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 refugee/love scammer by the name princess yak part 2

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PostPosted: Tue Jan 12, 2010 1:44 am Reply with quoteBack to top

so as i was saying she has no patience at all... and it was time for me to ask some throphies Wink


Hello again my sweetheart! My daughters finished their driver lincence praticing and they did good! Now i'm really proud of them and i'm thinking about Bying them both their own cars! How are things there at the camp? Everything going out good? Working here at the farm has been a strugle! i think i have to hire me self some more help coz the last potaotes of the season are strating to be ready to be picked! My darling sweetheart i am more than ready to welcome you here but first there is a couple of stannard forms to be filled! Becouse here in Northern Ireland we have had our fair share of problems with the local terrorist groups you have to fill out some anti-terrorist forms! Without the forms i'm not able to bring you here with me! so are you willing to fill them out? If not i have to say we cannot continue our relationship. I'm so sorry but it's the law and i have to obey it if i want to keep my farm without problems! I'm waiting for your repply in anticipation! I love you from the bottom of my old and wornout heart!




Hello Darling.
Good Morning and how are you today? and how about my lovely twins Sister's, i am happy for them, and the are so intelligent, i love that and i love by taking good care of them,

Darling here in the camp my condition is not good, only i am looking up to you for a great change in my life, here in this camp they give us food only once in day in there own convenient time, please Darling sweetheart try as much as you can to help me out from this situation, concerning the stannard forms, i am ready to feel it, can you instruct me who to feel it, hope you know that i don't have any money for a expanses in the stannard forms,

hope you will help me if it is a thing that will cost money, Darling, i love you and you are whom my heart desired, God bless you ,

Darling i will go back to the camp for our moral instructions, yesterday i did not make it to check my email in the evening, because of our fasting and prayer in the camp that is why i did not write to you yesterday, hope you never mind,
i love you with all my heart,
thanks and have a nice a nice day,
From Yours In Love Princess.

(so we will see what happens...seems like the poor thing is getting ready to ask money from i sent her the basic terrorist this time i also contacted the revryn ben johnson...freaky guy and true man of the lord)



Hello dear lovely my darling <3! I'm so happy to hear from you again. And guess What! I'm starting fall inlove with you day by day! I'm sure i'm gonna bring you here with me! Now i'm so sorry about these forms but they are the law and we have to obey them! just fill them out and remember to read the questions carefully! You also need to attach a picture of you in them! i've contacted the priest about your passport allready and i'm still waiting for his reply. i have to go back to work now. i'm gonna attatch the forms to this e-mail becouse i have scanned them to my computer. remember to sign every form! God Bless my love one <3

(and after this one arrived the revryns e-mail)



Complement Of The Season.
May The Peace Of Our Lord Jesus Christ Be With You.

My Dear Son, i receive your mail which you send to me, Sorry for the late reapply, i have bean busy with the work of God, concerning the situation of the young lady miss Princess Yak,who is a Refugee in this country, By The Grace Of God, in this Refugee united nation,i am the General Oversea Rev Father Johnson Ben, and i have bean doing the work of God Almighty, and i have bean taking care of this Refugee's, i will inform you little about miss Princess Yak, this young lady have bean a Refugee in this country seance after the death of her late parent's, her father was died by plane crash, and no one should take care of her in her country that is why she is here as a Refugee, and i will testifier that this young lady miss Princess Yak is a good lady, here in this Refugee camp among all the girl's here she is the intelligent and the must respectful girl which i can testifier of her,
Dear Son after reading your mail i went to the embassy to know how much it will cost to get here international passport as you requested, Dear Son i appreciate your effort in the life of this young lady, God Reamer, The Alfer And The Omega will bless and reward you of helping this little girl to become some body, they bring to my notice that is will cost the sum of 380 euro to get here international passport, and it will take only 3 days to be ready after payment,
God Bless You For Your Good Heart,

you can send the money through western union money transfer which is the easiest way to send money so that we get the money the same day and go for her passport, note she will go with me to the western union.

use this information while sending the money.
Name...................Rev Father Johnson Ben
Country/City ........Dakar Senegal
Address...................No 18 Nored Fore
Question/Answer........Princess Yak
MTCN .......NO ...............

May The Lord Jesus Reward YOU.

Yours In Lord Jesus Christ,
Rev Father Johnson Ben.
(Christ The King Church)

( i'm gonna reveal my full name to the Rev. Johnson and see if he gets it Wink )



dear revryn! I thank you for this information and i will proceed when the forms that i sent princess to fill out arrive. these forms have to be filled if im gonna bring someone from africa or middle east to our lovely country. Would you like to tell me more about your refugee camp? cause i've worked as a voulanteer in my cruch and they are having this wonderfull program called let me save you and they might give a donation to your refugee camp to build schools and chruches! I know it for sure that our church want's to help african people! so please tell me if you are intrested. God bless you

Ryan Udell Arargor Daniell Umbass O'connor (R.U:A.D Umbass O'connor if you want to shorten it)



Hello My Sweetheart.
how is your day over there today?

