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 Wanna bait a scammer?

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PostPosted: Sun Jan 10, 2010 2:31 pm Reply with quoteBack to top

I got some nice scammer here, waiting to be baited. Unfortunately I don't have much experience in this and I don't have enough time either to fish this one myself. So I thought, maybe you guys are interested. And if he doesn't want to be baited, he could at least be spammed.

The following seems to be his or her (probably his) personal msn address or at least a address he often uses.

At first he contacted me using OkCupid and said he would be the 23 year old Frea that wants to dance for me in front of her webcam for free! I only need to add all my creditcard information here, and my security number there.
( Isn't she great?

I convinced her to give me her MSN address because I was sooo stupid and not able to find the security number of my credit card (the number I gave her was bs).

So we wrote over MSN and she tried to get me to buy a VISA gift card. Which of course, I didn't.

Two days later (today), I wrote to him/her the following: (In the hope he would bite):

(15:08:28) Hansi: hey martin, how's the transaction going?
(15:08:41) Scammer Frea: huh?????????
(15:08:59) Hansi: you're martin my accountant, right?
(15:09:11) Scammer Frea: wrong send im james
(15:09:15) Hansi: oh sorry
(15:09:15) Scammer Frea: but
(15:09:21) Scammer Frea: im an accountant to
(15:09:25) Hansi: i saved u wrongly
(15:09:25) Scammer Frea: too
(15:09:32) Hansi: what a coincidence
(15:09:47) Scammer Frea: whats your name?
(15:09:53) Hansi: Roger
(15:10:05) Hansi: do i know you?
(15:10:36) Scammer Frea: im james the cam model
(15:10:50) Hansi: cam model?
(15:10:56) Scammer Frea: yup
(15:11:11) Hansi: what do you mean?
(15:11:23) Scammer Frea: i do strip shows
(15:11:35) Scammer Frea: im new to this kind of job
(15:11:55) Scammer Frea: want to watch me for free?
(15:12:04) Hansi: Oh I see... how did you get in my contact list then?!
(15:12:07) Scammer Frea: i guess you are from gay royal?
(15:12:15) Hansi: Not really...
(15:12:20) Scammer Frea: and you add me
(15:12:30) Scammer Frea: thats i remember
(15:12:36) Scammer Frea: by the way im james
(15:12:45) Scammer Frea: nice to meet you roger
(15:13:04) Hansi: nice to meet you too
(15:13:16) Hansi: so how did u get a job as gay sripper?!
(15:13:17) Scammer Frea: so where you from??????
(15:13:34) Scammer Frea: huh??
(15:13:41) Scammer Frea: im not a sripper
(15:13:47) Scammer Frea: stripper
(15:13:54) Hansi: sorry, stripper
(15:14:22) Hansi: or what did you mean by "i do gay strip shows"
(15:14:38) Scammer Frea: ahhh
(15:15:08) Scammer Frea: i can do a show,, and you are the director just like that
(15:15:14) Scammer Frea: and i have no limits
(15:15:51) Scammer Frea: i only trying this kind of stuff because my  friends told me that it is very fun
(15:16:20) Scammer Frea: so you want to try it????
(15:16:31) Hansi: Oh sorry, I'm not really the gay type
(15:16:39) Scammer Frea: yup
(15:16:41) Scammer Frea: i know
(15:16:45) Scammer Frea: you are a bi???
(15:17:09) Scammer Frea: so you dont want??
(15:17:20) Hansi: no thanks for the offer tough
(15:17:27) Hansi: are you a good accountant?
(15:17:52) Scammer Frea: yes i am
(15:18:06) Hansi: i see
(15:18:09) Scammer Frea: bye
(15:18:11) Hansi: do you have a portfolio?
(15:18:22) Scammer Frea: i will do strip shows
(15:18:28) Scammer Frea: :P
(15:18:46) Hansi: ok
(15:18:50) Hansi: no thanks for that
(15:19:48) Hansi: can you maybe recommend someone to me for wiring some stuff to the seychells?
(15:20:13) Hansi: u know, i search for someone who maybe can do some stuff in the grayarea
(15:20:25) Scammer Frea: cool
(15:20:27) Scammer Frea: bye
(15:20:33) Scammer Frea has signed off.
(15:21:08) Hansi: fair enough

Yeah, James, you guess where this would have led. But he was cautios and didn't follow my lead with the money, which probably was much too bold. But I thought, maybe if I am so bold he will think, if I try to bs him, I wouldn't be so bold....

Anyways, feel free to have some fun with this guy:
[email protected]

And please keep me/us updated on what happened.
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