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 War Stories

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Common Street Thawth Vergabon

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PostPosted: Wed Mar 24, 2010 9:24 am Reply with quoteBack to top

L1s4 Th0mps0n, who happens to be a blonde Sudanese, has been chatting a fair bit with Captain Mal lately, and wouldn't you know it, she's been hearing a lot about Mal's military history. Not that she seems to mind that much!

For the record, Cammy is name-checked as Mal's daughter, living in NYC.

Lisa: hi sweet heart
i never thought i was going to meet you online
how are you doing
me: OK I guess. I was in Melbourne for a few days - old buddy passing through.
The day after I arrived, record hailstorms. The day I leave, minor heatwave. Go figure.
Lisa: you ever stay in Melbourne
me: For a little while only. Saw Gunny, then visited a few places and headed back.
Lisa: and some few old girls of
me: DEFINITELY lol, thank you.
I'm not in the habit of picking up hookers or tarts.
Lisa: just kidding
I hope so!
Lisa: how's your daugther doing
me: No change. Cammy has a very good life.
At her age I wasn't long back from the Persian Gulf and Operation Desert Saber.
Lisa: good to hear she's doing good
me: Glad you approve.
Lisa: honey can i ask u something that we talked about the other day
me: Go on.
Lisa: the other day we talked about my funds in the security company and i ask you to please send the money to the barrister so he can have the document done to your name for the funds in the security company can be deliver to you immediately.
me: I've been reviewing what passed between us... and what I exchanged with B4rtl3s Kw4ku and J4m3s 4bb4n. Then there's how Kw4ku was trying to foist some lost boy onto me... and someone else is trying to sell me on that lost boy's money somewhere.
Lisa: all the Barrister needs is $500 dollars to be able to give to the registrar general dor him to do the document to your name
me: Do you trust Kwaku? I'm starting to wonder.
Lisa: once again honey kwaku is a nice man but i can't say i trust him because all these people are all business people but in respect to my funds being in the security company i trust that he can't temper with it because Barrister J4mes 4bb4n will always stand in my affair as if it was his own
me: Huh?
Lisa: I very well trust barrister J4mes 4bb4n
sweet heart i want to tell you something that happened the other time and i don't want you to be angry
me: No promises.
Lisa: it came a time when you were not giving my transaction any attention and then B4rtl3s Kw3ku kept encouraging me to have someone he said he know in China to claim my consignment and I said no because I trusted you and know that one day you will be ready to claim my consignment and ever since that day Mr. Kw4ku have stopped answering to my emails. he only answer the barrister when he write to find out on my behalf
me: China? Holy shit on a shingle! What was he proposing you do - emigrate?
Lisa: honey that made me very scare of him but i kept it to myself and didn't even tell the barrister because i know there was going to be a fight bettween them
me: So where is this leading?
Lisa: all i want is for you to please try all your possible best and send some money to the barrister so that he have the document done to your name and send to you so that the security company can release my funds over to you quickly because this has taken a bit too long now from this transaction there is no money to be pay to the security company
me: What guarantee do I have that he'll do anything?
It's not like I can oversee his work. He's thousands of miles away.
Lisa: once the barrister receive the money you will send he will go directly to the high court and present it to the registrar general who will then have the document done and send for the Chief Justice to sign and then give to the barrister who will have the document scan and send to you via email and then you will print it out and sign
me: That's not answering my question.
Lisa: then i did not understood your question if this is not answering your question
please come with your question again sweet heart
me: What guarantee do I have that he'll do anything?
Lisa: you have 100% guarantee honey because I am here and it's my funds that is in the security company and t\i trust very well that he will do exactly what you expect
me: Then tell him to contact me. You shouldn't be speaking for him.
Lisa: sweet heart i am not speaking for him it's my funds that is in the security company and i think i will rest until the funds has been deliver to you
me: You're telling me what he wants done. He should be telling me that.
Tell him that and then let us do our parts in this.
Lisa: sorry honey, i am not arguing with and won't argue with you
me: I hope so.
Lisa: so what time is it over there honey
me: Late. Why?
Lisa: wanted to know where you are at the moment
me: If you're thinking of getting 4bban or whoever to write me right now, don't bother.
Lisa: know i am thinking if you might be with a girl.. i only feeling jealous
me: Oh please! You sound gorram neurotic. We ain't an item yet.
Lisa: so are you with a girl? sorry if i bother you
me: No. Happy?
Lisa: yes happy.
feel so good now
me: Despite what you might think, ex-soldiers aren't all hard-drinking womanizers struggling to forget the horrors of war.
Lisa: so do you have something you do to forget the horror of the wars you fought in the past
me: What horror?
I've killed 20 or more men and boys who were trying to kill me or my comrades, or were (in one case) pillaging medicines intended for refugees, I don't regret a single one.
Lisa: my God!
me: Soldiers kill. You know that.
Lisa: yes i know honey but talking to you telling me it only seems more real then i've thought
can't imaging you telling me to my face
me: People I've told about that either looked at me like I'm some sort of monster or wanted to know if it was like BLACK HAWK DOWN. I wanted to slap them silly.
Does it worry you?
Lisa: yeah honey i would definitetly have you explain to me like i was watching black hawk down
no it doesn't worry me honey
me: BLACK HAWK DOWN is Hollywood trash!
It didn't tell more than half the story and that not well.
Remember I said about the one who was stealing medicine? He was an Aideed militiaman. I covered him from no more than three or four yards. He had a G3 rifle - put it down and gave me a smug smile, like he knew he'd be handed over to the UN and released in days..
I blew his head off with the 12-gauge shotgun slung under my M4 carbine.
Four other Marines were there. They didn't even blink.
Lisa: how do i describe you and your men honey, killing machines?
me: Soldiers doing our duty.
Lisa: i wouldn't kill a rat if you had a gun to my head
me: We cleaned the world of eighteen vermin that day - lower than rats or cockroaches.
Humans have a moral choice. Animals work off instinct. They can be excused. Humans can't.
Lisa: that true Humans have a mind capable of carefully judging before engaging in anything
me: As I said - moral choices. Saddam's troopers made that choice too.
Tell Abban to contact me, and then things can be arranged.
I need to sleep.
Lisa: ok honey i will do just that
you can have a good nite sleep
me: I don't dream much.
Take care.
Lisa: YOU TOO.

