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 Cancer of the Lever

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Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 7:01 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Hello! Krudyf Ingernails is back. I haven't scambaited for several years now. The nearest I have been was when I gave an after-dinner speech about 419s to the local Round Table.

But when I got this latest email, I just couldn't resist. I'm sure you'll see why.


From: MRS EDITH WILLIAMS <[email protected]>
Reply-To: [email protected]
Subject: Dearest in Christ.
To: undisclosed recipients: ;
From :Mrs Edith Williams
Email :[email protected]

Address:N11-Olof Salem Street
P.O. Box 59022,Safat 13060 Kuwait.

Dearest in Christ.

With Due Respect And Humanity, I was compelled to write to you under a humanitarian ground.

My name is Mrs Edith Williams,from Kuwait. I am married to late Dr Timothy Williams ,who worked with an oil company in Ivory Coast for Thirty-two years before he died in the year 2005.

He died after a brief illness that lasted only four days Before his death we were both born again Christian. Since his death I decided not to remarry or get a child outside my matrimonial home which the Bible is against. When my late husband was alive he deposited the sum of (US$5.8 M)(Five Million,Eight hundred Thousand United States Dollar) in a General Trust Account with a prime bank in Abidjan . Presently,this money is still with the bank.

And Recently, My Doctor told me that I would not last for the next six months due to my cancer problem (cancer of the lever). Presently this money is still in the Bank. Having known my condition I am in need of a HONEST Hearted Individual Christian or Church that i will utilize this fund the way I am going to instruct herein.

I want somebody that will use this fund according to the desire of my late.husband to help Lessprivilaged people, orphanages,widows and propagating the word of God.

I took this decision because I dont have any child that will inherit this fund, And I dont want in a way where this money will be used in an un Godly way. This is why I am taking this decision to hand you over this Fund. I am not afraid of death hence I know where I am going.I want you to always remember me in your daily prayers because of my up coming Cancer Surgery.

Write back to me as soon as possible because any delay in your reply will give me room in sourcing another person for this same purpose, Hoping to read from you soon.

With God all things are possible. As soon as I receive your reply I shall give you the contact of the Bank in Abidjan. I will also issue you an authorisation letter that will prove you the present beneficiary of this fund.

May God bless and keep us as we seek to serve him.

Yours in Christ
Mrs Edith Williams.

Dear Mrs Williams,

I was Deeply Grieved to hear of your loss and of the terrible troubles with your lever. I myself have suffered with cancer of the fulcrum but the Good Lord in His Grace spared me and I have taken this as a Sign that I should do his Good Works.

Your blessed letter was a joy unto my heart, a Prayer Come True. My dear Mrs Williams, I am most certainly and joyously the man you seek.

With blessings in Our Lord,

Krudyf Ingernails

Dearest in Christ Krudyf Ingernails,
I feel so much relaxed in my spirit about you and i do hope that the spirit of my late husband,who is in henven now is doing same. 
As a child of God,i beg you to keep on the good work and you will be blessed.I want this money be used for charity,helping theorphans,widows,churches and propagation of the gospel. I have choosen you as a trusted person who can handle this divine 
assignment,upon the direction of the holy spirit of God. 
It is true that we have not known or seen ourselves,but The Bible told us in John 3-16 that because he loved the world,he gave us that which is very special to him! his only son-JESUS. And if we believe we shall have enternal life. This is my best and best verse at all times. If our Lord God can trust us and let his son JESUS died for us,how much more his children. My joy is to see this fund be used to glorify the name of God alone,as desired by my late husband. 
If you do not have this same spirit and faith,then you can withdraw and let me look for another person so that i can have rest of mind. 
I expect you to take your time and pray about this and confirm if you can handle this or not. Our God is able to do exceedingly,abondantly,above what we expect or could imagin and his grace is sufficient to those who believed"(Phil.4:19).  
However,i wish to ask you some questions,because i will want to be very very sure that you will use this money as we have desired.
1)Are you sure you will be able to use this fund for humantarian purpose and mankind?
2) Remember jesus died on the cross for us! Are you ready and willing to allow him use you for the expansion of his kingdom through this fund? or will you see this as an opportunity to enrich yourself?  
I am very much concerned! for what shall it profit a man and reep the whole world and loose his  soul.It is not our portion and will never be by the grace of God. Jesus said "I am the resurrection and the life.
For my health condition,let his will be done and i have no regret because i know where i will go if i die.
I beg you again to cross check yourself and if you are willing to surrender and  allow God use you for this divine assignment,then send me your full name and resident address with your telephone and fax number so that I  can swear to an affidavit on oath that will officially and approve you as my next of kin to this fund.
I will send you the deposit document of this fund immediately after the  affidavit is ready,and the contact of the bank in the Africa,so that you can contact them.
May God bless and keep us as we seek to serve him.
Remain blessed.
Yours in christ.
Mrs.Edith Williams.

