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 Just When I Thought We Were Friends...

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Bill Ding
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PostPosted: Sat Jan 09, 2010 8:40 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

Just when I thought we were just friends, he starts begging!

I really thought he was my friend, though he emailed sporadically. He told me a bit about his so-called life, and now he wants something from me! (j/k)

2009/12/30 Lust!n [email protected] <Lust!n [email protected]>

*Lust!n [email protected]* vous a envoyé une carte depuis le site ** !

Pour voir cette carte, *cliquez ici*<>

Vous aussi, *Envoyez des cartes à vos ami(e)s*<>, c'est gratuit !

Cordialement, L'équipe,

Now, this lad has told me that he is gay, NTTAWWT. Note that he sent my Christmas ecard from a site called "au feminin" - though French isn't my mother tongue, shouldn't it read "Au feminine?"

Anyway, I replied back to my friend:

How very kind of you to think of me; I hope that you had
a mahvellous holiday, and all the very best to you in

Hi mr Bi!!,

Through your smile, I am glad to see you go well. I am proud to know
that you understood my message in French.

Are you in which city at present? How go your young nurse? I see that
she very well took charge of you.
If possible, I would like that you help me to have a telephone to
stay in touch with my rare friends, I misled mine. I prefer the
telephone HTC hd2; otherwise you could choose the other one.
In 2010, I wish you an excellent health and the prosperity in all your

He attached a photo of "himself" clutching a little girl, looking as if he's trying to play happy families. I'll post it on the pics thread.

He is taking advantage of our friendship! I'm upset, and feel that he must be taught a lesson, as he thinks that he can take advantage of a middle-aged lady who hides behind the name Bi!! D!Ŋg, and he is attracted by the riches.

My confidence in this creep is shattered and now I am on the warpath...I'll set up a site specifically for these exchanges, but in the meantime, I ignored the lad's query as to which city I live in and replied politely, masking my hurt feelings:

My dear Lust!n,

Thank you so much for your reply, I am always so glad to hear from you, dear.

Who is that little charmer posing beside you in the photo you emailed, for which I thank you...isn't she a cutie!

I must advise you that I use and can send you a much better phone than the one you mentioned. You'll be happy with it, I'm sure.

You must email me immediately and let me know if you are willing to take my advice on the phone.

Your friend,


"My only concern is for you to keep the secret so that other people will not know what we are doing and may later implicate us out of enemity. This is a begging opportunity which I do not want to miss."

"...the beneficiary can be anybody,it is not mandatory for the beneficiary to be related to the deceased, it does not even matter if you are from different countries, religious or non religious..."

"Due to his wickedness and greediness he plan with high killers and killed my father and pretend that my father was killed by armed Rubber but he don't know that i know his secret."

"I have already made myself clear, and I am completely transparent to you."
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