Apologies for the Somalia story, but she was ready for it...

Just last night:

Lisa: Hello Sweet heart
how are you doing
me: Hello, Lisa.
Lisa: I came online expecting to see you and i've been here for a while now
how is everything going with you
me: I missed your last chat log. Things happen.
I'm good, as it happens.
Before you ask - Cammy is fine.
Lisa: you know just what i was going to ask
me: She has taken up with some Newage relgion - something called the 4satruar.
Lisa: what is that all about
me: It's the old Norse gods. Just when you thought you'd heard everything...
Lisa: so how do they worship? do you have any idea?
me: Only a little bit. They pray to sacred oak trees and seek the future in mystic runes.
Sounds like tree-hugging hippy crap to me, but if it doesn't hurt you I guess it's OK.
Lisa: weird though... so many religions now-a-days
maybe in the near future you could form one... I could be the first member...hehe
me: It's better than when there was just a very few and they were burning heretics at the stake.
Was that a serious suggestion?
Lisa: just 'bout that
me: Just as well!
I respect other people's faiths (mostly) but I'm keeping my feet firmly on the ground. No faith ever stopped a bullet. As one guy put it in a novel (THE YOUNG LIONS I think) a shelf of Bibles wouldn't stop a light tank.
Lisa: that's crazy.... would you shoot a Pastor if you had to
me: If he was armed and fighting against my country - and if I was still in uniform - yes.
Lisa: haha
what if he was keeping some of your enemies and he didn't know they were soldiers
and you met them in the church compound while carrying on a raid
me: I recall finding the bodies of Iraqi soldiers and Mahdi Army militiamen who'd writren out verses of the Koran and placed the papers in their clothing. You know what difference that makes to the effect of a fifty-caliber round?
Lisa: the holy words couldn't save them from the bullets
me: I faced that situation many times in Fallujah! A lot of people died, including men, women, and Imams, because terrorrists deliberately hid among the innocent. We had to check out fire and shoot with the utmost care while those maggots just blazed away.
Once we were in that very situation and lost three men killed and nine wounded. Six innocent civilians died and nearly forty were hurt. We killed 25 terrorists and took no prisoners.
Lisa: killing all of them i suppose
me: The people in the mosque crowded around the dead terrorists and trampled their bodies. There are few worse insults in the Arab world.
I suppose that obtains in Sudan.
Lisa: it must have been so difficult fighting a war sweet heart.. fear to die
me: You don't think about death. You think about killing. Think about death and you lose your edge.
Lisa: they train you like a machine love... soldiers are all thought to be program
me: If you think too much beyond the mission and the purpose you'll never do your duty.
Lisa: so sweet heart can we talk about the Barrister .... Because I called him to find out if he had contacted you and he made me to understand that he is waiting on you so that they can proceed and have the document done
me: How well do you know 4bban?
Lisa: Well I can say that I know him to be a good man honey. I have been to his office in Accra twice and saw how he is with his colleague, he is a very nice man you can trust. Mr. 4bban is a trustworthy and the only one I trust here in Ghana to attend to any of my affairs because he have proved to be such a person.
Why you ask Sweet heart
me: Something about him doesn't add up.
Lisa: What sweet heart you can tell me.
me: It's part gut instinct, part logic.
Lisa: let's start with the, part gut instinct
sweet heart are you there???
me: He could have written me any time to act for you, but didn't. Kwaku was the same. It's like they just couldn't be bothered. It doesn't seem right. Then he wrote me with some weird-ass contract about technology patents. WTF? This has got nothing to do with any gorram patents!
Lisa: I know what you are saying babe but these people have there own jobs doing and when they try to get in contact with you and it seems difficult they will only back off and continue their job because they can't be going after my transaction and forget their jobs
me: If they don't write me or reply to my messages then what the Sam Frick do they expect? Gold bricks?
