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 "you have done me painfull thing" (first safari- W

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PostPosted: Tue Mar 16, 2010 2:28 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Many thanks to Wimp-daddy BRUIN and Seamless for advice- two experts in lad pain.

Lad in blue
Me in red with comments in black

After initial scam letter and Wimp response:


Attention: Mr. Thomas

Thanks for you mail and I will be happy doing this business with you as you have explain the confidence of this offer I appreciate the detail and the offer.

My dear friend we are going into a business that will bring richness and health and I will not in any were deny of your 50% out of the money you send, I will also advice that you send your personal phone as soon as you receive this email so that we can have free communication in doing this business.

Secondly I will like to use this opportunity to thank you very much and also acknowledge my personality and country.

I am a banker a good citizen of Nigeria, with this offer you are given to me consider guarantee and first let us have the dial in the name of god almighty and confidentially we shall succeed in this business.

Notice: since you said you have all it takes to change the information both receivers and senders’ names consider your personal percentage send back immediately without any delay, my dear this business will make us proud and richness within one week.

Lastly I will like us to have the business start next week with the fist batch of the MTCN money transfer control number.

The information give below is the information you need to make the change in sending the money transfer control number please be kind to let me know their amounts in each control number.

Receivers name; Obinwa Evans Paul

Location: Lagos Nigeria

Note: as soon as you have send the money transfer control numbers I will immediately pick it up and send and go to another bank and send your percentage or to avoid any traces I have to drive to and near by county and send your percentage.

I wait your response when are we starting this transaction.


Yours faithfully

Paul walter.

IP - Lagos

I send my phone number and details about how the deal will work, and unfortunately I do not have access to MTCN for Nigeria...

We talk on the phone, go over the plan, he agrees to go to Benin, etc.

Fast forward to the bait getting a little fucked up...

He claims to be in Benin, IP says Lagos. He calls me supposedly from Benin and the number is the same as before- Lagos.

I figure the bait is done so I call bullshit:

My friend,

Do you think this is the first time I have done this type of deal? To be honest, I am insulted you think I am so stupid as to believe you are in Benin when you are still in Lagos. The number you called me from this morning is a land line in Lagos.

I told you that I do not want others involved in this deal and I do not know who you have involved in Benin, but I will not take part.

When you are serious and are done playing games, contact me and I'll consider you as a serious partner.


I don't know what happened or who was involved, but I got a bunch of calls from Benin and then this:


This is to notify you that due you doubt and humiliation of my personal in assisting you in this transaction I have to secure the republic of Benin phone number now to show you that I am in Benin since morning and I am an honest person which I know that this transaction can lead us to good friendship, also some other business that I will introduce you in America that is hot market. That is the reason why I need your partnership.

My dear I will personally advice to call me now because is late over here the time is 7:31pm and I have to find a place to rest till tomorrow morning.

My dear try send the 20MTCN money control numbers with the collect information and also send to me the numbers with senders name amount, question and answer.

This is Phone number you needed call me immediately you have receive this email thanks.

Phone number: +22966389082

Please I will appreciate your understand in doing business is trust and love in the deal of the business, like I promise you that I will not fail you or disappoint you in this deal. I will go all the country one by one to yield the friend between two of us.


Yours faithfully

Grant Ibe

Remember the receivers name as obinwa Evans Paul.

Phone number: +22966389082


Somehow he ended up with a Benin phone number, may or may not have traveled, but I never could confirm the IP.

We try again the next morning:

This is to acknowledge the receipt of your phone call yesterday but due network problem and I need to activate the mobile number with Recharge card so that the network will stop failing, my dear I will please on the issue that happen last night let it not put doubt on your mind regarding this transaction.

I will also use this opportunity to let you know that I am the person you are communicating with and the network is too bad at the time you called me, sir I will want you to send the 20MTCN numbers this morning so that I will have them pickup and also recharge the mobile number immediately and business start with good communication. Trust in me and every thing that we are doing. god will grant us all the trust we needed from each other.

note: i will call as soon as is morning in america to talk to you on phone, also regarding to the text you sent to my mobile phone which i not receive is due to the inactivation of the number with recharge card.

