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 I am going to be rich!

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PostPosted: Mon Jan 18, 2010 12:51 am Reply with quoteBack to top

These 419 scams are getting ballsier as they go.... Today I had someone call me (never had that happen before). He had a very heavy accent (sounded Russian) and was speaking very quickly. I kept interrupting him to let him know I'm not understanding a word he's saying and if he could speak any slower. I am usually good with accents and was willing to tackle this challenge.

After about 5 repeats he gets frustrated and asks me for my email so he can tell me there. I gave it to him, I thought he was a customer with a genuine inquiry. After I gave him my emails address he started to say something again, I didn't understand anything except for the words "one million dollars" which told me right away this was a scam. I got this E-mail:

TEL: 00233- 244012744
FAX : 00233-21520011
EMAIL:[email protected]

Dear Sir

How are you? I know that you will be astonished to read from unknown person. To start with, I’m Avis Ganutar, a (23yrs) old boy, a citizen of republic of Togo , The son of Mr. Agaza Ganutar, who was the former director of accounting department under the North Atlantic Securities Sarl, Meanwhile I got your contact from a reliable source through my searching for a genuine person who can be my foreign partner.

My father who is now very ill, which I think he might not survive the illness, my father managed to secure some amount of money that amounted the sum of $1,000,000.00 United State Dollars during his operational period in his office as the director of the accounting firm.

Due to the constitution of my country Togo, which says an individual under the banking firm of the country is not in the position to possess over $500,000.00 United State Dollars, because that my father didn’t bank the funds of $1,000,000.00 United State Dollars in any bank in Togo, Instead He made an arrangement with Mr. PITASSA KAO the Western Union Money Transfer Manager at the Western Union Head Quarters Lome Togo, affiliated to Eco Bank. To assist him send the money through western un in money transfer to his partner in the United State of America Mr. Williams .F. Abrahamson, Unfortunately his partner Mr. Williams .F. Abrahamson was a victim of the September 11 terrorist attack in the world trade centre famously known as PENTAGON HOUSE WASHINGTON, which you are aware of the incident, After the death of Mr. Williams .F.Abrahamson, my ill father developed hypertension, because he has entrusted so much money and properties to Mr. Williams .F. Abrahamson.

Now I have met with Western Union Money Transfer Manager Mr. Pitassa Kao concerning my father funds that he have in his possession as a banker, He suggested that I have to provide a foreign partner who will assist me to invest the said funds in his country in any lucrative way, so if you will be able to work in sincerity with me, your details is required, such as your curriculum vitea, and any form of your identity to enable inform the manager of the western union money transfer head quarters Lome Togo that I have find a reliable person who can handle the transaction, It will also help me to inform my family lawyer who will help us in getting all the required documents in the transaction that will enable the transfer of the funds to you through western union as my beneficiary.

I wait to hear from you soon.
Yours truly,
Avis Ganutar

My question is, while scam baiting is fun and all, is there any way I can get this guy in any legal trouble?. After he had E-mailed me, I didn't check my email right away, and he called me again 30 mins later to make sure I have read his email, I hadn't read it and told him I'll look into it. He's probably going to call again.
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Don't reply to that email, period. He obviously has a number linked directly to your personal life. At this point, it's best to ignore him. Hopefully, he will lose interest.

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