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 Slapped my first lad

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The Order
Hello I'm New here!

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 7:30 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I received a letter from a lad that I was the beneficiary to money and I replied that I was not interested because I was busy with other problems.

So he told me he could help and wanted to call me so I gave him a phone number to call and he could not get a hold of me (I don't know why).

Any way he told me that he did not believe I was who I said I was, and wanted me to send him a work id, or passport.

I responded back that he was a stupid SOB and that he contacted me first. He has replied back that he wanted me to call him.

Is this the best course of action:

1. Wait for a few days to respond back making it seem that he just screwed up big time on a chance of a lifetime?

2. Just ignore the plea for him to talk to someone on the phone?
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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:02 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

just ignore him and let him twist in the breeze for a while! Or make a K7 number and let im use his cell time calling it and leaving voicemails

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PostPosted: Sat Feb 13, 2010 8:20 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Insist that you keep trying to call him but no one ever answers.

Here are some phone numbers that you might try giving to the mugu - and insisting that he call you at one of these numbers.

WARNING - It is always a good idea to call the number first yourself to verify that it is still not working properly.



He will get a telephone company recording that says:


"This call requires a coin deposit. please hang up momentarily, then redial your call by first depositing the local rate posted on the instruction card, or dial zero for the operator."

I do know some "ring busy" numbers. Dial "1" then:

216-421-9887 - Cleveland, OH
310-665-1119 - Santa Monica, CA
877-362-5400 - an extension # can be added to this one

for england:
I saved these from a topic ages ago, dead phone numbers in London to give to 419 scammers, select any of these:

020 7946 0001 all the way up to 020 7946 9999 are unasigned and will be for some time yet.


| PBX and Dial Tones |

416-866-8866 PBX
435-723-9901 Dial-Tone (only Dial 800 numbers)
509-522-0002 Dial Tone
519-654-9000 Please enter your passcode..?
519-846-8786 Dial Tone (press 9, then phone number)
519-895-2255 Please enter your passcode or call to get one call 888-288-5650 Selectcom
800-220-9000 PBX
800-221-9600 Dial Tone old code for it was (51234)
800-223-2516 PBX
800-225-5871 Dial Tone (Keystone)
800-265-4672 PBX
800-288-2880 Dial Tone
800-321-8593 Dial Tone
800-444-0199 Dial Tone
800-456-0000 Dial Tone Belongs to Texas Instruments
800-456-1212 Dial Tone
800-521-6245 PBX
800-535-2151 Dial Tone
800-555-1171 PBX
800-555-2142 Dial Tone
800-555-2312 Dial Tone
800-555-3775 Dial Tone
800-555-4119 Dial Tone
800-621-5640 PBX
800-741-9000 PBX... Please enter your mci card number now.
800-745-6678 try 200*# from the dialtone to get to voicemail MessageCenter box 999
800-749-9975 PBX
800-804-6666 Dial Tone
800-859-8888 PBX
800-859-9999 PBX
800-870-0012 Dial Tone
800-877-8000 PBX 7 digit authorization codes
800-950-1022 PBX
800-976-1212 PBX
800-987-2200 PBX
888-246-3454 Dial Tone
888-778-1778 PSU PBX System 412-553-7458 PSU's PBX help service

| Recordings |

202-756-9901 Weird DMS-500 Message (broken @ end)
206-343-0011 [sit] this call requires a coin deposit
212-221-9949 New York Telephone Customer Response Center
212-966-9999 Teleport's 5ESS Midtown switch
303-563-5000 distorted error message
305-614-0000 busy verifcation by the operator is not allowed on this call
509-248-0036 Your call has been completed, but the party isn't receiving calls
516-783-9999 New York Telephone Test Message
519-651-2000 Office is currently closed please call later.. this is a recording
516-922-wine dial a dirty joke. (Jackie Martling)
541-967-0024 Your call has been completed… but the party isn't receiving calls
570-387-0020 Bell Atlantic is presently closed...
700-555-4141 Long Distance Provider ID Recording
718-451-9901 Avenue I DMS-100 in Brooklyn NY
718-579-4539 non-working number at Yankee Stadium
732-920-9904 "the call you have made requires a coin deposite"
732-255-9927 due to network problems....
800-356-9919 Test Message 202, Test Message 202
800-437-9606 Japanese 'cannot be completed as dialed' error message
800-584-9138 Pat-Live box not setup yet.
800-909-6955 ICT GROUP
'This number is going under install on denis 8475' hold music then hangup
809-474-2569 crazy crazy disconnected message
809-563-0069 Another NIS error crazy i tell ya
845-354-9912 Verizon lady on speed (this is why you don't do drugs)
856-767-9903 [booop] excuse me, please deposit ten cents (broken)
866-277-6245 At&t Wireless error message
866-286-4230 (D 241) test successful
888-253-8491 De-active Pat-Live Box
972-889-2852 VOIP CALLER ID

1-541-967-0024 "Your call has been completed… but the party isn't receiving calls" is the message played.

It's the so-called 'Whistling pickle'. It doesn't literally whistle, but it's probably one of the oddest noises you'll ever hear on a phone

From Scam Patroller:

In an other thread, somebody came up with that number:904-241-1080. It seems to be a test line in Florida.
I have not tested it, but a lad has already complained about it, so it seems to work


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 1:52 am Reply with quoteBack to top

^^^Valuable list. The three "ring busy" numbers can use any prefix e.g. the number in Ohio can just as easily be 216-555-9887. But as Bruin says, call the number a couple of times during and outside of business hours before passing it on to a lad.

I am using one of the "ring busy" numbers on a lad and he is whining about not getting an answer. I tell him that my teenage daughter's BFF moved to another state and she spends a lot of time on the phone talking to her.

You could also tell the lad to remove any blocks he has on his caller ID; you won't pick up if the display says "Out of Area" or "Unknown Caller" because you assume that a telemarketer is calling. He probably won't have any idea what you are talking about.


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PostPosted: Sun Feb 14, 2010 11:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Awesome ideas, all.
I´ve bookmarked this thread.

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