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 He wants to wire me 10 million ? Sweet!!!!

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 19, 2010 12:10 am Reply with quoteBack to top

This is a chat between a 419 scammer and I, No money was gained nor am i a bank manager of bank of america. the conversation was ended he signed off. read

Our chat on Mon, 1/18/10 6:58 PM -----

Jeremy (6:19 PM): Yes how can i help you?
Hon Jerry Edward (6:20 PM): i need ur account details to enable me forward same to the wire transfer unit
Jeremy (6:20 PM): And exactly how much will you be wireing me?
Hon Jerry Edward (6:21 PM): i have explained this to u earlier before now
Jeremy (6:21 PM): in the area of 10 million that is obsurd.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:21 PM): 10.5m
Hon Jerry Edward (6:21 PM): ur % is 30% of the total fund
Hon Jerry Edward (6:22 PM): i need an account for d transfer
Jeremy (6:22 PM): Are you aware that any amount deposited in to an account over 10,000 USD must be declared and reported to the IRS?
Jeremy (6:22 PM): That means that i would have to pay the IRS 33% in taxes?
Hon Jerry Edward (6:22 PM): yeah
Jeremy (6:23 PM): The bank automatically notofies the irs once the deposit is made.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:23 PM): i am aware of it
Hon Jerry Edward (6:23 PM): we will pay the normal tax involve
Jeremy (6:23 PM): How can i explain 10.5 million being deposited in to my account from over seas? I am a simply general manager for the bank, i make 80,000 a year!
Jeremy (6:24 PM): Are you aware of the patroit act?
Hon Jerry Edward (6:24 PM): i want to present u as our foreign contractors to enable the cbn transfer the fee
Jeremy (6:24 PM): They will investigate where the money comes from and i have to disclose full information with in regards where the money was sent from
Hon Jerry Edward (6:25 PM): i am only waiting for ur details so i cam forward it among the other dat has been approved
Jeremy (6:25 PM): But what you dont understand is i have to declare where i obtained this money from.
Jeremy (6:26 PM): I do not have a clue where the money came from.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:26 PM): yes, bc all the necessary document showing udat u executed such cobtact will be obtained
Hon Jerry Edward (6:26 PM): CBN nigeria
Jeremy (6:27 PM): I do not understand, i have never in my 5 years of being a bank manager i have never heard of deposits over than 1 million US. Actually most banks do not allot that much at one time due to fraud alerts.
Jeremy (6:28 PM): I have a client whom is an international realestate man and we always get transfers from zurich for 1 million each, some times several in a day.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:28 PM): dat will be ok
Jeremy (6:29 PM): What gurantee do i have that you will deposit the funds in to my account and not clean out my account?
Jeremy (6:29 PM): I mean i could easly open up a temporary account linked to a fake name.
Jeremy (6:30 PM): Wouldnt be the first time ive had to do that for some one before
Hon Jerry Edward (6:30 PM): i am counting on u, which ever way u no
Jeremy (6:31 PM): When can you deposit the money?
Jeremy (6:31 PM): I have just made a shell account and issued my self a debit card.
Jeremy (6:31 PM): Through one of our sister banks.
Jeremy (6:32 PM): Uou are aware of ACH protocall 1703 ss45 correct?
Hon Jerry Edward (6:34 PM): i have to forward them to the transfer unit i am not d person incharge of transfer
Jeremy (6:34 PM): Well sorry but as a bank manager i only like to deal with other bank managers.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:34 PM): i will submit ur details then it will follow the normal due proceed they will contact and d transfer will be done
Jeremy (6:34 PM): I do not deal with low level clerks such as your self.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:35 PM): how
Jeremy (6:35 PM): I am incharge of 10,000 accounts at my bank. I have done all kinds of favors for people and i only like to deal with high ups such as my self.
Jeremy (6:35 PM): You my friend are a middle man.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:36 PM): top manager are involve man i am the speaker