Lisa: it's me who have to keep talking to you to be able to face my transaction so that the consignment can be deliver to you
me: Sorry?
Lisa: once the funds are with you then all is over
me: That doesn't sound right.
Lisa: what?
me: Like you think I'll take the money and run.
Lisa: how can i think that about you.
why are you thinking that about me
that i think you will take the money and run
me: I'm reading what you wrote and that's how it sounds.
Lisa: how can I ask you to claim my funds from the security company and at the same time doubt you?
me: Maybe you are just worried,
How long has it been since you left Sudan?
Lisa: I have been out of Sudan for over a year and 3 months now and all has been hell here for me
here in Ghana. lot of disappointment
and delay
and nothing seems to be working, it's hard
me: And that is maybe why you have a deal of doubt and trepidation.
I went through many months of loss and despair after I left the Corps. I felt adrift and bleak, especially after the realization of how the Government had lied to get us into war. Thousands dead and they get richer and more untouchable.
Lisa: so what does that suppose to mean? can you explain to me
me: Holy snapping duckshit - I try to show fellow-feeling and this is what I get?!?
Lisa: Honey I want you to please help me claim my funds from the security company and when the funds is deliver to you in your country then you can send for me to come and be with you. I have no doubt over you receiving the funds because I trust you 100%
me: You speak as though it's so easy, a done deal.
Lisa: Sweet heart what have I done for you to be sounding so harshly at me
have I said anything wrong to you?
All that is needed for you to do is to pay for the document and the you will nothing more to pay to anyone again until you receive the funds.
me: Hell, no. I'm being realistic. You've got twenty million in cash. How do you think it'll get into Australia? You think Border Security will just wave it through?
Lisa: Sweet heart this is all legal business and the security company has their way of going about this. They have their Diplomat who will come to make delivery to you in your country
me: Too-wubba-hoo?
A diplomat?
Lisa: they have all legal papers and the only document needed is the Power of Attorney
Sweet heart I don't have much time left in the cafe
me: Wait on! How can some penny-ante company in Ghana retain the services of a diplomat?
Tell the gorram company to contact me. They can get g-chat too. You ain't their gorram messenger. They want things done, they talk to me.
Lisa: sweet heart I am asking you to help me out and this have nothing to do with the company coming to chat with you... if they can send you a message they will
me: They'd better!
me: That's all good. I never doubted they were. The spooks might not believe you!
Why are you shouting like this? Did I doubt you? Insult you? Get a grip, girl!
me: You're typing ALL IN CAPS. That's SHOUTING in netspeak. Don't do that. It's rude.
Lisa: i wanted to avoid using both caps and small letters
me: Just use the shift key like I do. It's easy enough. Hell, even one of Uncle Sam's Misguided Children can do it.
Lisa: i didn't say i can't
it's very confusing now
me: How?
Just out of curiousity - what is your native language?
Lisa: Sweet heart my time is almost up
me: Just tell me. I can learn.
Lisa: Sweet heart will you be able to help me claim my funds from the security company??
me: Yes. The problem is what happens after that.
Lisa: what happens after is you sending for me to come and be with you so that we invest the funds together in your country
me: So the money just stays in Ghana? That ain't safe.
Lisa: will you come here to receive the funds
the Barrister told me that you made him collected an invoice and send to you already so that you be able to send the fees for the document
me: I have an idea, but nothing that I can do now. Contact me tomorrow.
Lisa: tomorrow what time
me: About the same as today. Not too early as I may be dining out with Marcus and Nikki.
Lisa: who are Marcus and Nikki
me: Local buddy and his GF. He's a pilot.
Lisa: oh ok
so Honey will you please be able to send the money tomorrow
me: Stop fixating on that. We have bigger issues. Gotta go - it's late here. Talk to you later.
Lisa: honey we didn't discuss anything today really I must admit
see you tomorrow
have a good nite sleep

