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 Lad claims M7CN S3cure is a virus and links to the-ex-baiter

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 12:04 am Reply with quoteBack to top

I was talking to a lad using Gmail chat, trying to get him to use M7CN S3cure. He was very insistent on not using it, and he gave me this story:

Supposedly, when he entered his ID code to access his boxes, some windows opened up, causing him to suspect it was a virus site. He said something about a thread in, another scambaiting site. He also said he got an error message saying the code was not working.

At first, I was pretty alarmed. If M7CN Secure opened a window to a scambaiting site, that wouldn't be good. I wondered if the site may have been messed up or hacked. I tried the ID code myself, and it worked fine; no other windows came up and I could access the box screen. Testing an invalid code, I found it to result in an error message in a new window, but nothing else.

I google searched the "tutoring scam" scambaiting thread he mentioned; it mentioned M7CN S3cure in it. Although no links appeared in the page due to formatting issues or something, it appeared to have contained a link to M7CN S3cure.

I believe the lad actually searched for M7CN S3cure using a search engine, and found that thread in the search results. He copied and pasted something like one would find in search results. Seeing it may have tipped him off that it was a fake service, and he made up the story of it nearly crashing his system and giving him a virus. I'm almost positive that is what happened.

Still, I find it strange that he said multiple windows opened and apparently tried to say there was a link to a scambaiting thread in one of said windows. If he realized it was a fake service and I was baiting him, why did he continue to insist I talk to Western Union? Why didn't he say the thread was in the search results when he searched for M7CN S3cure? I can chalk this up to his hope that I would pay him and his inherent lack of articulating himself, but I thought it was worth posting, just in case. Here is the chatlog of the later part of our conversation.


Paul: i am done with this please
7:03 PM me: Your loan offer is a good one; I never imageind you would simply not do it.
Paul: the management will not accept such payment method
me: What do you mean?
It is not a "payment method", ok?
You will get the MTCN.
You will give it to M4y H0ward.
She will go down and retrieve the money just as usual. Then I get my loan.
7:04 PM Paul: you are not a serious person
i think you are a joke
me: I am serious. I am trying my best here.
Here is the page:
7:05 PM Your code:
If you will not do this, i can not send the money.
I know it is an annoying processs.
Sometimes the business world throws things at us we don't want to do.
Paul: i have accessed the page
me: How can I prove it is a real rule and I am a serious man?
7:06 PM Good.
Paul: and the code did not go through
me: It is all one code.
Paul: yes i know
me: Copy and paste the whole thing, no spaces
Paul: the code provided is not going
7:07 PM me: e5897fd04ca7a0792343983f5859926f
I might have copied it wrong the first time.
Make sure you do not copy any spaces. It is all one line.
7:09 PM Paul: what are you doing..
this is a virus
me: No it is not.
It is an official site.
What is onscreen?
7:10 PM Paul: The Tutoring Scam - ScamBaiting at its finest [note: WTF?]
me: What?
7:11 PM Paul: it is now giving my system a virus threat
this is the reason i am sceptical about this method of payment

me: That doesn't make sense.
Paul: please go to the western union
7:12 PM and tell them the code is not going through
me: Where did you get that link?
And virus threat?
What all did it say?
7:13 PM Please explain; this is very unheard of.
Paul: this site opened http://mtcn.s[3]
but your code did not pass through
7:14 PM me: That is what you said, yes.
But what about the virus threat and that link?
Did those come in a pop-up?
I will like to send MTCN S[3]cure a message saying that stuff is on their site.
7:15 PM Paul: please go and confirm from the western union where you just went
tell them the code is not
me: ok
I will do that.
Paul: let them process the payment and give you the mtcn
i will be here waiting
then you will come and send it through chat here
7:16 PM me: I can not do that.
They will not give me the MTCN.
That does not seem to be making it through your thick skull.
Paul: if you cannot go to the western union and tell them the code is not
7:17 PM then i cannot do anything on that
it is simple. go to the western union now
and make complaint,
me: it is strange the code would not work
Paul: so that the issue can be sorted out immediately
me: What did you see when the code did not go through?
7:18 PM I think maybe another window should open.
Paul: we do not process payment for clients and i will have to abide by the policy
me: I see.
But just tell me this:
What kind of error message did you see when the code did not go through?
And why did you say it was a virus??
7:19 PM Paul: [/b]i dont know[/b]
me: Describe please, what you can remember.
Paul: i will have to attend to another client now as i dont have alot of time for this
me: But so I can help MTCN S3cure improve by sending them error message--
Tell me what you saw.
Just to help. Thanks.
7:20 PM Paul: go to the western union and get back to me if you are serious
me: I understand you will not do this, but just describe what you saw.
I would appreciate it.
What did the website say when you entered the code?
7:21 PM Paul: Mr Anthony Miles
please i have other things to attend to
Paul: and i cannot waste time when you are not serious
I am sorry to type in all caps like that. It was rude.
7:22 PM Paul: it gave an error code
me: Do you remember anything about what the error code said?
7:23 PM Paul: and not accessible
you almost crashed my system
me: How did it almost crash?
Did any other windows open?
Did any other websites open?
7:24 PM Paul: yes
windows which i suspect to be virus
and this is not good

me: Do you remember anything in any of those windows?
Was it a bunch of little boxes and a message?
7:25 PM Because I know that might look like a virus but that is actually what is SUPPOSED to happen.
It is the security process. You would know that if you did not close it so fast.
Paul: no bunch of boxes
me: Oh. What was there?
7:26 PM Paul: error code and unacceptable
me: But you said you thought there were virus.
Paul: thereby opening windows
me: what did the windows look like?
7:27 PM Please ansewr.

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 1:42 am Reply with quoteBack to top

Sounds like this lad has been burnt before. Very Happy

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He can still be hurt, more. Smile

Rinse and repeat. Twisted Evil

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