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 Has anyone actually come to harm because of baiting?

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PostPosted: Thu Jan 28, 2010 8:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Thanks everyone (special bow to Nurse Nasty Smile

My heart goes out to NN for the tragic collision with the floor. I'm already sporting much soiled undies and swollen eyes from laughing uncontrollably. Until I read some of the cool posts here I had no idea I suffered ERI ... eater related incontinence. Anyone want to join my support group?

So the consensus is to:

never read posts when drunk, riding a unicycle or doing brain surgery ... these may lead to injury and or bleeding rectums (rectii??)

always be anonymous and change handles from time to time

never use anything a lad can google later

never upset a big lad with bigger friends who happen to live nearby your trapdoor

never wash toilet paper for use later on

stay anonymous and keep lad related activities wholly away from any RL stuff

be polite so the lads at least feel bad after they curse you

carry anti-curse pouches in your undies

douche regularly with holy water ... again just in case

stay anonymous and ask lots of questions here ... no matter how dumb

oh yeah ... and never talk about fight club.

Got it. Thanks all.


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(Thanks Otterfan for the Latin)
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