Yours faithfully
Grant Ibe

At this point, I can't confirm if he has traveled, so I decide to start over.
There are serious problems here at the WU office...

Mr. Ibe,

I have received your voice message this morning. I am trying to resolve an issue here. Two men from Western Union have arrived here and are asking to see T.P.S. reports for the past three months. They will be doing a complete audit of my transfers.

Please be patient and I will take care of this situation. I will contact you shortly.



Mr. Ibe,

The Western Union Agents have left but we have a new problem. Due to some security exploits, the agents have ceased all transfers to the following countries: Nigeria, Benin, Mali, Cameroon, Togo, Niger and Burkina Faso. This is effective immediately to all transfer agents at ITA.

The closest location I have available to me now is Ghana. How far are you from Accra?


He can almost smell the cash and seems interested:

My dear this sound some how that I have spent my money in Benin and you are tell me that all the transaction are close for the country and that the only one left is Ghana, my dear what is the guarantee that if I spend another amount to Ghana I will have the deal.

I will be traveling to Ghana but first is your guarantee that I will end up like this in Ghana, because to travel to Ghana Accra is not the problem but the guarantee on this issue you are saying.

Lastly you want me to travel back to Nigeria today and take a flight to Ghana in secure of this transaction.


Yours faithfully

Grant Ibe.

I decide to switch from confident businessman to desperate beggar needing his help:


Mr. Ibe,

I apologize for the confusion and beg your forgiveness. I desperately need your help as I need the money quickly.

I know this is difficult, but this is the only option I have left. I was lucky to obtain these before the sanctions.

I have attached 20 MTCNs for Ghana. These total over $5000.00.

I know that it will cost you a bit to travel, so any travel costs you have can be deducted from my share. Simply scan and send me the receipts by email attachment.

Please let me know if you can do this as I am running out of time.

I attach the MTCN list with double the amount for Benin

He responds:

My dear I will like to know if this control number are on my name as the receive name already as Obinwa Evans Paul make the change and get back immediately so that I will transfer to Ghana tomorrow and get to Ghana next tomorrow morning and pickup.

Make the change of the receivers name to Obinwa Evans Paul, lastly before my traveling to Ghana I will want you to text to my Nigeria phone number how sorry you are so that I will have the confident of my traveling to Ghana I have drive down to Nigeria now meanwhile I will check you text and email as soon as I arrive in Nigeria.

Remember that I will be traveling to Ghana tomorrow if I receive your text on this numbers today: 00923416580096 make sure that all the control number is working before sending.

I try to text him my heart-felt apology for his troubles and then send him an email also:
Mr. Ibe,
Your message is understood and I thank you for your speed in which you
are completing this transaction.

Although you did not receive my text, I wish to repeat what I wrote to you:

Dearest Mr. Ibe, I am truly sorry for the trouble I caused you in
Benin and I ask for your forgiveness. Please accept my apology as I
desperately need your assistance to complete this deal. Your humble


I wish you well on your trip and await your email when you arrive. Stay safe,


I get a voicemail that he is leaving and then about seven hours later, a voicemail saying he has arrived. Then I receive what I've been waiting for:

Attention: Mr. Thomas

This is to notify you that I am now in Accra Ghana as you needed me in receipt of this transaction speed up.

This is my mobile phone number: +233547318816, sir you are advice to activate the MTCN numbers immediately and get back to me on text alert so that I can start pickup up the amount from the banks here in Ghana.

Note: early you send the confirmation that you have activated the MTCN NUMBERS the better of my picking them up immediately because of time in Africa

The attachment is copy of the MTCN money transfer control numbers you send to me for your reconfirmation and immediate activation of the numbers.

Remember the receivers name as Obinwa Evans Paul, also senders name as tom Gunderson.

I wait for your immediate alert on text as soon as you have activated all the numbers.

Yours faithfully
Grant ibe.