Dear Mrs William,

Want of finance has been the only thing standing in the way of my Long Held Dream to establish a Community Of Christian Knowledge (COCK) in my home state. The Community will offer spiritual guidance and succour to the neediest Sinners. With the Grace of your husband's glorious bequest, many will be the sinners who can say they have been offered COCK succour.

To the honour and the glory of Our Lord, with my blessings,

Krudyf Ingernails.

Dearest in Christ Krudyf Ingernails,
How are you and your family hope fine.

Send me your full name and resident address with your telephone and fax number so that I  can swear to an affidavit on oath that will officially and approve you as my next of kin to this fund.
May God bless and keep us as we seek to serve him.
Remain blessed.
Yours in christ.
Mrs.Edith Williams.

Dear Edith (I hope I may call you that),

Thank you for asking about my family. My 12 year old daughter Durtyf is desperately unwell. We are awaiting test results but we fear she may have contracted a serious blood disease. Please will you add her in your prayers?

Your email has made me concerned. By swearing an affidavit that I am your next of kin, surely you will Perjure yourself. I do not want our Good Works to be at the cost of your Moral Rectitude.

There must be a different way. Would you like me to ask my Lawyers to advise us?

With blessings in the Love of Our Lord,

Your Krudyf

Dearest Krudyf

I pray that Durtyf will be ok,in jesus name Amen. after reading your mail, i felt that you might be bothered, so i have to rush and send you this mail,for the bible said that our God will fight our battle and we will hold our peace,the God we serve we never need man that help him in his work,i know he works with man but on his own way,this fund is for the work of God,he will surely make a way,you need not to contact your lawyer,according to the bank director,it will be a wire transfer,all we need is just to get affidavit,that we make you the next beneficiary to this fund,just goahead and send me your full name and address.
Thanks and May God continue to guide you and lead you.

Please always pray for me,as i pray for you,my regards to your family,tell Durtyf that the word of God said that healing is the bread of children,that she is healed.

Remain blessed,
Sister Edith Williams.

Dearest Edith,

You chose the Perfect Moment to remind us of Matthew 15. Thank you. As you know that passage goes on...

Then Jesus answered and said unto her, O woman, great is thy faith: be it unto thee even as thou wilt. And her daughter was made whole from that very hour.

Last night was truly terrible. Poor Durtyf was screaming in agony and had to be rushed to hospital by ambulance. They are keeping her in for more tests, poor Little Mite, and to watch her carefully.

We feel so blessed to have you as a friend, Edith. You cannot know how much comfort your words have provided and to know there is a Loving Person praying for us in another part of Our Lord';s World.

I printed out your email and took it to show Durtyf when we went back this morning. She was so moved by your words that she cried, although that might have been the Morphine.

Dearest Edith, can I ask you a Huge Favour? I know it would make my precious little girl happy. She would love to see a photo of you so she knows who is praying for her. What would make it even more special is if, in the picture, you held up a sign for her, saying "Jesus Breaks Bread With Durtyf Ingernails".  

I know it is a Liberty to ask you as I am sure you are busy,, but it would mean the world to me and my precious Little Girl.

Held ever warm in the bosom of Jesus,

Your Krudyf

This is my first attempt at a trophy. Wish me luck! (You can pray for the Blessings of the Lord Upon Me if you like).

I know it's a bit early to try, but when Edith started going on about children's bread, I just had to take the opportunity. Very Happy
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419Eater is my life

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PostPosted: Sat Mar 20, 2010 8:07 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

At least it wasn't cancer of the gears...because you know those gears.....are even more important than the lever...

pony bastard thief-FBI
Closed lad accounts x5
your fund is no more here in our bank.~Mr. [email protected]

it is God that give me your contact email ~Mr. 3ke.

I will put on my base ball t-shirt today, coz i know you will write @pender.

Thanks for your kindness. Unfortunately, we are not interested in your
cake, rather we need the document.-FBI
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Wannabe Baiter

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 23, 2010 4:38 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

As I feared, it must have been too much too soon. Edith has disappeared.

Anyone else fancy taking her on?

Some people are like Slinkys: not much use for anything, but still make you smile when you throw them down a flight of stairs
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