Darling i am happy to hear from you again my love, love you are a very good man and i love you with every part of my life, how is my lovely twins sister's, hope my sisters are fine today?

Darling i receive your mail and i saw the form you forwarded to me, i have read and understand what it means, but darling the only problem i have now is this, i don't have any money to scan out the peepers and feel the form and send back to you, please darling i want you to help me with little money so that i will scan this peeper tomorrow and fell it and forward to you, hope you will help me with some money to scan this peepers,

darling the Rev father said that he have reapplyed your mail concerning my passport, hope you have received his mail, please help me, all my hope is you, please darling be with me, help me in any way you know that you can help me to come out from this critical situation please help me,
i love you, God bless you,
waiting to read from you tomorrow,
i love you, Princess.

(so now she is needing money for scanning the allready gonna pay for her planeticket and passport so better do some work by your self to get my money!)



Dear Princess! Listen now! If i'm gonna pay for your Passport and Plane tickets here you gotta work for it abit. Everyone has to do their part and My part is to pay for your PassPort and Planeticket here. You just got to ask your revryn to help you on this one! then find a computer that has a scanner in it and scan your forms! After that i will proceed on helping you. Even Jesus did alot of work before going to heaven! Didnt he? I'm sorry for typing like this but it's the truth!
hope you will understand!


(jesus did work!!!!!!!!)



Hello My Darling,
Good day to you, Darling i hope all is well with you today, together with my lovely twins sister,

darling i read your mail and is like you are a little angry with me, because of the money you are going to spend on my head, Darling i know that it is not easy to get money and i know that things are difficult, but darling you are doing all this for my sake so that i will start a better life, darling i love you because you are a good man and you know what human beans means, darling we are all the same please i want you to try as much as you can to help me,

darling the reverend father is a good man and he have tryed for me allot, darling you know that i am alive today is from the Rev father, the man have try so much for which i don't know what i will use to thank him but is only God that will bless him, Darling Rev father said that he have told you the amount it will cost to get my passport, please darling help me to send the money for my passport, please help me, what i need to scam the form is not more than 10 to 15 euro, please help me my darling add this money together with the money for my passport, the Rev father will give it to me to scam the form and feel,

darling i know it is my part but you know that i don't have any money, even to eat is a problem to me, only i am feeding with the help of our rev father, some times they will not give us food from the camp, the Rev father will give me some money to buy what i will eat, darling it is not easy, he is trying, please help me and God will bless you more and more,
thank you so much for your good heart in me,
i love you, and i will give you what you want, i will make you happy till the end of my life,
love you, princess.

(10-15EURO for a scanner...guess she is just trying to smell if i'm a true victim or way i'm paying that much for scanning!)



To Princess Yak. !0-15euro ??? That's 5-10quids. afull lot for using a scanner and a printer. here it's 20pence for a printer and another one for a scanner! Listen now. it seems like you are not willing to work on this relationship! I've been getting alot of e-mails from other girls in your area and they are much more willing to work on the relationship and really trying and giving their own stake. I'm not even sure that you are the authentic you. And your revryn hasent replied to me after i've suggested him to join our local church helping program wich might give your refugee camp a generous donation. That is insulting to people of Ireland and specially Northern Ireland!
My dear it seems like you wont work for this relationship so why should i proceed anymore? I'm really disapointed at you. Hope you will work for the relationship and i can see that in your next e-mail. God Bless


(let's see what after i've asked what happened to rev. johnson he repplies)



May The Blessing Of Our Almighty God Be With You,
Dear Brother In The Lord, Our Lord Is Good. you are highly well come once again, Brother really it gives me Joy to read from you onces again, God Almighty Will Bless You For Your Good Heart in those orphanages and people in Affrica, aldo you know the condition of Affrica and come to imagine people who are living as a Refugees, there life is not easy, the are in good heath today is by me and through the power of Our Almighty God, the government are not taking good care of them, they are all dying in hunger, but i thank God who gaved me the stringht and power to heal and save many souls here, some times those refugees will fall sick and some people will loose there strianght, but with prayers they are receiving the healing from God, those refugees are not managine well, Dear Brother, i will try to help her with the scanning money, and she will get back to you soon, with the necessary you need, but i want you to be honest and be on your word,

Brother thank you once agin for your word, i will be happy and Our Lord God will keep and care for you, as you are there to help this orphans, and as you said that it can be possible for your church to help us to build church and school for the orphans, Dear Brother you are a good Sun Of God, i will bean praying for your good health, and from today the Lord is with you in what ever you lay your hand on seance you have good intention in us, thank you so much and you are well come,

Peace Be Unto You.
Yours In Lord Jesus Christ,
Rev Father Johnson Ben.
(Christ The King Church)

(god damn educated people write bad english Very Happy but nayways that is the last i heard of Rev. Johnson)