I make him wait a few hours, tell him the MTCNs are active, and wait for the fun to start:

My dear the numbers are not appea on the system over here why am in the bank 9:39 AM
Call me now 9:39 AM
My dear like am banker and i have visited the bank now and is not on the system 10:04 AM
My dear like am banker and i have visited the bank now and is not on the system 10:05 AM
My dear like am banker and i have visited the bank now and is not on the system 10:06 AM
Call me now please 10:07 AM
Check if the numbers are activated because is not on the system 10:18 AM
Sir the numbers are not on the system over here check please 10:32 AM
My dear more than four banks but let me know if i can be able to pick the tomorrow because it did not appear on the bank system now you said it last 24hours 10:42 AM
The numbers is not on the western union system please fine out wha is the ploblem 10:58 AM
No one show on the system please note that i have spent money and time try to let of know what is going on why is the number not on the system 11:15 AM

One of many voicemails:

I finally decide to take his call:

Here's where things really get weird. Shortly after our conversation, I receive this voicemail from his Benin number:

I call my lad and tell him I'm being threatened by his brother. He tells me not to worry and to ignore any other calls or text from Nigeria or Benin:

Later, I tell him that his brother told me that I would not get my share and that my lad would call the police on me. (all a lie of course)

BRUIN told me that the Prudential bank in Makola market has a habit of arresting scammers, so mention I have a friend that works there who can help him.

This is to acknowledge the receipt of texts received yesterday regarding to the Nigeria person sending you voice mail that I will not send your percentage as regard to this transaction, my dear I will personally advice that you ignore the message, second you do not have to be afraid of any thing criminality involve that may put doubt into your mind in this transaction.

By advice that I am in Ghana now and with security and trust we are going to get this transaction done without any trace or problem, my dear have collected the MTCN numbers to be on the system or like you told me yesterday regarding the personal you have in prudential bank and you will him contacted to assist us which I will like to know if you have contacted him/her so that we can have the MTCN numbers pull out today.

Please as soon as you have received this email kindly text only mobile number what is the next step to take in getting things done today.

Yours faithfully
Grant ibe.

I wait a while and text him I have been arrested because of him and his brother. A few hours later I email:

Mr. Ibe,

When I returned home yesterday from work, I was met by two agents at the train platform. Special agents led me to a car and brought me to the police station. They refused to answer my questions and told me to save it for their superior.

When we arrived, we were met by their boss, a man named Steward who led me to a secure room. Once there, Steward proceeded to tell me that they received a tip from a man in West Africa that I was involved in illegal activities. Steward showed me copies of emails I had sent you!

I explained that you were the rightful owner of the receipts and that the transaction was perfectly legal. They placed me in a holding cell while they made phone calls and other men used my orifices as a playground. Steward returned a few hours later and had me fingerprinted and photographed and then I was released. He told me not leave the city and that they would be contacting my employer. I had to catch a taxi home and explain to my wife where I was and why I could not sit down. It was horrible.

As far as the MTCNs go, I have contacted my friend at the Prudential Bank in Makola Market. He is aware of our situation and will help with the transfer. Simply explain to a teller the situation and they should know what to do.

Contact me if there are any more problems.


He ignores my plight and focuses only on the money. (hard to believe) I decide I've had about fun with him but I get him to record a message about Steward to post here: then decide to end it.

I just had another lad return to Accra from a quick safari to Lagos so I tell Mr. Ibe that he is the contact at the bank. I tried to get them to meet, but it didn't work out. Ibe calls the other lad, and sends me this:

I will like to talk to now on phone remove your on voice mail now 12:19 PM
I will like to talk to now on phone remove your on voice mail now.. Remove your on voice mail now because i have some talk with ben 12:27 PM
I will like to talk to you now on phone remove your on voice mail now.. Remove your on voice mail now because i have some talk with ben 12:33 PM

Me: what did he say? 12:36 PM
I need to talk to you on phone now this not matter of text please remove your phone on voice mail my dear thomas 12:39 PM
Me: i cannot talk now. leave me a voice message regarding what he said 12:41 PM
Me: what is happening?!?! 1:37 PM
My friend an not happy at this time you have done me painfull thing 2:28 PM

Unfortunately I was at work and couldn't talk to him. I would have loved to hear what the two lads talked about.
I'm currently baiting him two other addys and look forward to more torture.

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EXCELLENT!!!! You have brightened my morning, Rock! Well done.


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You found STEWARD! I just knew he would get many new friends....
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Steward bless WIMP.

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Well done Rock!


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