Hon Jerry Edward (6:36 PM): if u give me a go ahead i will present u to them
Jeremy (6:38 PM): Listen from your english i assume your from nigeria. A few years ago i did a favor for some one from there. He deposited a few hundred thousand in a bank and i got to keep a percentage. I went to westernunion and wired 10 people money for him. we both made out great and then he didnt contact me afterwards.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:38 PM): if u can come down here to see things for urself dat will be ok
Jeremy (6:38 PM): He told me that the EFCC was on to him, and that was it.
Jeremy (6:39 PM): I am a very good connection to have if i get a cut. It is all about business.
Jeremy (6:39 PM): Do you think i made it to where i am today by being honest?
Jeremy (6:40 PM): My issue is the IRS oversees every transaction made at the bank.
Jeremy (6:40 PM): Do you know who the IRS is?
Hon Jerry Edward (6:40 PM): HOW DO U WANT IT TO BE
Jeremy (6:40 PM): We need to be smart if we are going to make money.
Jeremy (6:41 PM): We need to keep off the IRS radar.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:41 PM): SO HOW DO WE PROCEED
Jeremy (6:41 PM): It depends on how you want the money delivered.
Jeremy (6:42 PM): Are you going to come here and pick it up or western union transfer
Jeremy (6:42 PM): If the amount is under 1,000 USD you do not require a bank account.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:42 PM): I HAVE TO E THERE
Jeremy (6:42 PM): nor do u require id from western union
Jeremy (6:43 PM): I do not understand your responce?
Hon Jerry Edward (6:43 PM): I WILL BE IN D STATE FOR MY SHARE
Jeremy (6:43 PM): ok beautiful
Jeremy (6:43 PM): It makes it easier for me.
Jeremy (6:43 PM): What i can do is this
Jeremy (6:44 PM): You make deposits in to the shell account i made
Jeremy (6:44 PM): All under 10,000
Jeremy (6:44 PM): You then come to the states and come to my office where i will withdraw cash and send you on your way. As long as i get my cut.
Jeremy (6:45 PM): If i do not get my cut you will not make it out the building.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:45 PM): WE ARE NOT GREEDY MAN
Jeremy (6:45 PM): I employ 6 armed guards, the columbian tried to screw me out of my cut.
Hon Jerry Edward (6:46 PM): I WILL LIKE U TO SEND ME D DETAILS
Jeremy (6:46 PM): I understand nigeria is a poor country , as is columbia. I have no issue helping out as long as i get my pockets lined.
Jeremy (6:46 PM): What information do you require? >
Hon Jerry Edward (6:46 PM): D ACCOUNT 4 D TRANSFER
Jeremy (6:46 PM): Hold on while i get to that screen.
Jeremy (6:47 PM): I have to admire you 419 guys.
Jeremy (6:48 PM): The columbians and others make me very happy when i do business with yall. I only gotten burnt once and we took care of that issue
Hon Jerry Edward (6:48 PM): LETS DO BUSINESS GUY
Jeremy (6:49 PM): Like i said before, i am a good business man. As long as i get my cut all other parties get there cut.
Jeremy (6:49 PM): Okay here is the account information
Jeremy (6:50 PM): GE Money B
Jeremy (6:50 PM): ABA # 124085
Jeremy (6:50 PM): Checking # 41735100
Jeremy (6:51 PM): Our bank and out sister bank stopped recycleing the account numbers. We began generating longer account numbers.
Jeremy (6:51 PM): So keep your eye open because most banks will begin to follow us
Jeremy (6:51 PM): The routing numbers will stay 9 digits.
Jeremy (6:52 PM): Is there any more information you require?
Hon Jerry Edward (6:53 PM): NO MAN
Jeremy (6:53 PM): Remember to keep deposit amounts under 10,000 each. We have roughly 30 days to complete business before the irs preforms thereaudits
Hon Jerry Edward (6:53 PM): ACCOUNT NAME
Jeremy (6:54 PM): So dont screw me, The name is John Smith
Jeremy (6:54 PM): How orrigonal huh?
Jeremy (6:54 PM): Remember 30 days to get the money out, then i can just delete the account as if it was never opened.
Jeremy (6:56 PM): No deposits over 10,000 USD and 30 days to finish. Can you make it here before the 30 days?
Jeremy (6:58 PM): I just opened that bank account today

Jeremy (7:04 PM): Are we in business or what?
Jeremy (7:05 PM): I take that as a no, thank you for your time

hahaha he had signed off!!!
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