Hello Darling.
Good Morning and how are you today? how was your weekend hope all moved well,

darling i read your mail, but is like you are angry with me, darling what have a done wrong, please you should not so angry with me this way, you know my condition over here in this camp, please if you really want to help me, bring out your mind to help me, where did you want me to take money from, our rev father have tryed so much for me, i don't have the mouth to ask him for any money again, you know i have conscience,

darling why i told you that it will take like 10 t 15 euro, is because i want to get some money from there to feed well, and i want to buy some inner wears, i don't have the heart to ask you for money, that is why, but this 10 to 45 euro is not a big money you know, if really you want to help me, you can help me with it,

darling i don't like some those word you use to me, you said that there is other girls who are interested in coming over to your country, darling it is on fear, if you love me and you really want to help me, you don't have to compeer me with those people hope you know what i mean,

thank you i will be back soon,
i love you, yours princess.

(still trying to get that money for the "papers" and "food" so time to stall abit and go for a business trip)



this is an automatic message: I will be on a business trip and will return 10th of august. you may reach me trough my e-mail.
best wishes and good luck.

Ryan Udell Arargor Dean Umbass O'connor (R.U.A.D Umbass O'connor)



hello princess! i just returned from my business trip! i bought my self some more kettle! about 10 more cows! now let's get back to business! what was the revryn's e-mail? i talked to my church and they are gonna give a generous ammount of money to your refugee camp! tell me how's life there now?

best wishes: Ryan!

(trying to make her abit confused and stear her of the track)



Darling Good Evening,
you are well come, darling i am happy to hear from you today,
how about my lovely twins sister. hope they are all fine and healthy,

darling the last mail was about the scanning peepars, please send me little money to scan the peepar and send to you as you want, the Reverend father told me that he will give me some money to scan the peepars, but he said that he did not have any money now, and he don't want to torch church money, and the reverend father is a good man of God, even i dont have the mouth to ask him for money because he have tryed so much for me, and again he is under the government of this country, he dont have his own money he is a man of God,

darling i am happy for you because you are good man, you have discused with your church and they are trying to us love, i thank you for that, i will let my fellow refuse to know about that,
darling please send me some money for the scaning ok, please i want to come over to see you face to face so that you will know what i am telling you, darling we need to be together, i show you that i love you and i will make you happy till the end of my life, darlin,g help me, take like your daughter, darling even if you dont know me and i ask you for monry some money wan't you give to me, ok for instance now, if i am a begger now, and you meet me on the rod then i ask you for money to eat what will you do as a human bing, darling human bings is all the same, help me in this situation you are doing all this tings for the sake of God, and for marcy toward us,
help me and God will bless you,
yours in love Princess.

(seems like this is gonna die soon hence i'm not gonna send her any money...time to try something different)



hello there princess! i'm so sorry for not replying fast! i've been busy with the farm! So i'm gonna suggest you this: I'm gonna fill out the forms for you. I'm so sorry but sending 10-15pounds to you is not possible at the moment. and besides i bet they feed you there. all i need is a good picture of you for the forms. nothing fancy just a simple picture. and if you would hold out a sign that says "i love you. R.U.A.D Umbass O'connor" (ruad umbass as my full name). that would be a sign of love from you! and i will get you here as soon as possible! love you!


(after this there was a biiiiiig break before her next e-mail)



Hello my sweetheart,
good day to you, darling how are you for all this while, darling i am so sorry for the late reapply,it is because i was not fine for some while now, that is why, but darling you could have call me on through the Reverend father phone number to know how i do. or you could write an email to the Rev father and ask him about me, and you know that i use to write you a mail always only but this time i am not well,
darling why are you complaining so bitterly on me, what have i done wrong, i am a good girl, Otho you don't me well, darling i will change your life, you will feel happy every minute of your life, i will help you in any thing you are doing, both of us will control the farm, i am coming for you, i love you, and i have chosen you in my life forever, belief me,

darling i am happy to hear that you will help me in feeling the form, Yes, i will hold a sign that shows your name, R.U.A.D Umbass O'Connor" but the problem i will have with that is the money that i will use to take the snap, i know that you are not ready to send me any money, darling why are you so stinging to me, why? darling i will be happy if you can try for any possibility for me to see you in life, why are you so hash on me this way, if some one have brooked your heart, i was not the one, but from me you will know that there is what is called love,

darling i am stopping here for today because we are having our fasting and prayer today so i have to go bank to the Refugee camp and continue my prayer,
tank you so much for your good heart,
i am waiting to hear from you soon, this is the picture you need this is the once i have with me here.
yours in love Princess.

(again some randomass african model pics Sad )



Hello Princess! When you send me the picture of you holding the sign i will send you the money Smile. thats all from abit busy with the farm...hope to hear from you soon.



so after that i havent heard from princess yak...i tried to send her some fake western union numbers but no repply....poor Ryan had her heart broken yet again....hope you enjoyed...i did and i feel good i wasted even a lil bit of the scammers time....


Darling i will go back to the camp for our moral instructions - princess yak

tank you so much for your good heart - k3neto gibs0n
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