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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OMG I feel bad after the latest chat... a history lesson followed by cyber flirting...

me: I'm here.
Lisa: how are you doing?
me: Fine.
Lisa: it's nite, are you just getting home
me: Dinner was sorta early and I got back a while ago. I was reading.
Before that I had some messages to deal with.
Lisa: So how Cammy, I had to go reading about her faith you told me about yes'day
me: You did? They have a library at the refugee camp? Or did you go online? I didn't think the Asatruar had much of an online footprint.
Lisa: I read online Honey and even ask my pastor a few questions about it but to my amazement my pastor could not even say much
me: Why would he want to? It's a pagan faith to him. Hell, he wouldn't even want to know about it!
Lisa: but i expected that he most have learned about all religion in the world since he study Theology
me: Ask him to describe the central tenets of Wicca, Bahai'i, Mahanyana Buddhism or Ryubo-Shinto and I bet he won't have a gorram clue.
Lisa: I guess so bcos he didn't explained 1 correct sentence when I asked him about Asatruar
me: Did he actually say anything beyond "Say what?"
Lisa: he told me it was practice in asia when I read online that it is based in Iceland and it's surroundings
me: Asia? That's a long way from the old Viking grounds. Perhaps he thought you said something else.
Lisa: He just didn't know and he couldn't tell me like that
Honey you know something... you are making me starting to think very had about religion
10:24 PM Lisa: because since lastnite I asked my pastor, I have been going over and over his answer and he sounded so cruel when he was even telling me not to be reading about other religions
me: Asshole!
What the Sam Frick does he think WWII was about? Was the Cold War just a pissing contest? It was all about freedom, damn it, and that means you can believe what you want!
PM Lisa: please educate me something about WWII sweet heart I want to learn from you
me: What do you know about it already?
Lisa: I would like to know what was the root cause of the war and how did the US got involved
If I am not disturbing you
me: Germany invaded Poland. France and Britain declared war on Germany. Russia shared Poland with Germany. Britain and France did nothing for a bit.
Germany invades France and the Low Countries, Denmark and Norway. All get overrun. Britain gets its army away and faces Germany down - beating off German air attacks. Italy joins the war, gets a bloody nose from France, Greece and England. Germany invades Yugoslavia and Greece.
Japan's been fighting China for a while. Then it occupies what's now Vietnam. America warns Japan.
Germany invades Russia. Britain allies with Russia. America supports Britain and Russia but doesn't go to war (yet).
Then comes Pearl Harbor - Japan attacks America and Germany declares war on the US. We're in the war, just two years late according to the Limeys.
Lisa: That's incredible explaination, you are trully an ex-marine
me: Did you doubt me?
Lisa: no i did not doubt you
me: Hell, anyone who saw that WORLD AT WAR series would know how it all started.
Lisa: but when Russia and Germany shared Poland where they enemies?
me: No - Stalin and Hitler had a pact then. Apparently Communists everywhere were doublethinking like mad trying to justify it.
Two of the most despicable tyrants smiling, with murder lurking behind that smile.
Lisa: and I have heard about D-day
me: Not that many Marines there, sadly - most were in the Pacific campaign. GIs and Tommies mostly in Europe, with Ivan pressing from the East.
Lisa: so I suppose that D-day was when USA won the war
me: Hey, I'm proud of my country, but the US did NOT beat Nazi Germany solo. The Sovs did most of the fighting and dying.
