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 Google voice does not speak "lad"

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PostPosted: Fri Jan 29, 2010 2:33 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Bye bring it up and I logged off. I'm in trouble. Hey, Hey ask if you dear. I will and her phone company this call. Hey, do me a call. Hey, Hey come. I didn't. Yeah, Hello. I couldn't sign online. Good luck. Hey control. Okay, so give me a call please. Thanks so much for okay okay. I love you, why

I admit, the call quality was REALLY bad, and from what I heard, it didn't really sound anything like this, but I just thought it was funny that google voice couldn't make heads or tails of ladspeak.

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Master Baiter

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I love reading the transcripts and trying to guess what my lads have actually left for a message. Sometimes the transcription actually makes more sense!

Two of my favorite voice messages:


Yeah, either at it's. I'm at the village jogs spoke mall I've got. She's gonna be mulcher you spoke to you soon, have a chance. We're doing fine for August course ever want to go tomorrow if you can go ahead and I. T hope you dig sightseeing refuse really really part. He's got a dog. I really really need to know people over much of anything today. I will be they are group. We very much. It it. I'll try to call you again. The reference pitch pitch in. I really need to check. Can patient. I can change. I'll talk to write you as well. Take care, Rabbit. I love to talk to Congress and I lost you on this year. Hey this is a bye.


Hello over this is. It's in the midst of a veto, and the phone as well set up, but it's a big the. We need to do so. I'm going to much zero. It's about it, so I'm trying to really doubt I just got back from you. Ciao, my wife when you get the new vehicle make it shows itself. I would retain goats. I'm really worried tango for your help, operated like you were to Brad, do you got beautiful. I could present description before the vote retainer fee 11 equity and I do really. Jillbo sweetie. Love just woke up all to choose. I really do appreciate. Just keep sorry I've been lucky to get to reach you. How about a bus Boulevard a Opry would be good luck. So if you can't do. I just to see if I think. Yeah, my love, my regards to all your church members. I'm pleased that yes to. oxyCalm O 3 hassle me, unless he was about to venture into the local of the vote to take it. I'll try to call me again right. Bye.
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