for lying and said he would work on traveling for real. I think he is really going to because he keeps talking about how he needs to get his passport updated, and is thanking me for not giving up on him. He doesn't try and suck any cash out of me to fund his travels, and he doesn't feed me any elaborate stories. He has pretty much gotten to the point where he only emails every couple days, usually just saying how he still plans on traveling soon to claim the MTCNs but is still working on updating his passport. Seems to me that he is genuinely getting ready to travel.

So I have started getting ahead of myself (and possibly counting my chickens before they hatch), and imagining him sending me an email with the IP confirming a safari. Then I started thinking, "Is it possible that he may give his email account and password to an associate in Ghana?" He obviously has a friend in Ghana because he tried to lie about traveling there, and has mentioned he has associates that can help (which I refused to use).

So basically I rambled on, and my question is pretty much asked in the Subject Line. Is there any chance that if I get an IP confirmed safari, that it isn't really a safari at all? This lad knows that I knew he lied about traveling (even though I didn't tell him how or mention an IP address). Think any lads would give their email account to a friend in another country to assist in the scam? Or are they too protective of their email accounts?

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 1:59 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I have very good evidence that some lads work vic' like baiter pull mass baits. One of my Haiti earthquake relief lads is about 4 identifiable people now.

The basic script is a lad in Haiti needs help, lost home etc. I got him way off script by offering help. Our church has a missionary there, he can avoid the long WU lines (often starting at 4AM in real life) by going to the mission school. I provided the name of the real location and told the lad we were sending a money order in the next relief shipment to Haiti. Please provide a photo to print on the outside of the envelope so nobody else can pick it up. No ID necessary. Just match the photo in person.

Well that won't work as he has escaped and was on the road to his grandmother's in Nigeria. Surprised?

To make a long story short since he escaped, the request would have to go through the church committee. He gave me a new email, I rejected it because the old one worked fine. I then got a ALL CAPS GUY WHO PROVIDED A PIGGY. The church rejected the donation. He is out of harm. He is starving on the road etc. and this info is passed to the church for consideration. Again rejected, but since he was a student, maybe there is he possibility of a schollarship. I asked a bunch of questions about his class schedule. His IQ suddenly changed from a 3rd grader to at least high school level with a drastic change in sentence structure, wording, spelling, use of local dialect, etc. I have identified at least 3 lads, possibly 4 using the same person.. One clue is the Avitar in the gmail. Brainless is using a real cute monkey. The smart one is using another computer and is not using the monkey. The ALL CAPS GUY IS USING ANOTHER ICON ALTOGETHER. One of the dumb guy's with the monkey seems to have most of the basic storyline but is totally clueless on some of our other past dialog about my school and such.

You will see this if you work a lad for a long time and well off script. The lads that are basic chatter will often move up a notch for 1 collecting money, and 2 answering technical questions such as the math, chemistry, physics or other classes he is taking. Finding a lad in primary school that can barely write suddenly could write about Boyle's Gas laws.

Some lads do appear to work solo. One of my current mass baits appears to be solo with no oga, etc.

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PostPosted: Thu Apr 08, 2010 8:30 am Reply with quoteBack to top

ask him to call you so you can recognize his voice and number, then tell him to call you from a number that belongs to the destination country as this will prove his honesty.

Edit: of course tell him to call from a landline,
I don’t think most lads know about the ip thing though

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