D-Day was the day the countdown truly began - the last year (more or less) of the Nazi nightmare.
If it wasn't for the British, there wouldn't have been a D-Day.
We were Allies!
Lisa: oh ok now I understand
me: I'm afraid a lot of my fellow-Americans don't know modern history so well.
Lisa: honey were you able to hear from the Barrister yesterday? just curious
me: I wrote him. Told him to focus on getting your visa app in place. I was doing some research myself - hope to see what needs to be done at this end.
Lisa: My Visa honey are you serious?
me: Is something wrong?
Lisa: my God I can't believe this... I am so happy that I know you are trully going to claim the funds from the security company
What did the Barrister say Sweet heart?
me: He hasn't replied yet.
What time is it over there?
Lisa: it's 11:56am here
are you there?
me: brb
Lisa: ok
Lisa: do you have a visitor
me: No - bachelor stuff. I remembered that I hadn't emptied the dryer.
Where were we?
Lisa: talking of the Barrister and you asked wht time is it?
me: So...
Lisa: now it's 12:04pm here
me: Oh. Maybe he's at lunch.
Lisa: oh ok. Honey I asked you something and you didn't answer
Are you so military in bed
me: If you mean upright and determined, yes...
What was the question?
Lisa: Are you so military in bed?
can you handle me like a raffle?
and take cover with me from the enemies?
me: Uh - "raffle"?
Lisa: yes which raffle do you love best?
are you there sweet heart?\
me: When you write "raffle" I think of tickets you sell for prizes for fund-raising...
Lisa: raffle gun that's what i mean
me: Oh.
That is funny in ways that would take a very long time to explain.
Lisa: you can I am here.
you can explain
me: Don't know if I want to really. I'd be embarrassed.
Lisa: why? would you be embarrass when we are together in bed?
me: No no no - nothing like that.
Lisa: i want you to tell me a bit of your tactics
me: Not military, huh?
Lisa: ok
me: If you want detail...
Lisa: just a sketch
me: I favour a slow approach - probe the adversary - assess the response - seek out the spots to hit.
Then a frontal assault to drain her resolve, followed by a forceful attack from the rear to make her surrender in full. Peace reigns thereafter.
Lisa: oh honey are you so exceptional. a very short explaination that just got me feeling horny for you at this very moment
can't wait for the day we be together
me: Well... that will be the day.
Lisa: D-day
or, R-day for Reynolds
me: Don't know what to say.
Lisa: I will have to say I love you so much
don't know what I would do without you
me: You won't have to think about that for much longer. But I have to go soon. It's late and I've got things to do tomorrow.
Lisa: ok sweet heart then talk to you soon
me: Please send me another pic of yourself. That one on the card just doesn't cut it.
Lisa: I will try ans see if I can find one or try to take a new one if I have the chance... if I have the time also i will find a way for you to see me on cam
love you sweet heart
me: I want to send one to Cammy - she's going to have a stepmom.
"on cam"?
Lisa: I will get the pic soon sweet heart
have a gudnite sleep..and sweetest of dreams
me: Sleep tight, and have faith.
Semper fi.
Lisa: Love you...Kisses

I will heed the advice of a polite horse for it is written that more flies are caught with honey than vinegar... although assault carbines and monstrous wolves are still fun.

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Somehow, amidst all his toughness, I detected some flushing red on the face of Malcolm when this ladette switched her chat to love. Laughing
You gotta get this one on webcam. Make her "find the time." Very Happy

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